5 Ways to Save Mobile Internet Data Free |How to Save Mobile Data 24 Hours

5 ways to save mobile data free if you are daily user of mobile data. Here we have share about how to use 1GB internet Data for whole day for 24 hours. You can watch videos, call with friends and play online game with just 1 GB or 1.5 GB data plan.     

5 ways to save mobile internet data
5 Ways to Save Internet Data

There are 5 important settings you need to apply into your smartphone to save your data. If you miss any of the setting then you cannot use data for whole day

Let's start saving data. You need to follow all the steps carefully. You need to implement these setting in your mobile for effectiveness.

Play-store Setting to Save mobile Data. 

This is the basic and easiest method to save your mobile data. Play store is available in every android phones. So use below setting to save internet data. 
  • Go to play-store
  • You may be thinking is there any relationship between data and internet
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Go to settings
  • Click on Network Preference
  • You get an option auto-update app
  • tick on do not auto update app. Now you are done.
  • If really save your data.

Benefits: Unwanted apps will not get updated automatically while getting data. You can update specific apps as per your requirements. This help to save you data. 

YouTube Settings to save Mobile Data

Before applying this setting you have problem of that all the videos are processing in the background that definitely consume data. 
  • Firstly, Go to profile
  • Go to Settings of YouTube 
  • Click on data saving
  • enable or on data saving mode

Benefits: This help to reduce the download quality of the video, video will be uploaded while using WIFI mode only and playback of videos in feeds will be available on WIFI mode. 


Facebook Setting for saving data

When you are opening Facebook then there is automatic consume of data. 

  • Open Facebook Account
  • Click on three dots
  • click on setting and privacy
  • again click on settings
  • Click on media
  • Tick on data saver
  • Also tick on never auto play data

Benefits: Facebook Videos will not play automatically. Another is your data will not be consumed in background until you open Facebook app. 

Google folder Photo to Save Mobile Data

  • Click on photos application
  • Here you need to do one setting
  • In the google photo all your photos will be backup automatically. This consume lots of data.
  • Firstly, click on your profile
  • Click on photos setting
  • Click on backup and sync
  • mobile data usage
  • tick no data

 Benefit: No automatic backup of videos and photos that you have recorded with your camera. 


Smartphone Setting to Save mobile Date

This is Tips number 5 to save mobile data if you are in the remote are and have very less money to spend in mobile data.

  • Setting of mobile
  • about phone
  • Software information
  • You see build number then tab for 7 times
  • Now new option open known as developer option
  • Search developer option
  • Inside developer option background processing limit.
  • Tick on at most, 1 process then you are done.

Benefits of enabling this setting is when you open many apps it will only consumed in only app. 



We are one hundred percent happy that you have applied this method to reduce the usage of mobile data. Happy using 1GB data for whole day using all the above tips we have shared with you. If you like this article then share it on Facebook and other social platforms. 

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