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Silly Pho (4) Nepali Movie 2022:- Welcome to all today we are talking about the Upcoming Nepali Movie 2022 of Keki Adhikari Silly Four Movie is releasing soon. The movie Silly 4 is a comedy-drama genre movie Cast, Release Date, Budget, Heroine, Ticket Price. Information about watching Silly 4 Full movie Online Download is also available here in this page so continue reading. 

Silly Pho(4) Nepali Movie
Silly Pho(4) Nepali Movie 2022

Silly Pho (4) Full Movie 2022

New Nepali Movie Silly Pho in the lead role featuring Keki Adhikari, Rabindra Jha, Rajaram Poudel, Dinesh Regmi in the comedy-drama genre is for the entertaining purpose. The Trailer of Silly Pho is with full of positive comment published in the YouTube Channel Sairam Pictures. 

The movie Silly Pho is presented by in the banner of Happy Film Pvt. Ltd.'s First Venture

    Silly 4 Release Date

    Silly 4 All Nepal Release date is 31st Ashar 2079(15th July 2022) in Cinema Hall. Same day another Nepali movie Samhjana Birsana release date is fixed. The comment in the trailer shows that audience are waiting for the release date of the movie because there are full of positive comments and love spread by the viewers from their heart. We could predict in advance that the Silly 4 is going to become hit in the Nepali Box Office


    Silly Pho Story Review

    The movie Silly 4 is about the four characters from village to urban area in because of some reason. Silli Ram, Suku Ram, Sallu Ram and Safed Laal stay in the same room without paying rent. 

    The Female Character lead by Keki Adhikari is with four silly boys in the urban area with a dream to become heroine. She needs money to become heroine so they make plan to make money in shortcut way. They become successful to make money by wrong way which bring obstacles for them. Then many things happens with them. This is a story of Silly 4 movie. 

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    Silly Pho 4 Characters/Cast

    Silly 4 Movie Cast: Keki Adhikari, Dhiren Shakya, Rabindra Jha, Rajaram Poudel, Dinesh Regmi, Bhugol Karki, Ramesh Bajgain, Anita Lamichhane, Dipak Thapa, Purna Chandra Pokharel (Mamaji), Anita Shrestha, Birendra Yadav, Saraswoti Ramjali Magar, Rejina Thapa, Raj Gautam (Keshab), Ambar Bahadur Bista (Sagar), Rajkumar Sapkota, Saujan Bohora, Jayman, Bishokarma.
    •  Keki Adhikari as Sapani Ki Rani
    • Rajaram Poudel as Gharveti Ba
    • Rabindra Jha as Silli Ram 
    • Suku Ram
    • Sallu Ram 
    • Safed Laal


    Silly 4 Movie Director

    Raj Bahadur Sane is the director of Silly 4 (Pho) movie 2022. The well known Raj Bahadur Sane directed and written the script of Silly Pho movie.

    Silly 4 Movie Producers

    The movie Silly Pho is produced by Manoj DK. The production work carried out by Manoj DK is very fluent and the story is flowing like a water without stopping. Full of drama, comedy and action is available in the movie.


    Silly 4 Movie Budget

    Silly 4 movie production budget to know now. The movie Silly 4 have been produced with the budget NPR 50 Lakh. If want to know more detail about the Budget of Silly 4 then wait for the link to be available below.

    Silly 4 budget NPR 50 Lakh ( NPR 5 Million). 


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    Silly 4 Movie Ticket Price

    You could buy Silly 4 Movie ticket online and visiting the cinema hall Physically. If you want to buy Silly 4 movie ticket online then visit khalti, or the official websites of cinema hall. The ticket price of Silly movie is between NPR 300 to NPR 600 hundred.  

    Silly 4 Movie Full Movie Download Watch Online 

    Watch the movie Silly 4 full movie Online download if you wish to watch the movie offline. It is not so easy to watch Nepali movie online or download the movie right after releasing but some movies are available in the YouTube Channel even before the release date like Dhandhagiri Movie. Another Nepali Blockbuster movie Kabaddi 4 movie is also available to watch online. 

    We hope that Silly 4 movie is available to watch online. But If you don't like to watch Silly 4 movie online the visit to your nearest Cinema Hall to enjoy the movie in big screen. We also encourage you to watch Silly 4 movie after Official release by visiting physically.  



    If you haven't watch the movie till now then enjoy this comedy movie. If you like this movie then comment how was the Silly Pho movie? For latest updates about the upcoming Nepali movies in 2022 and 2023 then keep visiting our website. 

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