Kabaddi 4 Box Office Collection| 3rd Week Kabaddi 4 Earning

Kabaddi 4 Box Office Collection:- Hello! Let's talk about Kabaddi 4 the much-awaited Nepali movie released on 13th Jestha 2079 BS all Nepal, Australia, USA Canada box office collection .Click to know more details about Kabaddi 4 movie. Let's Talk about the day-wise total box office collection of Kabaddi 4 movie.

Kabaddi 4 Box Office Collection
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At the current time, there is a huge discussion regarding the movie Kabaddi 4 - The Final Match movie release date among the fans is over with bumper opening in the history of cinema in Nepal.


Kabaddi 4 Day-wise Box Office Collection

Finally, according to the production team, the last series of Kabaddi is releasing on 13th Jestha 2079. The teaser, trailer and songs of the Kabaddi 4 movie have already been public and got very good feedback from the audience.

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Currently, the movie that has more hype is Kabaddi 4 movie in Nepali Film Industry or in Kollywood Industry. If we look at the buzz and craze of this movie then Kabaddi 4 movie is set to record break box office collection on the first day of release in 2022.

    Kabaddi 4 Cast

    The starring artist in the Kabaddi 4 movie is Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Miruna Magar, Buddhi Tamang, Kamalmani Nepal, Jayananda Lama and Bijay Baral.

    Budget of Kabaddi 4 Movie

    Ram Babu Gurung's Kabaddi 4 movie production budget is NPR 3 Crores which has been collected within the first day of the release of movie. It is sure that this movie will break the records of all the past Nepali movies.

    The movie is high on the top than the past released movie A Mero Hajur 4 movie of Jharna Thapa.

    First Day Box Office Collection- Kabaddi 4 Movie

    Houseful in the first-day, box office collection of the Nepali movie Kabaddi 4 is more than NPR 3.05 Crores. 

    Talking about the Kabaddi 3 movie, it has collected more than NPR, 1 Crore 47 Lakhs in the Box Office.

    Let's see, whether Kazi will get Maiya or not in the Final Match of Kabaddi 4 movie. Count the movie release date and make your resolution to watch the movie.

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    2nd Day Box Office Collection- Kabaddi 4 Movie

    The advance booking of ticket in big movies and QFX are full. The 2nd day is holiday Saturday and the movie Kabaddi collected not less than NPR 3.15 Crores in 2nd day. 

    Occupancy in the morning is 80 percent, coming up to day 90 percent occupancy and night shows are houseful with 100 percent occupancy rate of Kabaddi 4 movie.

    3rd Day Box Office Collection- Kabaddi 4 Movie

    The tickets for the movie are already booked in advance. Sunday is also holiday so Kabaddi 4 movie collected more than NPR 2.95 Crores on an average.

    The feedback from the audience is really positive. Many are coming second time to watch the movie.

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    4th Day Box Office Collection- Kabaddi 4 Movie

    This movie has already created history in the nepali film industry boc office collection. The 4th day boc office collection of Kabaddi 4 movie is more than NRs 1.2 crore on an average.

    This movie has break all the records of past Nepali movies.

    5th Day Box Office Collection- Kabaddi 4 Movie

    The 5th day collection of Kabaddi 4 movie is 1 crore. The word of mouth of movie is very strong. Viewers of the movie liked the comedy, drama and acting of all the artist. 

    The occupancy rate of the movie is more than 70 percent. The controversy between Miruna and Phurba has been over. Both of them apologize with each others.

    6th Day Box Office Collection- Kabaddi 4 Movie

    Kabaddi 4 movie is all time blockbuster movie in Nepali Film Industry. The sixth day collection of Kabaddi 4 Movie is NRS 1.2 Crore. Obviously, this movie is hype is so high to break the record of Chakka Panja 3 movie records.

    1st Week Box Office Collection- Kabaddi 4 Movie

    The movie Kabaddi 4 first week is the highest opening week. The 7th day collection of Kabaddi 4 movie is NPR 90 Lakhs on an average.

    The average occupancy of Kabaddi 4 movie on 7th day is more than 70 percent which shows this movie is an out break all the past movies records.

    The 1st week box office collection of Kabaddi 4 movie is NPR 13.7 Crores on an average. This is first movie to collect more than 13 crores in the first week of release of the movie.

    8th Day Box Office Collection- Kabaddi 4 Movie

    Today is friday, 3rd june 2022 Hollywood movie Top Gun and Bollywood movie Samrat Prithviraj has been released. But there is minimum drop in the box office collection of Kabaddi 4 movie.

    8th day box office collection of Kabaddi 4 movie is NPR 60 Lakhs but other two film have not collected as expected in Nepal.

    9th Day Box Office Collection- Kabaddi 4 Movie

    9th day occupancy in the morning is 30 percent then going to the evening 70 percent occupancy at end of the day at night 90 percent occupancy. Collection in 9th day is bumper of NRS 1.2 Crores by Kabaddi 4 movie. 

    Today is saturday and most of the shows of others movies are also given to Kabaddi 4 movie and feedback from the audience is positive towards the movie.

    2nd Week Kabaddi 4 Box Office Collection

    Kabaddi 4 movie is the first Nepali movie to collect NPR 18 Crores within 2nd week or within 14 days. Kabaddi 4 the final Match has completed 1st week. The first day record break box office and 2nd day box office collection by Kabaddi 4 movie. 

    The 2nd week collection of Kabaddi 4 is NPR 4.78 Cores.The record break collection of Kabaddi 4 movie by the end of 2nd week with NPR 18 Crores 50 Lakhs.

    3rd Week Kabaddi 4 Box Office Collection

    Kabaddi 4 movie 3rd week collection is NPR 3.30 crores. By the end of 3rd week Kabaddi 4 movie have collected NPR 21.80 Crores on an average is the highest grossing Nepali movie/Film and second highest grossing movie in Nepali is Kabaddi 4 movie. 
    On 21st day Kabaddi 4 movie collected 10 Lakhs on an average this means this movie is almost confirm to celebrate 52 days as audience are going to watch the movie more than two times in the cinema hall.

    Total Box Office Collection - Kabaddi 4 movie

    There are already four series of the movie released in the including Kabaddi 4 this year 2022.

    Total Box office collection of Kabaddi 4 movie is gross NPR 22 Crores 77 Lakh (22.77 Crores) till 39th days 6th week of release of movie on average. Although the official box office collection has not been published by production team. 

    The movie kabaddi 4 is expected to collect more than NPR 10 Crores from overseas shows. The movie kabaddi 4 is Running successfully in th USA 52 states.

    Worldwide total box office collection expection of Kabaddi 4 movie is more than 35 Crores. We hope this expection would cross by the movie.

    The past movie are Kabaddi, Kabaddi Kabaddi and kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi. All three series have been liked very much by the audience and are proved to be super hit at the box office. Kabaddi 3 movie released in 2019 with 25 Million (Rs. 2 Crores Fifty Lakhs) Budget collected more than 130 Millions (Rs. 13,56,88 950 more than 13 Crores).



    We are are here to give updates about the official box official box collection of Kabaddi 4 movie. We want to inform you that Kabaddi 4 movie is releasing in Australia also on 27th May 2022. If you like to know box office collection of other Nepali movies then you could go through other other articles. if you have any comment regarding this post about Kabaddi 4 movie then comment us below.  


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