How to Vote Nepal Local Election 2079 | Nepal Election Date 2079

How to Vote The local Level election 2079:- is at your door step so you should also know how to vote your local representative in right way so that there will be development in the local areas in transparent way. 

In 2079 Election of local level there are altogether 753 local levels in total in Nepal. Among them, 460 Village/rural Municipality, 276 are municipalities, 11 sub-metropolitan cities and 6 metropolitan cities. Balen Shah is the independent candidate for the mayor position of Kathmandu Metropolitan City with his manifesto.  

Vote Local Election 2079
Source: Nepal Election Commission Website

How to Vote Correctly in Local Level Election 2022/2079

Local Level election will be able to elect 35,221 representative for local level as per the data of Nepal Election Commission. This is the second local level election after the promulgation of new constitution 2072. local level election 2079 is going to held on 30th Baisakh 2079

Voting time for Local Election 2079

Voting Starts: Morning 7:00 AM
Voting Ends: Evening 5:00 PM


How to to vote correctly in the voting ballot

In this local common public voters should vote to 7 local representatives for voting. In the following you could vote in the local election.

In the first column boxes you have an different parties symbols. They could be like free party, public party, Democratic party, National Party, Nepal Party, etc. 

Vote Mayor In Local Election

 Choose any one of them from the 1st column list for making winner to the Chairman of Village Municipality and Metropolitan Mayor. 

Vote Deputy Mayor In Local Election

 In the second column you see different sign of different parties you need to first recognize your favourite party sign then only vote for Municipality/Metropolitan Deputy-Mayor and Village Municipality Vice-Chairman 

Vote Ward Chairperson In Local Election

 The third column is for Ward Chairman, firstly you need to recognize your favourite party then only give your voting to make winner. You have only one chance for voting if you make any mistake like outside the bracket, touched the lines of bracket more than half, made scratches, etc. then your voting will not be valid. 


Vote Female Ward Member In Local Election

 In the fourth Column you need to vote for one Female Ward Member. This is your choice to whom to make winner from your side. 

Vote Dalit Female Ward member In Local Election

 In the Fifth Column or vertical 5th box from left to right you could vote to one Dalit Female Ward Member. Again we are telling you to never make any mistake while voting because you get one chance to do so. 

Vote Two Ward Members In Local Election

 In the Sixth(6th) and Seventh(7th) column you need to vote for the other two ward members they could male or female. According to your favourite parties you have full right to do voting for them. Only choose one box from each column for voting.

Sample voting process
This is Sample Voting Symbole

After voting all the column one by one check carefully that you have filled up all the seven column from left to right in the ballot paper.

For voting you be given one Swasthik Sign Stamp which could be self ink or stamp ink donor for voting to your favourite local representative make sure to stamp the given swasthik inside the box which could save you from rejection of your voting.

Click Here:-Balen Shah Manifisto for Kathmandu Mayor

Further Clearly, Take the Swasthik Self ink Stamp placed next to secret voting ballot box then indicate the vote to your favourite candidate starting from left to right so that it could be inside the box of every sign that you are voting.

8 Reasons for Vote Invalid/Reject Local Level Election 2079

There are 8 reasons for rejection or invalid after casting vote in the Local Election 2079. 8 reasons for invalid voting are as follows:

  1. If you place swasthik stamp to more than one party in first column while voting for chairman or mayor then your voting will be rejected.
  2. In 6th and second column while voting for two ward members if you place swasthik stamp to more than one parties in any of the column then your voting will be rejected.
  3. While voting if you have your swasthik sign in not clear blurr then your vote is automatically rejected.
  4. If you put any other stamps or using other medium for voting other than swasthik the your voting will be rejected.
  5. If you vote between two boxes of different position even with swasthik sign stamp then also your voting will not be valid.
    reason for vot invalid in Nepal

  6. If you vote with swasthik stamp outside the voting sign then your voting will be invalid  
  7. While taking the voting ballot paper you need to confirm there is signature of election officer. Don't take voting ballot if no signature found.
  8. While putting your ballot paper in the secret ballot box you need to fold it quiet sincerely so that swasthik sign is not copied in any other place.


If you like this article about voting process in Nepal local Level Election 2079 then share it with your friends. Also teach atleast 10 people after learning to vote after seeing this article and comment that you have done it. If you do this the vote will go to the right person. 

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