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Shatkon Movie Box Office Collection 2022:- The Nepali Suspense/Thriller movie Shatkon released on 23rd Baisakh 2079 B.S. (June 6 2022 A.D.) is already in the cinema hall all over Nepal. There is already Lakka Jawan movie released on same date. This shows that there are less numbers of shows for Satkon movie. The movie is full of Suspense. The movie is in different genre looking at recently released other movies. Lets move towards the box Office collection of Shatkon.

Shatkon Movie box office Collection
Shatkon Movie Box Office Collection

Shatkon movie starring Karma Shakya Bholaraj Sapkota, Lokendra Lekhak, Suyasha Adhikari, Biraj Kadariya, Shishir Limbu Wanem been directed Milan De Kapri and produced by Biraj Kadariya from Clementine Production in association with Travellers Crew Films . The movie Shatkon is Thriller/suspense genre movie. 

 Shatkon Movie Production Budget

Till now the production team of Shatkon has not flash the total production budget of the movie. The collection amount should be always double to make the film hit in the box office. Lets hope that his movie will do so. 


1st Day Box Office Collection of Shatkon Movie

The opening day collection of Shatkon movie is not as expected by the production team. The production team hopeful about the movie in different genre. In first day box office collection of Shatkon movie is in between NPR 3 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs only. This shows that the movie starting collection is very low comparing to Lakka Jawan movie collection.


2nd Day Box Office Collection of Shatkon Movie

Shatkon movie story is different from other movies but could not perform as expected. The second day collection of the movie is little higher than 1st day collection but could not satisfy the production team. 

The second day box office collection of Shatkon Nepali movie is amounted NPR. 5 Lakhs on an average. But, this is not an official box office collection. Till the end of 2nd day shakton movie total box office collection NPR 10 Lakhs on an average. 


3rd Day Box Office Collection of Satkon Movie 

Coming to the third day Sunday, the movie continues its poor box office collection. the movie got very good feedback from the audience at the time of launching trailer and movie release. This could be also due to lack of effective marketing. Audience are unknown about the trailer and movie release date. The trailer of the movie has been viewed by only 50k+ viewers although released from the Budha Subba Digital having 5.65M Subscribers. 

3rd day box office of Satkon movie amounted to NPR. 2.5 Lakhs on an average. This is not the good sign and symptom for the movie within the three days after release of the movie. 


4th Day Box Collection of Shatkon Movie 

Huge drop down in 4th day collection of Shatkon movie collection. Since no audience to watch movie shakton many hall have taken out from its show time.

Shatkon movie 4th day collection is less than expected. The movie Shakton collected Rs. 1 Lakhs on an average.

5th Day Box Collection of Shatkon Movie 

The suspense and thriller part of the mobie is liked by audience through their heart. But the movie Shatkon movie is flop in the box office.

In 5th day of movie telease movie Shatkon collected only Rs. 50 Thousand on an average.

6th Day Box Collection of Shatkon Movie 

Same as 5th day the downward fall in the box office collection of shatkon nepali movie is going on.

The movie is unable to collect 1 lakh. In the 6th day of release of movie it has already been withdrawn from many cinema halls.
Only Rs. 50 thousand is the collection in 6th day.

Shatkon Movie Trailer 2022

Summary: Collection of Shatkon movie

  1. Day 1 Satkon movie Collection 3 Lakhs
  2. Day 2 Sakton movie Collection 5 lakhs
  3. Day 3 Satkon movie Collection 2.5 Lakhs
  4. Day 4 Shatkon movie Collection 1 Lakhs
  5. Day 5 Shatkon movie collection 50 Thousands
  6. Day 6 Shatkon movie collection 50 Thousands
  7. Day 7 Shatkon movie collection 50 Thousands

Total Box office collection by Satkon Nepali Movie is NPR. 13 Lakhs on an average. 

Lifetime box office Collection of Shatkon movie

The lifetime box office collection of Shatkon movie is NPR 13 Lakhs 50 Thousands (NPR 13.5 Lakhs) gross in 19 days. The official announcement is still to wait. Let's find out the box office collection in the coming days which definitely increase this amount to decide Satkon movie is Hit or flop in the box office. 



Only three days does not decide the movie Shatkon is hit or flop. So if you have not watch this movie till today then visit your nearby cinema hall and enjoy this thriller/suspense movie. If you have any question related to Satkon movie then comment us down below.


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