Everything about Youtube Handles Like Twitter| Zero(0) Subscribe Unique Username

YouTube Handles:- There is a biggest update in the YouTube World for all the creators and users. The dates for the update would change but this has been confirmed by YouTube Officials by sending Email to every YouTube users. We share here YouTube Handles meaning, benefits, introducing date and frequently asked question and more.

Everything about Youtube Handles

This update to change the YouTube world drastically in positive way. There will be new opportunity and ways of earning through mobile and desktop. This will effect many channels. Especially, this is a good news for all the YouTube Creators.

    We can connect and find the YouTube community members easily for better result.


    YouTube handle Update Dates

    Firstly, YouTube have send the first notification or email on 10th October 2022 about launching YouTube Handle.

    This handle is made available from November 14, 2022 to all the YouTube channel for custom Handle name for one time only. 


    YouTube Handles URL with Example

    Till now your Youtube channel is recognized through Custom URL. For example, We have a channel Learn new things with Custom URL www.youtube.com/c/learnnewthingslnt that goes directly to channel. It can happens to have many channel in the same name. But this Custom URL is always unique. Also, you need to complete more than 100 Subscribers to claim this unique URL to your Youtube Channel. 

    YouTube Handles Meaning: The biggest update of YouTube is that it has introduced a YouTube Handles just like Twitter Handle username @learnnewthingslnt that is currently available in your twitter handle/account. The YouTube handles example, www.youtube.com/@learnnewthings from now automatically by YouTube team. But you can also change this handle name for one time after you get email from the YouTube team. 


    Benefits of YouTube Handles

    To make every channel unique through handle. Here are the benefits of introducing YouTube Handle.

    1. No need to complete 100 subscribers for YouTube Handle. With zero (0) subscribers also the YouTube Handle can be created.
    2. The scam could be minimized. If you have a unique handle then other channel created in the same name and same logo will not be available. Only the original channel is available.
    3. Confidently you can send your viewer to your channel using Youtube Handle.
    4. You could also tag this handle in the comment, shorts, title, community post and description that help to increase subscribers. 
    5. If people try to make fake channel the policy impersonation and Harassment policy is activated which demotivate fake creators.
    6. Characters for YouTube Handle URL are Alphabetic and Numeric like @learnnewthingslnt236. No other languages like Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Nepali, etc. Are accepted.
    7. In YouTube Handle special character can be used to make unique.

    You get notification in YouTube studio and email about YouTube handle Update. You can click the notification and one time change this handle name. 

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    How to Find YouTube Handle?

    Follow the following steps to find your YouTube Handle Username

    1. Sign In to Your YouTube Channel
    2. Click on Channel Logo
    3. Find Setting
    4. Click on Advanced Setting
    5. Here is your YouTube Handle Username 

      How to Change Custom URL/YouTube Handle Username?

      You could follow simple steps to change your YouTube Custom URL or handle username in the following ways easily:

      1. Login to your YouTube Channel
      2. Click on logo then Your Channel
      3. Click on Customize Channel  
      4. click on Basic Info among three Options Layout, Branding Basic info
      5. Scroll Down and change YouTube Handle Username



      This is very good initiative of YouTube to Introduce Handle. If you have already taken a custom URL then it will be converted automatically to Handle. We think that this really positive work of Youtube team for the safety of creators community. If you have anything to be added then comment us. 



      Q1. Does Verification Badge remove while changing Youtube Handle name?

      Ans: Your channel verification Badge will not be removed even after changing Youtube Handle name that is for one time. It change only if you change Youtube Channel name.

      Q2. Who can get YouTube Handle?

      Ans: All the YouTube are eligible to get YouTube Channel.

      Q3. How much subscribers are required for Handle?

      Ans: YouTube channel with zero(0) subscribers can get access to handle of YouTube.

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