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Dr. Strange 2022:- The Hollywood movie Dr. Strange 2 also know as Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Maddness a thriller/action movie and Nepali Movie Lakka Jawan is releasing on 6th May 2022 Worldwide is directed by Sam Raimi. Dr Strange 2 movie has been produced by Marvel Studio and Truenorth Production. There is also full review of Doctor Strange 2022 movie in detail. To know more about the movie then continue reading.

Dr Strange 2022 movie
Hollywood Movie 2022: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Maddness


    Main Character/Cast of Doctor Strange 2

    Benedict Camberbatch, Patrick Stewart, Xochitl Gomez, Elizabeth Olsen, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Chiwetel Ejoifor are the starring actors in Dr Strange movie 2022.

    • Benedict Camberbatch:- Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange
    • Patrick Stewart:- Charles Xaviers
    • Xochitl Gomez:- America Chavez
    • Elizabeth Olsen:- Wanda Maximoff
    • Rachel McAdams:- Christine Palmer
    • Benedict Wong:- Wong
    • Chiwetel Ejoifor:- Baron Mordo 
    • and so on.

    Dr Strange 2 Release Date Indonesia

    It has been confirmed that Dr. Strange 2 releasing on 5th May 2022 which is one day before USA. Dr Strange 2 Indonesia release date is 5th May 2022.  America's to watch Dr Strange 2 movie later than Indonesia has been confirmed by the the movie production team. 


    Dr Strange 2 release Date Philippines

    doctor strange in the multiverse of madness full movie is release date Philippines 4th May 2022 according to the Marvel Studio Philippines official twitter account as @marvelstudioph. 

    How to Book Dr Strange 2 2022 Ticket 

    You could book Dr Strange 2 ticket using online medium copying the link to catch Dr Strange with other full characters enjoying travel to multiverse watching doctor strange 2 full movie story in the cinema Hall.

    Will There Be a Doctor Strange 3?

    Doctor Strange 3 movie making has not been confirmed by the production team till now. If any development in the news about the making of Dr Strange 3 movie then we are here to inform you about the breaking. 

    Who is the girl in Dr Strange 2?

    If you are talking about the young girl in the Dr Strange 2 movie then she is portraying the character of America Chavez. The real name of girl in Dr Strange 2 movie is Xochitl Gomez from California, USA. The current Age of Xochitl Gomez as of 3rd May 2022 is 16 years. 


    Dr. Strange 2 Movie Trailer 

    In the movie Trailer movie is shown, as if Dr. Strange 2 is the movie after the Spider-man Noway home movie. Whatever is happening in this movie is due to the movie of Spider-man Noway Home movie. Due to the strange magic done by Dr. Strange many universe has been destroyed and many are in the verge of extinction. So as to solve this problem Dr. Strange go to take help from Wanda. Here Wanda is afraid of Dr. Strange that he could punish for the magical experiment done by Wanda to create fake family. Dr. Strange know the reality of about Wanda because she is scarlet witch who have power to reconstruct the universe. 


    What will Dr Strange 2 be about? Dr. Strange 2 Real Story Behind Trailer

    Read full to know about the Dr. Strange 2 movie.

    In the Doctor Strange 2 movie we could able to watch different reality and universe in which doctor strange have to face some old and new enemies. Doctor Strange 2 is directly connected to the Wanda Vision Series. In that series we have watched that Wanda has completed converted the Westview City by her magical power where she make her fake family. But after sometime when varous difficulties are faced by Westview City people are then Wanda make the city as past before her magical effect. In this process her whole family is also disappeared. But she is still remembering her children. Wanda uses Agatha Harkness's Book The Darkhold to learn the black magic so that she could bring her children back.

    Wanda Book Magic Book Name: Black Magic is very powerful and anything can be done from it. Wanda has lost her children in Milkyway Galaxy due to which she is searching the universe where she could find her children. She finds that universe but it is impossible to travel multiverse in the physical form. But only the way to travel  the multiverse is in the aster form. At any cost she wanted to go to meet her children in the physical form. Now, the darkhold book tells her that the problem could be solving by girl name America Chavez. America Chavez who is also known as Miss America has the power to open the portal to travel to the different universe by her magical power. Wanda needs this power to meet her children in the physical form. For this reason Wanda Start following America Chavez.

    Crox of Dr Strange 2 movie: The basis story of the movie Doctor Strange 2 is Wanda Keeps following Miss America travel multiverse but Doctor strange keep on trying to save Miss America from Wanda. Finally, main Villain arrives that break fight against heroes to end the movie. 
    Who is America Chavez?:  Miss America is the girl from another universe who comes in this universe to save her life. When America Chavez was in her own universe she was attacked by a strange creature. So she ran away from her universe to this universe. At first, Doctor Strange and America Chavez are unknown about all these circumstances. But, after sometime they know that Wanda in this universe wants to use America Chavez to travel Multiverse to find her children. Here, Doctor Strange and Wang help her to save life from Wanda.

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    Wanda Magic Name Now, the fight between Wanda and Doctor Strange begin. Doctor Strange also use the Chaos Magic like Wanda. Wanda magic name is Chaos Magic which is far better powerful than Doctor Strange. It becomes difficult for Doctor Strange to stay up against the Scarlet Witch power having the knowledge of The Darkhold book. For saving America Chavez, Doctor Strange have to travel different universe.  
    Variants of Dr. Strange: In the movie Doctor Strange 2 trailer there is a universe which has been completely destroyed which is seen like the scene of the What If...? Series. This scene has been also shown in the Doctor Strange 2 Movie because this movie is directly connected with the What If...?  The series written by A.C. Bradley. We could see Evil Doctor Strange also known as strange Supreme is also shown in the movie. We could also see different variants of Dr. Strange in the movie among them one is known as Defender Strange which was seen in the movie merchandise.  
    Center of multiverse name: The movie is talking about the multiverse where the place known as Nexus of All Realities. This is the center of the multiverse where all the realities intersect with each others.

    Connection of Dr. Strange 2 movie with Doctor Strange

    Lets talk about the connection of Doctor Strange and Dr. Strange 2 movie. We again see the ex-girlfriend of Doctor Strange Christian Palmer in a wedding dress. In the movie she is getting marriage with someone else rather than Dr. Strange.

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    The real name of Christian Palmer is Rachel Mc Adams is portrayed as Surgeon of Metro-General Hospital.

    The character Baron Mordo: In the first chapter of the movie there was a friend of Dr. Strange who converted into enemy at the end of movie called Mordo.The Mordo begun to snatch everyone's magic in the movie first part.   

    But now, in the Dr. Strange 2 the looks of Mordo have been changed completely. The reason for change in the look of Mordo is because he from another universe. According to the story of the movie the Mordo of this Universe is being killed by Wanda. In the course of travelling multiverse Dr. Strange meet with this new Mordo. The new Mordo from another universe suppose he has violated the law of nature that is why Mordo also become enemy. 


    Main Villain of Dr. Strange 2 Movie

    You all after reading the above article so you think that Wanda could be the main villain of the movie Dr. Strange 2. But, in reality Shuma Gorath is the main villain of Dr. Strange 2 movie.  The very powerful and dangerous monster looking like octopus has already destroyed many universes and wanted to capture all the multiverse. The octopus monster shown in the movie trailer is the soldier of the Shuma Gorath lifting car and throwing toward human. Shuma Gorath has also the power to control the mind of any human beings. Shuma Gorath used The Darkhold book to control the mind of Wanda. Shuma Goraths has put Wanda behind America Chavez because to rule the multiverse he wants the power of America Chavez. By this also it is clear that Wanda is not the villain of the movie but she is misused by Shuma Gorath to rule the universe as wish.

    At last Shuma Gorath comes in front to fight against the hero where he fight against all the hero in the movie. But his is only our preview to the movie trailer.



    If you are satisfied with the content about the movie Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness then comment as I am satisfied. If you are satisfied with our content then share with your friends. Enjoy the movie coming to Indonesia on 5th may, Philippines on 4th May and USA on 6th may as officially announced by production team from twitter account. 


    FAQ: Doctor Strange 2

    Q1. Who is the director of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?

    Ans: Sam Raimi is the Diretor of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Maddness.


    Q2. Who is the Actress of Dr Strange 2?

    Ans. Elizabeth Olsen is the Actress of Dr Strange 2.

    Q3. When is Dr Strange 2 Release Date in Philippines?

    Ans: Dr Strange 2 Release Date in Philippines is on May 4, 2022.

    Q4. When is Dr Strange Release Date in Indonesia?

    Ans: Dr  Strange 2 Release Date in Indonesia is on May 5, 2022. 

    Q5. Is Dr Strange 2 Coming? 

    Ans: Dr Strange 2 is coming to cinema Hall on May 6, 2022.


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