Dokh Nepali Movie 2022 Watch Online Download| Release Date| Cast| Budget

Dokh Nepali movie 2022:- The most awaited movie of Deeya Maskey Nepali Upcoming movie in 2022 Dokh near your cinema Hall. So, if you are a fan of Deeya Maskey then don't wait to watch the movie. Also, Know Dokh Movie Release Date, Cast, Ticket Price, Story Review, Budget and more. 

Dokh Nepali Movie 2022
Dokh Nepali Movie 2022

Nepali Movie Dokh Full Movie 2022

The movie Dokh in the direction of the very popular movie Chiso Manche Director Anup Baral is now available. This movie is completely based on a Teaser update : Anup Baral-directed film "Dokh" teaser is already out now. Enjoy the movie and share your views about the movie.  


    Dokh Movie Cast/Features

    Another Nepali movie coming in the Nepali Box Office Dokh is coming to cinema hall featuring the movie in the lead role by Deeya Maskey, Manish Niraula, Lokmani Sapkota Maotse Gurung & many more. We would like to wish best wishes to the entire production team of Dokh movie. 

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    Dokh Movie Cast: Deeya Maskey, Manish Niraula, Lokmani Sapkota, Maoutse Gurung , Roy Div, Suraj Malla, Sajan Thapa Magar, Kamal Devkota, Diwaz Rai, Raj Thapa kaucha, Anuj Pande, Dev Neupane, Kesab Rai, Kiran Chamling, Lila raj khatiwada, kul chandra Neupane, Rajat rai ,Kiran Rai ,Rajiv Aacharya, Binita Thapa magar .  

    Dokh Movie Release Date

    The movie in the Nepali box office release date is on Asaar 24, 2079(8th July 2022). This is the official release date of Dokh Movie till now. If there is no obstacles then it is sure to release the movie in the above date. 

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    Dokh Movie Story Review

    The film tells the story of a rift between two villages over the issue of community forest during the Maoist Conflict. Dokh Movie Story "The tragic life story of the citizens of the conflict period for decades. The movie is trying to show the conflict between two village regarding the Community forest ownership and situation of Army and Maoist during that time is also beautifully presented " Enjoy the teaser of Dokh movie from the below link.

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    Dokh Nepali Movie Trailer 2022

    The trailer of Dokh movie has been released by the YouTube Channel Highlights Nepal on 27th June 2022. Within 17 hours of release of the Trailer more than 50k were the viewers. The story written by Rajan Kathet has different variation. Natural action by all the artist seen. Watch the trailer of the movie Dokh. Along with Dokh audience are also waiting for the Prakash and Prem Geet 3 movie. 

    Dokh Movie Director

    Anup Baral is the director of Dokh movie 2022. 

    Dokh Movie Producers

    Sabin Gnawali and Manoj Adhikari are the producers of the movie Dokh. The production work carried out by Sabin Gnawali and Manoj Adhikari to make the production work successful. 


    Dokh Movie Budget

    Now lets talk about the budget of Nepali Movie Dokh. The movie Dokh have been produced with the budget around 1 Crore. If want to know more detail about the Budget of Dokh then wait for the link to be available below. 

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    Waiting for the Nepali movie Dokh to release could visit this website for upcoming news about the movie in the future. Another movie Silly 4 is Upcoming movie releasing seven days the after the release of dokh movie. If you like the acting of Deeya Maskey then go to cinema hall on 24th Asar 2079 to watch the movie. We would like to say you enjoy and support Nepali movies. Comment your views on Dokh movie after watching we are waiting for you. 


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