Top 10 tips to Rank youtube videos on youtube and google

Top 10 tips to Rank youtube videos on youtube and google

To Rank youtube videos is not an Easy task. But, Are you willing to work on youtube? If yes, let's rank video with these simple tips. From the 2 years Experience of working on youtube for Many

Top 10 tips to Rank youtube videos on youtube and google

people are working on youtube but only some people become a success on youtube platform. If you are working on making videos on youtube you must follow all below five tips. If you want to rank your videos on youtube and earn regular Income. These tips will really work for you.

Top 10 tips to Rank youtube videos on youtube and google

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1. Unique topics 

Making video is not easy work you should do research. Also, we should make a long term vision and you should have a definite goal of making. Not only this much Unique topic is the most for engaging in youtube for a long time. There are many topics like Cooking, Gaming, Agriculture, Comedy, entertainment, People and Blog, Technology and many more according to your talent. Also, we should always choose a trending topic for news and entertainment channel.

2. Video Upload Date and Time

We should make a fixed Day and time to upload our video contents. For example, we can upload our Video every Sunday morning at 8: 00 AM. Similarly, We can upload our video every day as well. and We can fix three days in every week. Uploading videos in longer Duration will make the visitor forget about your youtube channel.

3. Title of your video on youtube

Ok, at the time of uploading our video we should give the title of our video. The title of our video should in between 70 to 80 words. We should choose the title by deeply thinking. Like, you are making a video on technology about robotics and you're providing your title as entertainment. This does not work so Title should be fully matched with video content.

4. Video Description and Hash Tag #

Describing your video in short about 3 to four lines and including other information below crux description. Firstly, we should welcome the viewer. Then, making curious to watch a video after reading the description is the most. After this, you can include your website, social media links and other information. Type hashtag as #learnnewthingslnt, #namuna_news, etc.

5. Tags of Keywords

How to search for the keyword? You may have confusion or tension. It is very easy just search your keyword in google if you are making benefits of any fruits then search fruit name at first and other keywords. Most of the people search video on youtube with how to? so include how to ? on your video if you are educating people. But if you are making a video about entertainment then no need to include how to?

6. Sharing on social media

We know There are many social media like facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Linkedin, Pinterest. Create an account with your channel name and share your video regularly. In facebook share in page and groups according to your topics. 

7. Video Length

Length of the video should be between 5 min to 15 min Otherwise, people feel boring listening & watching a long video. You can make 2 videos if you are unable to express in one video. But, you should make a video with a short length. But for more earning make the video longer than 10min. If you do so you can add custom ads in your video.

8. Presentation & Sound quality

Some people make videos by showing their face and some make videos without showing their face. Making video by showing face will better. 

Sound quality should be clear although your video quality is not good. Use noise free mic for good sound quality. We recommend you to use Boya by M1 Mic for recording videos.

9. Comment Reply and Commenting

 Replying the comment of your viewers regularly is the most. Also, Comment on other youtube channels. Give a good review to another channel this will definitely make your channel to grow faster. So, comment more after watching. Subscribe to high ranked youtube channels.

10. Live Interaction 

It is better to go on live streaming every week. This will make high retention of your youtube channel. To do a survey about your channel if it is growing or not you check it through live stream. Make different episodes of your live stream. 


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