Paaniphoto Nepali Movie Full Watch 2022 |Release Date |Cast

Paaniphoto Nepali Movie:- Paniphoto is the directorial debut Nepali movie of Khagendra Lamichhane.The cast in the movie are Menuka Pradhan, Malika Mahat, Anup Baral, Sunil Pokhrel, Prakash Ghimire, Khagendra Lamichhane and more. Lets know the cast, release date, story review and pani photo movie download links in detail. 

In simple language "paaniphoto means negative reel before extracting photo". But this is only the symbolical word the movie is different from the meaning. Nearly about 12 years ago Paniphoto movie has been presented as drama in Gurukul Threatre. The dream of Khagendra Lamichhane has finally come true.

Paaniphoto Nepali Movie
Paaniphoto Nepali Movie

Paani Photo Release Date

First look Poster of upcoming film "PAANI PHOTO" which will be releasing on July 29 2022(13th Shrawan, 2079). 

The upcoming film "PAANI PHOTO"  teaser and trailer is already out.The film will be releasing on 13th Shrawan, 2079. 


Story review of Paani Photo Movie

The film tells the story of parents waiting for their son who went missing during the Maoist People’s war. 

In the movie the war between government and Maoist has been presented in a creative way without being biased of any party. Let's suppose a someone is looking at the fight between two brother in their own home. 


Paani Photo Cast

The movie features star caste like Khagendra Lamichhane, Sunil Pokhrel, Anup Baral, Menuka Pradhan, Prakash Ghimire, Malika Mahat and many more. Khagendra Lamichhane has made his directorial debut with this film. 

Filmy career of Khagendra Lamichhane started from Talakjung vs Tulke and Pashupait Prasad which realised the existence of his character in the Nepal film industry. Like his acting career we are positive that direction of Khagendra Lamichhane would be memorable. 

He has already worked as a actor, writer. He is telling direction is new for him. He is curious about how audience will react to the movie after watching panitphoto trailer and movie.


Paniphoto Movie Download Watch Online

Paniphoto movie is created beautifully in a natural way. To watch and download the movie you need to visit cinema hall for watching the movie and you could download paaniphoto movie into your mind. 

We would like to leave a message to you that as soon this movie is available to download we are always here to provide the download link of paniphoto Nepali movie without waiting.

Another way to watch Paniphoto movie online is YouTube video streaming website. The available link of the movie will be provided to enjoy this movie eating popcorn in your home.

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If you like the information about paaniphoto movie then share. To read article about Nepali movie you could visit other pages of our website. Are you excited to watch Paniphoto movie? Do you like Malika Mahat Acting? Enjoy Paaniphoto movie you find your favorite actress in this movie. 


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