2nd Week Box Office Collection of A Mero Hajur 4 Movie| Total Collection

A Mero Hajur 4 2nd Week Box Office Collection:- A Mero Hajur 4 Movie all Nepal released on 1st Baisakh 2079 (14th April 2022) has published its 2nd week collection. If you are still unknown about 1st week box office collection then theck out fast. Today we provide you full detail about the 2nd week collection of AMH 4 movie.

2nd week A mero Hajur 4
2nd Box office Collection of A Mero Hajur 4 movie

The first week official gross collection of A Mero Hajur 4 Movie is Rs.4.1 Crore means Rs. 4 Crores 10 Lakhs in total.

A Mero Hajur Has already crossed 14 days from the date of release on 14th Baisakh 2079, Thursday. The movie A Mero Hajur 4 is runnning successfully after 2nd week also but there are huge numbers of movie waiting for their release dates. The 2nd week box office collection of movie A Mero Hajur 4.


2nd Week Box Office Collection|A Mero Hajur 4

The movie A Mero Hajur 4 2nd week gross collection is more than Rs. 1 Crore 50 Lakhs. Now lets talk about the collection details from 8th day to 14th day collection of A Mero Hajur Movie in details. 

8th, 9th 10th Day Box collection |A Mero Hajur 4 Movie

A Mero Hajur 4 movie 8th day collection is Rs. 25 Lakhs in gross amount. Till 8th day or 2nd week 1st Day A Mero Hajur movie has collected 4 Crore 25 Lakhs.

The collection amount increased by Rs. 10 Lakhs to A Mero Hajur 4 accumuleted Rs. 30 Lakhs in 9th day of release of movie. This shows increase in the craze towards the movie.

The unexpected number on saturday 10th day box office collection of a mero hajur 4 in gross is 40 Lakhs. Most of the cinema hall of Nepal occupied by A Mero Hajur 4 movie.

A Mero Hajur 4 movie is counted as one of the super hit movie starred by Megastar Anmol KC and Rising Star Suhana Thapa.

11th, 12th, 13th day Box Office Collection of AMH 4

In the 11th day the movie A Mero Hajur 4 collected is Rs. 15 Lakhs. Although, at sunday the official hour is opened all Nepal. Audience are with movie ticket even managing their office hour.

NPR Rs. 20 Lakhs is collected in 12th day of the release of the movie.Anmol KC and Suhana Thapa enjoying movie even in the 12th day for promoting the movie.

Up to 12th day A mero Hajur 4 box office collection is Rs. 4 Crore and 80 Lakhs Only.
2nd week collection A Mero Hajur 4
A Mero Hajur 4 Movie Collection 2nd week

A Mero Hajur 13th day box office collection is continues to earn NPR more than Rs. 15 Lakhs in gross amount.
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14th day collection of A Mero Hajur 4 Movie 

The total box office collection of A Mero Hajur 4 movie is after the ending of 14th day is Rs. 5 Crores and 10 Lakhs in gross which is official announcement

The last day of 2nd week 14th day A mero hajur 4 has collected Rs. 15 Lakhs in the box office by maintaining 15% occupancy in the morning, 20% occupancy in the daytime and 30% night show.
As per the official announcement by the production coming up to end of 14th day  after the release of the movie A mero hajur 4 movie box office collection in Total is 5 Crores 60 Lakhs .

A Mero Hajur 4 Total Earning/Collection

A Mero Hajur 4 movie is super hit in the Nepali Box office as it has collected NPR 6 Crores 20 Lakhs gross amount in 40 days of release of the movie. This movie earned the profit of more than NPR 2 crores this shows the it has bravely fight against the KGF Chapter 2 Movie and Doctor Strange 2. 

A Mero Hajur 4 Movie is the first Nepali movie to Hit in the Nepali Box Office. After this movie Kabaddi 4 Total Collection even beat A mero Hajur 4 movie to become blockbuster.


Our in advance good wishing to the A mero Hajur 4 movie that ot will celebrate 3rd week and more than that. But still many movies on the que to release soon like Samjhana Birsana, Dayahang Rai movie Kabaddi 4 is also releasing soon.
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