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Samjhana Birsana Nepali Movie Download:- Hello! You all New movie Samjhana Birsana Nepali movie releasing on 2022 an entertaining movie has potential to attract numerous number of audience. The trailer of the movie Sambhana Birsana starring Pooja Sharma and Aakash Shrestha is releasing on 15 July 2022 (31st Aasadh, 2079 BS). 

Samjhana Birsana Movie Download
Latest Movie Samjhana Birsana

Samjhana Birsana Movie Filmyhits

In this film, we can see both the actors duo Akash Shrestha and Pooja Sharma who have been very much liked by the audience lately. In addition, the fan following of Pooja Sharma and Aakash Sharma acting has been increasing day by day. 

    Samjhana Birsana Movie Release Date

     The most awaited movie of Aakash Shrestha and Pooja Sharma is releasing in the month of asaar. Samjhana Birsana movie new release date is Asaar 31, 2079 ( July 15, 2022). The movie was supposed to release on Jestha 6, 2079 (May 20, 2022 AD.) Due to Second Local Level Election in Nepal on Baisakh 31, 2079 the movie release date was rescheduled by the production team. 

    Past Work of Aakash Shrestha & Pooja Sharma

    Akash Shrestha and Pooja Sharma collaborated together for the first time in Ram Kahani which was very much liked by the audience. Fan following is increasing day by day after the Ram Kahani film was released in the Nepali film world.

    The duo have been working on various music videos. Let us tell you, so far Akash Shrestha and Pooja Sharma have acted in four movies and more than three dozen music videos.


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    The third movie starring Pooja Sharma and Akash Shrestha, Samjhana Birsana, is scheduled to be released nationwide on May 20, 2022 BS.

    Only a few days ago, the song of Pareli Bol from the film Samjhana Birsana has also been made public. This Pareli song is also liked by many viewers including you.

    Trailer and Movie Releasing Date of Samjhana Birsana

    Finally, the trailer of Samjhana Birsana movie has been released at 4 pm in 5th Baisakh, 2079 BS. Samjhana Birsana movie has been made public on Budha Subba Digital's YouTube channel. Samjhana Birsana is based on the film love story genre and in this film we will see Pooja Sharma, Akash Shrestha along with Sunil Thapa, Shishir Rana and Chhulthim Gurung in the lead roles. The audience is eager to see this movie.
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    Trailer Review of Samjhana Birsana

    The official Trailer of the movie Samjhana Birsana starts with the Logo of Budha Subba Digital. The movie is produced and distributed by Aaduitya Films.

    Movie Trailer start with the beautiful greenery scenario at the first scene of the movie there Aakash is featured with the wearing suit, boot and pant inside the house heading towards the window.

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    Going towards the trailer Aakash Shrestha as Aavay is the businessman and owner of Tea Production Factory from rich family whereas on the other side Pooja Sharma  as Samjhana is searching for the job after completing her graduation from the University. In search of job Samjhana enter in the company of Aavay and finally get the appointment letter for the job. 

    There is also team mate of Aavay working with him. Both Aavay and Samjhana falls in love with each other. Movie is based on triangle love story between Aavay, Samjhana and Another partner of Tea Production Company. 


    Top 3 Apps to Watch Nepali Latest Movie


    Here, the climax of the movie starts which are not shown clearly in the trailer. So, for the full entertainment from the movie you need to visit at the date of release of the movie Samjhana Birsana on 15th July 2022 (31st Asash, 2079) 


    Beautiful Scene in the movie

    The movie is trying to cover almost all the area of the country from mountain to Terai area. Mountain is shown Illam famous for Tea Production is also promoted by this movie.  

    Watch Samjhana Birsana Movie Online download

    The easiest way to watch Samjhana Birsana movie from the official youtube channel Budha Subba Digital and there are also many options available for the Samjhana Birsana Movie download in the internet. But, we would like to encourage to watch the movie online which help the production team to support financially. 

    There are no extra charges for watching the movie online. So enjoy the movie online and support the hard work of the team Samjhana Birsana.

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    Producer of Samjhana Birsana movie

    The movie Samjhana Birsana has been produced by Rebeka Pradhan and Auduitya Pradhan


    Director/Story/Screenplay of the movie Samjhana Birsana

    The the versatile person is directing the movie. At the same time Screen play, Direction and story writing has been done by Nimesh Pradhan. After watching the trailer of the movie we could assume that direction work has been done perfectly by Nimesh Pradhan. We congratulate Nimesh Pradhan from the successful release of movie Samjhana Birsana. 


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    Samjhana Birsana Movie Download Movieverse Watch Online

    Movie will be made available in the Budha Subba Digital in near future after the release of the movie. So once the movie is released in whole country the download will be also available from the same channel and to watch online. Watch Samjhana Birsana movie Online from the Budha Subba Digital Channel go encourage the work of the movie making team. 



    There are many movies are coming in soon in the Nepalese Film Industry. We hope you are excited to watch this movie. A Mero Hajur 4 Movie is also blockbuster in the Nepal released on New year occasion on 1st Baisakh 2079. Comment if you are excited to watch Samjhana Birsana Movie Bolly4u and Kolly4u.  


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