Mantra Nepali Movie Box Office Collection| Saugat Malla Movie 2022

Box Office Collection of Mantra Nepali Movie:- Saugat Malla new Nepali movie Mantra has been all Nepal on 16th Baisakh 2079 BS (29th April 2022 AD). You all know that Saugat Malla is the versatile actor in the Nepali Film Industry. After acting in Loot movie Saugat Malla got many superhit films back to back in which he work best. 

Mantra Movie Box Office Collection
Box Office Collection of Mantra Movie 2022

Along with Saugat Malla the movie Mantra is starred by Buddhi Tamang and Diya Pun. Mantra is competiting with Heropanti 2 and Runway 34. In mantra movie we could see Saugat Malla, Buddhi Tamang, Pasang D Sherpa, Diya Pun and Namita Tamang are in the leading role of the movie. 

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The Director of Mantra movie is Khil Bahadur Gurung. This movie is completely based on love story genre. Due to releasing of 3 movies on the same day Mantra movie has got minimal numbers of cinema hall for the show. 

Mantra is a imaginary love story of himalaya region of Nepal about Ghyappo (Cowboy as Saugat Malla) and a Girl Sangmo (Diya Pun) and he struggle to get her love in the movie.


Mantra Movie Box Office Collection 2022

Mantra movie has got only 8% to 10% cinema hall all over Nepal. Although having potential in the movie due to less numbers of shows Mantra movie has not collected as per movie expectation. Let's know about the 1st day collection of Mantra movie after releasing all over Nepal.

    Budget of Nepali Movie Mantra 2022

    Nepali Movie Mantra Budget is on an average Rs. 1 Crore. So, to make the film hit in the box office minimum collection for Mantra Movie is Rs. 2 Crores.

    Day 1 Box Office Collection of Nepali Mantra Movie

    As you know that there are already three movies in the Cinema Hall, A Mero Hajur 4, Heropanti 3 and Runway 34 competing with all four movies has become very difficult for Mantra Movie released on 16th Baisakh 2079. 

    On 1st Day Mantra got only 8% to 10% of occupancy in the morning. At day time Mantra film got 15% of occupancy and coming at the end of the day in the Night show 20% of occupancy has got by Mantra movie. 

    Even after all those obstacles Mantra Movie 1st day box office collection is 10 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs which will be increase in the coming days. Lets watch how much the Mantra movie will earn in the future days in the box office.

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    Day 2 Box Office Collection of Nepali Mantra Movie

    Huge jump in the box office collection of Mantra movie in the second day of release of the movie. You all know that Saugat Malla is the the renowned artist in the Nepali Film Industry. 

    The movie occupancy rate is 30% in the second day morning show. The movie coming to the day show 45% of occupancy and coming to the end of 2nd day 50 percent to 55 percent occupancy has been realized as per the news published. Comparing to the box office collection of Nepali movie mantra yesterday almost double. If we talk about the amount of box office collection by Nepali movie Mantra is gross Rs. 35 Lakhs.

    Day 3 Box Office Collection of Nepali Mantra Movie

    The scene presented in the movie background has attracted the viewers towards cinema hall in large scale. Also, the acting of Saugat Malla in the heart of audience. 

    Nepali Movie mantra box office collection of 3rd day gross amounted to be more than Rs. 10 lakhs which is in NPR. Although the official amount has not been published. Occupying 15% in the morning show, 25% in the day show and 35% in the night show.

    Day 4 Box Office Collection of Nepali Mantra Movie

    In the cinema Halls there are more than 4 movies to entertain the audience. There is also confusion to watch which movie first l. So, this could also be the reason for to get audience in fluctuating numbers.  

    Day 4 for Nepali movie Mantra is starting with 10% of occupancy, definitely the day time more than morning to 15% and night show occupancy to reach 20% . The amount of gross collection of Mantra movie on an average to amount Rs. 5 Lakhs in the fourth day of movie release.

    Day 5 Box Office Collection of Nepali Mantra Movie   

    Although, the movie production has not officially announced the official box office collection the movie Mantra have collected on an average Rs. 70 Lakhs in gross amount. 

     The 5th day collection of the movie is around on an average  Rs. 5 Lakhs although the movie got positive feedback from the audiences.

    Day 6 Box Office Collection of Nepali Mantra Movie 

    The movie Mantra is in very difficult situation to the sixth day from the release date of the movie. The movie is getting positive comment from the audience who went to watch cinema hall to watch the movie. 

    Although the production budget of Nepali movie Mantra is around Rs. 1 Crore. The movie is unable to success in the monetary term. Till now the movie has only collected around Rs. 75 Lakhs. But this is only our prediction about the box office collection of Nepali movie Mantra. 

    Coming to the end of 6th day the movie has collected on Rs. 2 to 4 Lakhs of gross collection due to release of Heropanti 2 and Runway 34 also called mayday.

    4 Days gross Collectiom by Nepali Movie Mantra

    1. Day 1 Mantra Gross Collection Rs. 15 Lakhs
    2. Day 2 Mantra Gross Collection Rs. 35 Lakhs
    3. Day 3 Mantra Gross Collection Rs. 10 Lakhs
    4. Day 4 Mantra Gross Collection Rs. 5 Lakhs
    5. Day 5 Mantra Gross Collection Rs. 5 Lakhs
    6. Day 6 mantra Gross Collection Rs. 3 Lakhs

    Mantra Nepali Movie Lifetime Box Office Collection

    The lifetime collection of Nepali movie Mantra is amounted to Rs. 73 Lakhs coming to the end of 6th days. The movie is struggling to increase the box office collection as trapped by Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies. At least 1 week more time is required for the movie to collect the production budget amount. If you want to know about the Budget of Mantra movie then go to the top of the post. Nepali Movie Lakka Jawan and Hollywood movie Dr. Strange 2 are releasing on 6th May 2022, Friday.


    If you haven't watched Mantra Movie till now then got to hall and enjoy this best love story with your family. Along with this movie you could also enjoy Hindi movies and A Mero Hajur movie. If you have any queries regarding Mantra movie then comment below we are always here for you.

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