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Lakka Jawan Movie 2022:- Nepali Film industry which is also known as Kollywood has Produced the movie Lakka Jawan in 2022. The trailer of the Lakka Jawan Nepali movie has been premiered world wide by the Youtube Channel OSR movies on 22nd Chaitra 2078 BS (5th April 2022 AD). 

Lakka Jawan Movie Trailer
Nepali New Movie Lakka Jawan

The movie is able to cover the two generations of the Artist such as Dilip Rayamajhi, Rajaram Poudel, Kiran KC, Shivahari Poudel from the first generation and Priyanka karki, Salon Basnet, Barsa Siwakoti from the second generation of the artist.The movie is trying show the story of Sikkim, Nepal and Darjeeling characters means there are many natural scenarios to enjoy with.


Lakka Jawan Nepali Movie Watch with Trailer 2022

In this article we will try to cover very things from the releasing date of the movie to review of trailer and this move is entertaining or not we are going to discuss about the movie Lakka Jawan in detail below.

    Lakka Jawan Release Date

    The most awaited movie in the Nepalese Film Industry Just after A Mero Hajur 4 is Lakka Jawan. The trailer of the movie is already published by OSR movies on the 22nd  Chaitra 2078. The full movie Lakka Jawan is releasing on 13th Baisakh 2079 (6th May 2022) according to the Youtube Channel OSR Movies. 

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    Director/Writer/Screenplay/Dialogue of Lakka Jawan Movie

    The comedian Actor Shivahari Poudel is the director and writer of Lakka Jawan movie. The movie is well directed by Shivahari Poudel because movie has covered all the genre like comedy, action, romance, love, etc. Almost everything has been covered by the movie to entertain the audience. You could enjoy the trailer and we are sure that you are eager to watch full movie watching the movie trailer.


    Brief Introduction of Lakka Jawan

    In the move there are three Lakk Jawan, Dilip Rayamajhi, Salon Basnet, and Sabin Shrestha in Lakka Jawan movie. Lakka means some who could be independent by own work and Jawan menas Young man. 

    The movie is presented by Aama Bangalamukhi Films Production (P) Ltd. 

    The title sponsors of the movie are Bangladesh Bank, Agni cement, Tuborg, Smart TV. Equipment provider is cine focus, Post Production partner is cine zone, media partner is Radio Audio and Calender Partner is Hamro Patro. 

    Lakka Jawan Download Online
    Barsa Siwakoti

    The movie Lakka Jawan is presented in the banner of Dhruba Onta and producer is Anusya Shrestha Onta.

    Review of the trailer of Lakka Jawan Movie

    The trailer starts with the comedy of kiran KC talking about the new family member male and at the same time another artist talk about the new family member female and at last Saroj Khanal no new family member. 

    Dilip Rayamajhis is already a married guy with Priyanka Karki in the movie. Salon Basnet loves Barsa Siwakoti in the movie and the movie is revolving around the love story of these two artist.

    The family members do not accept marriage of Barsa Siwakoti with Salon Basnet. This creates the obstacle in the love story of these two characters in the movie. 

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    Rajaram Poudel is in the character of priest who work for the marriage settlement of two family to make them one family.  

    In the middle of the movie there comes twist in the movie because someone is passed away from the world. 

    There is also the scene of the Shivahari Poudel marriage first day in the house with new wife and suddenly when Shivahari Poudel takes out his fake hair from the head his newly entered wife ask about the fake hair and the trailer ends. 

    Lakka Jawan Movie Songs

    Till now only one song has been released by Lakka Jawan movie. The song starts with "sirai ramro sir phula le" where Dilip Rayamajhi and Priyanka Karki are dancing. The song titled with Yo Honi Tarika is the title song of the movie Lakka Jawan. This song is dancing version of song. 

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    Singers of Yo Honi Tarika are Babul Giri and Junu Rijal Kafley. The female voice is given Junu Rijal Kafle and Male Voice is given By Babul Kafle. 

    The song is published by OSR movies before 2 years ago. The total views of the Yo Honi Tarika till 22nd April 2022 is 42,90,518 means more than 4.2 millions. This song is liked by more than 48 Thousand viewers. 

    Salon Basnet Lakka Jawan
    Salon Basnet

    Lyrics and music is also by Babul Giri and Choreography of Yo Honi Tarika is done by Kabiraj Gahatraj. 

    The song Yo Honi Tarika has been starring by Priyanka Karki, Dilip Rayamajhi, Barsa Siwakoti, Salon Basnet,

    This song is also titled as Musukkai Hansideu as shown in the starting of the song.  


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    5 Best Ways to Watch Lakka Jawan Nepali Movie

    1. The release date of lakka Jawan movie is on 23rd Baisakh 2079 on cinema. You could visit to different cinema hall to watch this entertaining movie. There are always three shows in the cinema hall. According to the availability of your free time you could enjoy movie near you. 
    2. Another way to watch Lakka Jawan movie is you could watch movie in the OSR movies YouTube channel after it is premiered there. 
    3. The third way to watch movie is through CD and DVD available in the market that are produced and marketed by the movie team. We do not guarantee that movie is available in CD and DVD. 
    4. The Fourth way to watch Lakka Jawan movie is through TV channel like Cineplex, TV Filmy, Cinema Ghar, Mero TV etc.
    5. The Fifth way to watch Lakka Jawan Nepali movie online is through different official streaming platform authorized by the production team of the movie if made available. If you are outside Nepal then this will be a good platform to watch Nepali Movies online. 
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    We would like to encourage you to love Nepali Movie, Nepali Artist and Nepali Film Industry. And Producer of the movie are encouraged to explore the tradition and culture of the nation as much as possible in the movie to promote them worldwide. If you have any comment regarding this article then you could comment us in the BKG Latest news website comment box below.


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