Malika Mahat Biography| Age, Education, Family, Boyfriend, Career, Popular Song, Movie

Malika Mahat Biography:- Malika Mahat is a dashing and beautiful young talented actress in the Nepali film industry. Today we explore the biography of Malika Mahat including Education, Age, Husband, Net worth, Boyfriend, likes, Wiki, dislikes, Social Media Accounts, Family etc.

Malika Mahat Biography
Malika Mahat Biography

We have provided the Malika Mahat biography through research on google and interviews and social media accounts. All the information about Malika Mahat is provided only after full verification.

Without doing any late let us explore Malika Mahat in detail starting from her early stage of life to her success story.    

    About Malika Mahat

    Nepali film industry actress Malika Mahat is a calm-in-nature girl who is never affected highly by any incident. She is good-looking, dashing, beautiful and humble to all. She does not react to anything without knowing the reality. She always gives more importance to the script before signing new projects like movies, songs and modelling. But after signing the project she leaves all the decisions on the project for more flexibility and quality outcome. 

    When she was 19 years old she sign her first movie "Yatra: A Musical Vlog" in 2019 AD. She had shared the screen with Salinman Baniya in the movie called "Yatra". Also, she is a management graduate student in the private college affiliated to TU. Below we have more about her. In 2022 she did "Pani photo Movie" directed by Khagendra Lamichhane.

    Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

    • Full Name:Malika Mahat
    • Nick Name: Mali
    • Date of Birth: November 2, 1999
    • Age: 22 years old (2022)
    • Birth Place: Kathmandu, Nepal
    • Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
    • Birthday: 2nd November
    • Height: 5 feets 4 inches
    • Weight: 52kgs
    • Figure Measurement: 32-22-32
    • Caste: Chhetri
    • Nationality: Nepali
    • Religion: Hindu
    • Eye Color: Dark Brown
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Education: BBA 3rd Year (Running)
    • Favorite singer: Justin Bieber
    • Favorite Actor: Prabhas
    • Role Model: Mother
    • Favorite Nepali Actor: Saugat Malla
    • Favorite place: Mountain hills
    • Favorite Season: Winter 
    • Beauty Pageant: Miss SLC Nepal 2016 participant
    • Profession: Model & Actress
    • Favorite Food: She loves Spicy Food like Chatpatte
    • Sports: Table Tennis
    • Relationship: Single
    • Debut Picture: Yatra A Musical Vlog (2019) 
    • Hobbies: Travelling, Watching Cartoon Pictures

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    Malika Mahat Family/Parents

    Malika Mahat's family is a happy and sweet family. Her mother's name is Roopmala Mahat. She has an elder brother. Her first priority is family then only although she could not express her feeling openly. She is very much connected with her grandmother. She is inspired by her grandmother hardworking, not giving priority to herself and always a giver. Mother, father and gramdmother are parents of Malika Mahat.
    Malika Mahat Family
    Malika Mahat Father, Mother, Brother, Grandmother & more

    • Mother: Roopmala Mahat
    • Father: N/A
    • Big Brother: Vishal Mahat
    • Daughter: Malika Mahat
    • Young Brother
    • Grand Mother

    Malika Mahat Education

    Education is important in the success of every person's life. But Malika Mahat was not much serious in her schooling level of education while studying in Ideal English Higher Secondary School. She used to enjoy herself with friends in the classroom along with study. Malika was a cool girl when she was at school. So she got an average grade in the 10th grade (SEE). After the result of SEE, she immediately joined intermediate-level study at Ace Higher Secondary School. She increased her grade in +2 level education. Currently, Malika is enrolled in the Graduate Program in the Management field called BBA affiliated with Tribhuvan University. 

    • School Level: Completed SEE from Ideal English Higher Secondary School on an average number
    • Intermediate: Ace Higher Secondary School
    • Bachelor's Degree: Ace Higher Secondary (BBA 3rd Year running)

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    Malika Mahat Vehicle

    She holds Honda Dio Scooter that costs a market of price NPR 2.15 Lakhs which is used for shooting, travelling, visiting, and official works.


    Malika Mahat Career

    When she was small she used to dance when she listen tomusic. She thought that being an average student she is not capable of doing anything. She used to think that if you are unable to excel in study then no one recognize. 

    She was involved in the drama club when she was studying in class four. She presented herself in the drama "Madhu Malati" when she was at class 4 in Ideal English Higher Secondary School. From there she realized that she can also act. In that drama she was mentored by Rambabu Regmi Sir of her school.  

    After 10th she used to makeup very much. At this time she was even interested to become makeup artist. This also lured her to participate in Miss SLC 2016 but she was eliminated in early stage.

    When she was joined to class 11 she did her first music video "Ma Timro" in 2017 which entered in the crore club song to make her more popular.

    Gradually, when she was at the college time her instagram account was growing rapidly which gave her little recognizance in the public. But at this time she was not fully involved in modeling, music and movies.

    When she was 19 she got an offer for the "Yatra" Nepali movie which was released on april 12, 2019 was was the turning point in her acting career. Her character in this movie was of blind girl in search of music career. After Yatra movie she was also nominated in Dcine Award 2019(2076) as Best Debut Actress.

    Movies of Malika Mahat
    Yatra & Paniphoto

    Also, she started modeling in many music videos from 2019 which is going smoothly till now. She has name and fame in both hand at this time. 

    Another movie Paani Photo released on July 29 2022 is the second movie of Malika Mahat. Her Character in Paniphoto movie is "Radha" who is a strong girl. The character name was revealed by herself in the interview. Working in the Paaniphoto movie she think that she is surrounded by teacher where she feels there is learning and learning.


    Malika Mahat First Song

    Malika Mahat entered in the modeling field with first song "Ma Timro" song in 2017 which got more than 21 Millions views on youtube which was song by Swoopna Suman.  

    Ma Timro titled song released on Channel Arbitrary YouTube Channel.
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Swoopna Suman
    Director Neesha Khaling
    Compose/Lyric/Singer: Swoopna Suman
    Views: 21529191 ( 21 Millions)
    Released Date: Dec 25, 2017


    Malika Mahat Popular Songs

    Actress and Model Malika Mahat has played in more than 16 songs in her career. In 2017 she started modeling in music video. Most of the songs are with popular Actor Paul Shah.  We have listed most Popular song to list popular songs of Malika Mahat in detail below. 


    Phul Butte Sari

    Phul Butte Sari (Female Version) titled song released on
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Paul Shah
    Singer: Milan Newar & Rajan Raj
    Lyrics/Music: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti
    Director: Rajesh Puma Rai
    Views: 84,527,767 (84 Millions)
    Premiered Date: December 5, 2020


    Tadha Bhaye Pani

    Tadha Bhaye Pani song published on Kendra Motion Picture Youtube Channel. Share screen with Paul Shah
    Feauting Paul Shah & Malika Mahat Singers Asmita Adhikari and
    Singer/Music/Lyrics/Arranger: Urgen Dong
    Tamang Lyrics: Sange Blon Tamang
    Premiered Feb 13, 2021
    Views: 59,005,560 ( 59 Millions)


    Aakha Ma Aaune Sapani 

    Aakha Ma Aaune Sapani (Female Version) titled song published on Kendra Motion Pictures
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Paul Shah
    Singer: Sunita Thegim
    Lyrics/Music: Ekdev Limbu-Beyond
    Director: Shann Thapa
    Audio Production: Brijesh Shrestha
    Views: 23,847,584 ( 23 Millions)
    Premiered Date: May 8, 2021


    Ma Timro

    Ma Timro Titled song released on Channel Arbitrary YouTube Channel.
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Swoopna Suman
    Director Neesha Khaling
    Compose/Lyric/Singer: Swoopna Suman
    Views: 21,529,191 ( 21 Millions)
    Released Date: Dec 25, 2017


    Timro Mann Ma A Kancha

    Timro Mann Ma A Kancha (Female Version) Released on Kendra Motion Pictures
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Paul Shah
    Singer: Nikita Thapa  
    Lyrics/Music: Nima Raya
    Audio Production: Brijesh Shrestha
    Director: Shann Thapa
    Views: 17,221,624 ( 17 Millions)
    Premiered Date: July 24, 2021


    Suna Maya

    Suna Maya Titled Song published in 8K Everest Motion Pictures Suna Maya is also the Debut song of Sushant Khatri
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Sushant Khatri
    Singer: Sushant Khatri
    Lyrics/Music: Santosh Sunar
    Arrange: Bluess/Spark
    Views: 14,491,603 ( 14 Millions)
    Premiered Date: April 18, 2019

    Malika Mahat Photos
    Malika Mahat Photos

    Gaajal Tiki (Najar Nalagos Kasaiko)

    Gaajal Tiki Najar Nalagos Kasaiko song published on Kendra Motion Picture Youtube Channel. Share screen with Paul Shah
    Feauting Paul Shah & Malika Mahat Singers Asmita Adhikari and
    Singer: Ekdev Limbu
    Music/Lyrics: Santosh Sunar
    Premiered Date: January 28, 2022
    Views: 13,338,739 ( 13 Millions)

    Tadha Vaye Pani 2

    Tadha Vaye Pani 2 Released on Biurn Studio Nepal YouTube Channel
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Bijay Dong
    Singer: Urgen Dong & Asmita Adhikari
    Lyrics/Arrange/Compose: Urgen Dong
    Director: Bikash Prasai
    Views: 9,936,895 (9 Millions)
    Premiered Date: April 12, 2022 


    Duli Duli

    Duli Duli: Yatri Movie Song released on OSR Digital
    Featuring: Malika Mahat  
    Singer: Melina Rai
    Lyrics: Divesh Upreti/Patrick Poudel
    Music: Kobid Bazra/Patrick Poudel
    Views: 3,904,183 (3 Millions)
    Premiered Date: April 4, 2019

    Timle Deko Galbandi

    Timle Deko Galbandi Song released in Devithan Music YouTube Channel
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Kunsang Bomjan
    Singer/Music: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti
    Lyrics: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti & Binod Banjara
    Arrange: Rajan Ishan
    Recordist: Kiran/Kamal
    Director Rajesh Puma Rai
    Views: 2,192,535 (2.1 Millions)
    Premiered Date: October 29, 2021


    Kehi Hunna Bhet Hudaima

    Kehi Hunna Bhet Hudaima titled song published on 8K Everest Motion Pictures
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Naresh Budhathoki
    Singer: Tika Prasain & Naresh Budhathoki
    Lyrics: Ek Narayan Bhandari
    Compose/Music Produce: Ashish Aviral
    Director: Rahul Shah
    Views: 2,393,860 ( 2 Millions)
    Premiered Date: May 20, 2022

    Lakhau Hajarau

    Lakhau Hajarau (Female Version) titled song published on Kendra motion Pictures
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Paul Shah
    Singer:  Sanju Moktan
    Lyrics/Composition: Yabesh Thapa
    Director: Yugal Pomo Limbu
    Views: 2,285,516 ( 2 Millions)
    Premiered Date: September 25, 2021


    Chattai Basyo Ni Maya

    Chattai Basyo Ni Maya title song published on 8K Everest Motion Pictures YouTube Channel
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Paul Shah
    Singer: Anju Panta Rajan Raj Shiwakoti
    Lyrics/Compose: Narhari Premee
    Arrange: Shyamshwet Rasaily
    Song Recordist: Kamal Kiran
    Director: Nikesh Khadka
    Views: 1,460,809 ( 1.4 Millions)
    Premiered Date: June 24, 2022


    Timi Basa Dilaima

    Timi Basa Dilaima Song released in US Nepal Entertainment YouTube Channel
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Aakash Shrestha
    Singer: Asmita Adhikari & Pramod Kharel
    Lyrics: Bikash Siwakoti
    Music: Shera Thami & Bikash Siwakoti
    Arrange: Dikshit Poudel
    Recordist: Ajay Karki
    Views: 1,200,426 (1.2 Millions views)
    Premiered Date: Dec 11, 2021

    Bhulne Banaideu

    Bhulne Banaideu Released on Kendra Motion Pictures
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Paul Shah
    Singer: Pratap Das
    Lyrics: Bijay Pun (Patthar Ko Mutu)
    Music: Rishi Khadka
    Arrange Bishal Niroula
    Director: Sagar Lamichhane Magar (Ftv Story)
    Views: 898,031 ( 898K)
    Premiered Date: May 3, 2022

    Wora Aauna Maya

    Wora Aauna Maya Song released in S3K Entertainment YouTube Channel
    Featuring: Malika Mahat & Sonal Tamang
    Singer: Nishan Bhattarai & Eleena Chauhan
    Lyrics: Sudip Atreya & Kiran Michael Ghimire
    Music Kiran Michael Ghimire
    Arrange: Sailendra M. Pradhan
    Recordist: Kiran/Kamal
    Director Rajesh Puma Rai
    Views: 823,782 (823K views)
    Premiered Date: March 6, 2021


    Timro Maya

    Timro Maya Released on Music Nepal Youtube Channel
    Featuring Malika Mahat & Kunsang Bomjan
    Director: Rajesh Puma Rai
    Singer: Nishan Bhattarai & Benisha Poudel
    Lyric: Mandira Dhungel
    Music Dipak Sharma
    Premiered: August 5, 2021
    Views: 614,784

    Malika Mahat Interesting Facts

    • She likes to drink Coffee and spicy food like Chatpatte. 
    • She does not talk first with others.
    • She doesn't like to hang around smartphones for a long time.
    • She was an average student in her school time.
    • She participated in Miss SLC 2016 but unfortunately, she was eliminated.
    • She doesn't like people torturing anyone for height and weight.
    • She always believes on hard working. 
    • She gives more priority to working than money.

    Malika’s official social sites

    We can find Malika in different social media platform like facebook, Instagram. She is not much active in social media. She hold good followers in her social media accounts.

    Facebook Account of Malika Mahat

    Instagram Account of Malika Mahat

    Malika Mahat Income and Net worth

    Pretty Malika Mahat Average Revenue is ranged between NPR 5 Lakhs to 7 Lakhs per picture. 

    • Revenue: 5 to 7 Lakh per movie
    • Net Worth: NPR 30 Lakhs yearly. 


    Malika Mahat Debut Movie

    The filmy career journey of actress Malika Mahat started with Yatra: A Musical Vlog released in 2019 AD when she was only 19 years old co-actor is Salinman Baniya and her character in the film was a blind girl.

    First Movie: Yatra: A Musical Vlog

    Second Movie: Paaniphoto  


    Malika Mahat Boyfriend/Husband

    Malika Mahat is young and fully focused on her study and career. She told that she need at least five years to think about marriage life and husband. She is completely single and not in any relationship as said in her latest interview in Mnm media.


    Upcoming movie of Malika Mahat

    The upcoming movie of Malika Mahat is not revealed because she has not signed to any movies till now. But she is excited to sign in a new movies in future.



    This biography is the outcome of huge research from our side but still we are incomplete. We hope that you will definitely help us to Complete this biography. We are still unknown about young brother and father of Malika Mahat. We hope that she will come up with new movies in future. 



    Q.1 Who is Malika Mahat?

    Ans: Malika Mahat is young, talented and dashing Actress in Nepali Film and Music Industry.


    Q.2 Is there any relationship between Malika Mahat and Paul Shah?

    Ans: There is a friendship Relationship between Malika Mahat and Paul Shah.


    Q.3 What is the first movie of Malika Mahat?

    Ans: Yatra: A Musical Vlog is the first movie of Malika Mahat.

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