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Prem Geet 3 Box Office Collection Week 2:- Welcome to another new article regarding the box office collection of Prem Geet 3. The official collection of 2nd week has been published by the production team of Prem Geet 3 movie. Prem Geet 3 Worldwide collection, Nepali Box office collection and Indian Box Office Collection in detail. 

Prem geet 3 Box Office Collection Week 2
Prem Geet 3 Week 2 Collection

Latest Nepali movie Prem Geet 3 is the Blockbuster Nepali movie of 2022 grossing more than 30 Crores within second week.  More to check out below.

    Prem Geet 3 Week 2 Total Collection in Nepal  

    Day 8: Friday 0.41 Cr. Gross (Nepali/hindi )
    Day 9: Saturday 0.72 Cr.Gross (Nepali/hindi )
    Day 10: Sunday 0.39 Cr. Gross ( Nepali/hindi )
    Day 11: Monday - 0.38 Cr. Gross (hindi/nepali)
    Day 12: Tuesday-0.32 Cr. Gross (hindi/nepali)
    Day 13: Wednesday-0.41. Cr Gross(nepali/hindi)
    Day 14: Thursday 0.40 Cr. Gross (nepali/hindi
    Day 15: Friday 0.82 Cr. gross (nepali/hindi) 
    After adding all the above 2nd week Prem Geet 3 collected NPR 3.85 Crores in Nepali Box office. This is the 2nd week 8 days collection in Nepal by both Nepali and Hindi Language. 
    • 1st Week Collection: NPR 7.96 Crores
    • 2nd Week Collection: NPR 3.85 Crores 
    • Total Collection in Nepali Box Office is NPR 11.81 Crores.

    Prem Geet 3 2nd Week Indian Box Office Collection

    In the first week total collection by Hindi and Nepali language is INR 3.44 Cr. There is more than half drop in the 2nd week in the Indian Box offfice due to limited numbers of shows given to Prem Geet 3. Only INR 1.32 Crores has been collected in the Indian Box office by Prem Geet 3 in 2nd Week. 
    • 1st Week : INR 3.44 Crores
    • 2nd Crores: INR 1.32 Crores (NPR 2.112 Crores)
    • Total Indian Box Office Collection : INR 4.6 Crores (NPR 7.62 Crores)

    Prem Geet 3 Week 2 Total Overseas Collection

    This becomes the total Overseas Collection of INR 9.14 Crores (NPR 14.624 Crores) gross amount of Prem Geet 3.   
    • 1st Week overseas hindi/nepali : INR 6.21 Crores (NPR 9.936 Crores) 
    • 2nd Week Overseas hindi/nepali :INR 2.93 Crores (NPR 4.688 Crores) 
    • Total overseas collection INR 9.14 Crores (NPR 14.624 Crores). 
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    Prem Geet 3 2nd Week Worldwide Box Office Collection

    Day 8: The worldwide collection in INR 80 Lakhs gross collection.

    Day 9: The collection took a minimum jump with INR 1.2 Crores worldwide.17.22 crores
    Day 10: In the 10th day Prem Geet 3 Collected INR 83 Lakhs gross amount and worldwide INR 18.05 Crores. 
    Day 11: In the 11th day the collection INR 73 Lakhs gross amount and worldwide INR 18.78 Crores.  

    Day 12: In the 12th day INR 85 lakhs collection done by PG3 movie and worldwide INR 19.63 Crores.
    Day 13: In the 13th day INR 81 Lakhs has been collected by the movie to gross more than INR 20.44 Crores.
    Day 14: It is the final day of the of the 2nd week of 14th day INR 1.01 Crore.
    • 1st Week Total Worldwide Collection: INR 14.508 Crores (NPR 23.40 Crores)
    • 2nd Week Total Worldwide Collection: INR 6.603 Crores (NPR 10.65 Crores)
    • Prem Geet 3 Total Worldwide Collection: INR 21.11 Crores (NPR 34.05 Crores) 


    The above box office collection of Prem Geet 3 is the Official box office collection posted by Santosh Sen. If you like Prem Geet 3 then go to watch again and again. Let's celebrate 51 days.
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