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Chiso Maanchhe Box Office Collection:- Swastima Khadka's most awaited Bajurali's Language movie Chiso Maanche was released on date 3rd Asadh 2079 (June 17, 2022). The day-wise box office collection, total collection, budget, ticket price of Chiso Manche movie and occupancy of the audience to watch the movie is available here.

Chiso Manche Box Office Collection
Swastima Khadka Movie Chiso Manche Box Office Collection

Daily Collection of Chiso Maanchhe

Chiso Manche released all of Nepal in more than 120 Cinema Halls from 3rd Asadh and has been directed by Dipendra Kumar Khanal. Chiso Maanchhe Movie is was released all of Nepal, the USA and Canada. The public review of the movie is positive. This movie is an award-winning movie as per the public perception because the movie is based on a remote story of Bajura. You could also watch Chiso Manchhe Movie.

If the word of mouth about the movie Chiso Manchhe is strong then there are huge chances that this movie is about to become a super hit in the Nepali Film Industry.

    Chiso Manche Budget

    The movie Chiso Manche production budget is around NPR Rs. 1.5 Crores. To become a hit in the box office collection chiso manchhe movie have to earn at least 2.5 crores. Let's see the 1st-day box office collection of Chiso Manchhea.

    Nepali Movie Chiso Manche Ticket 2022

    Buying ticket from khalti, esewa, etc. To watch Chiso Manche movie is available. Chiso Manche Ticket price starts from 150 to 500 in normal and for luxury watching of movie NPR 1000 and more per ticket. 

    1st Day Chiso Maanchhe Box Office Collection

    In the first day, Chiso Manchhe occupancy in the morning is 12 percent, in the day time 20 percent occupancy and the night occupancy is 30 to 35 percent. On the 1st Day the Chiso Maanchhe box office collection is NPR 41 Lakh which is an official collection.

    If the word of mouth from the production team of Chiso Manche comes strongly from today's collection then definitely the upcoming day collection jumps higher than today means 3rd Asadh 2079.

    Paniphoto 1st day Box Office Collection 

    2nd Day Chiso Manche Box Office Collection

    Big jump by the movie in the second day by Chiso Maanche movie. The 2nd day Chiso Manche box office collection is NPR 62 Lakh gross on average. Due to the strong word of mouth from the production team, this movie is definitely going on a positive path. 


    3rd Day Chiso Maanchhe Box Office Collection

    3rd day in the box office Chiso maanchhe has collected NPR 25 Lakh on an average. Although chiso Manche is getting good response from the audience but there is lower collection then expection. 

    In the morning show chiso manchhe has taken 15 percent occupancy. Coming to the day chiso manchhe have taken 20 percent occupancy. In the evening the movie have taken the 25 percent of occupancy. At the end of the day at night show Chiso maanchhe have taken 30 percent ocupancy.

    4th Day Chiso Mancche Box Office Collection

    The morning occupancy of Chiso Manche Movie is 12 percent. At the day time the movie got 18 percent of occupancy. In the evening show it is seen that movie got 25 percent occupancy. Coming to the end of the day at night time 30 percent occupancy by the movie.

    The 4th day box office Nepal collection of Chiso Maanchhe movie is NPR 20 Lakh which shows the craze of the movie is constant.

    5th Day Chiso Maanche Box Office Collection

    Chiso Maanche movie occupancy in the morning is 12 percent, 18 percent occupancy in the day show, 20 percent in the evening show and 25 percent occupancy in the night show.

    Earning of single 5th day of Chiso Manche movie is NPR 17 Lakhs in the box office.

    6th day Box Office Collection of Chiso Manche

    There is a little down in the collection of the Chiso Manchhe but the it's not a matter. The movie taking 10 percent occupancy in the morning show, day occupancy is 15 percent, coming to the evening show 18 percent of occupancy and at the night the movie is occupancy is 22 percent. 
    The single 6th day box office collection of Chiso Maanchhe movie is NPR 11 Lakh which is average collection by the movie.

    1st Week 7th day Chiso Manche box office Collection 

    Day by day we could see there is drop in the collection of Chiso Manche Movie. In the 7th day morning show occupancy is 8 percent, 12 percent in the day show, coming to the evening 15 percent occupancy and coming upto the end of the day 18 percent occupancy taken by the movie. 

    In the 7th day NPR 8 Lakh collection by Chiso Manche and 1st week box office collection by the movie Chiso Manche is NPR 1 crore 85 Lakh.


    Total Box Office Collection-Chiso Maanchhe

    Chiso Maanchhe is in the early stage of release of movie. The total box office collection of Chiso Maanchhe is NPR 2 Crores 15 Lakh 20 thousand (NPR 21.52 Millions) gross on average at the end of 18th days up to 3rd week.

    The official box office collection of 3 days is published by the production team of Chiso Manche. Since audience have paid to watch the movie they have also right to know the official box office collection. We are unknown about this topic. Guys stay tuned to know more box office collection from our website. 


    There are lots of movies coming in the future if you like to know box office collection of all those movies then keep visiting our website bkg latest news. Do you like Chiso Manchhe movie?. If you haven't watched Kabaddi 4 movie then you could visit to the nearby cinema hall to enjoy the movie. 


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