Paniphoto (2022) Box Office Collection |Budget |1st Day |Paaniphoto Le Kati Kamayo

Paniphoto Box Office Collection: Malika Mahat new movie Paniphoto day-daywise earning is available in this post. Paaniphoto budget of production, ticket price and lifetime collection in Nepali box office. 

Paniphoto Box Office Collection
Paaniphoto Box Office Collection

Paani photo is the movie directed by young talented Khagendra Lamichhane who is well known from the work in Pashupati Prasad and talakjung vs Tulke movies. This movie is related to the real life story of director khagendra Lamichhane.

Cast in Paniphoto movie are Menuka Pradhan, Malika Mahat, Khagendra Lamichhane, 

Paniphoto movie is release date is July 29 2022. All Nepal release is done so you could visit your near cinema hall to watch this picture.

Paniphoto Movie Budget

Paniphoto movie is the remote area based movie. This is also the social drama based on real life of character who is never back at the time of conflict of Maoist. Paniphoto Budget is NPR 50 Lakhs (approx.). This budget amount is not verified till now. So after the verification we update this information.

The movie Paaniphoto movie need to collect NPR 1 crore gross amount to hit in the Nepali box office.

Paaniphoto movie ticket Price

If you are the movie lover then you are definitely excite to watch this movie on Friday. The ticket price to watch paniphoto starts from NPR 350. The maximum ticket price of Paniphoto movie in luxury way is NPR 1000. This is really cheap comparing to Bollywood and Hollywood Cinema Hall.

1st day Paniphoto Box Office Collection

The advance booking for the movie has been opened by the film production team.

The occupancy in the first day is coming as per the team because this movie is given good score by critics. 
In the first day morning occupancy is 5 percent and coming to the end of the day 15 percent occupancy and audience are happy with movie.

In the 1st day paaniphoto collected NPR 10 Lakh gross amount as per our prediction. Hope to get good jump in the coming days.

2nd day Paniphoto Box Office Collection 

There is little jump in the collection of Pani Photo movie in the second day. In the second Paaniphoto has collected NPR 15 Lakhs gross amount in single day. The promotion is also going on. We hope this movie will become successful in the box office. 
Before this Dokh and Samjhana Birsana are flop in the box office. We don't want this to hear types of news about this movie.  

3rd day Paniphoto Box Office Collection 

In 3rd day Malika Mahat movie is growing day by day. Today in the box office NPR 5 Lakhs has been collected. 
You all know that till now after Kabaddi 4 movie all the movies are flop in the box office. We hope this movie would recover it's budget amount and become able to list in the hit list. 

4th day Paniphoto Box Office Collection 

In 4th day Arpan Karki movie is growing day by day. Today in the box office NPR 6 Lakhs has been collected. 
You all know that till now after Kabaddi 4 movie almost the movies are flop in the box office. This movie would collect it's budget amount soon.

5th day Paniphoto Box Office Collection 

Getting Lots of positive feedback from the side of audience but could not collect as expected. Today there is 20 percent drop in the collection. In then 5th day paani photo movie collected 3.5 Lakh gross amount.
Only 5 percent occupancy in the multiplex and other cinema hall. We are positive taking the collection in future. This occupancy would increase in few days. 

1st Week Paniphoto movie Collection

Paniphoto movie has already crossed one week in the box office. In 1 week Paniphoto movie collected NPR 42 Lakhs gross amount. 
Pani photo is already out from many multiplex hall and still running in single show cinema hall. Don't miss it because you have so less time to enjoy this movie.  

Paniphoto Total Lifetime Box Office Collection

As per our point of view total collection not less than NPR 44.5 Lakh in the 10th day of release. Let's see in the coming day collection and we will definitely know the life time collection of Paniphoto movie.


We think that everyone inside Nepal should watch paaniphoto movie because there are lots of memories of past of Nepal. Are you excited to watch Paniphoto Movie? If yes then comment your review.
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