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Samjhana Birsana Box Office Collection:- On Friday release Nepali love story, comedy and drama movie Samjhana Birsana starring Pooja Sharma and Aakash has been released on Ashar 31, 2079(15 April 2022). Total collection, ticket price, Budget of Samjhana Birsana and flop or hit topic are covered here.

Samjhana Birsana Box Office Collection
Samjhana Birsana Box Office Earning

Samjhana Birsana 1 hours 42 mins Nepali movie all Nepal release from today(31st Ashar 2079). After a long time of popularity, this movie has been finally released. We could see Puja Sharma, Aakash Shrestha, Sunil Thapa, Shishir Rana and Chhultim Gurung in the leading role.

Ram Kahani and Poi Paryo Kaley of Puja Sharma and Aakash Shrestha's previous movies were hit at the Nepali Box office. The first-day advance booking of Samjhana Birsana movie is also very good. 

    Samjhana Birsana Budget.

    Samjhana Birsana movie is shooting is done in most of the part of Darjeeling so the production budget is high. Budget of Samjhana Birsana movie is NPR 2.9 Crores(approx). Samjhana Birsana needs to collect more than NPR 5.8 Crores to become hit in the Box Office.

    • Production Budget NPR 2.9 Crores
    • Required NPR 5.8 Crores to hit in the box office

    Samjhana Birsana Ticket Price

    If you want to watch Samjhana Birsana movie in the nearest cinema hall then ticket is available in online and offline platform. 

    Samjhana Birsana Ticket price is NPR 350 if you are buying from online platform Khalti. Buying the ticket visiting cinema hall also cost could increase but not less than 350. The ticket price could range between NPR 350 and NPR 1000 according to class. 

    1st Day Samjhana Birsana Box office Collection.

    Samjhana Birsana is released in more than 100 Cinemas Hall all over the Nepal. 1st day occupancy and box office collection is discussed here.

    In the morning show 15 percent occupancy of Samjhana Birsana movie. If the word of mouth come strong the 20 percent occupancy could be seen in the day shows. Similarly, 30 percent occupancy in the evening and 40 percent occupancy in the night show.

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    In the first day Samjhana Birsana Movie box office collection is NPR 50 lakh gross amount. There is chance to increase if the word of mouth is strong.

    2nd Day Samjhana Birsana Box Office Collection

    Outstanding collection by Samjhana Birsana Movie 2022 in 2nd day. Most of the cinema hall are houseful. Morning Started with 25 percent occupancy and ended with 70 percent. In the 2nd day Samjhana movie collected NPR 75 Lakh gross collection.

    The audience are too much excited to watch this movie in hall. Total collection till the end of 2nd day is NPR 1.25 Crores gross amount.

    3rd Day Samjhana Birsana Box Office Collection

    More than 50 percent drop in the 3rd day collection of Samjhana Birsana movie. Due to trending controversy trending on Puja Sharma and Aakash Shrestha about Love audience are not interested to watch this movie.

    Samjhana Birsana collected NPR 20 Lakh in 3rd day. This could even drop by huge percent tomorrow. Lets see this movie will sine or not. Pooja Sharma another movie Poi Paryo Budho is also coming soon. This collection definitely effect on coming movies.

    4th Day Samjhana Birsana Box Office Collection

    There is big drop in the 4th day collection of Samjhana Birsana Movie. Only 15 percent occupancy at the night shows. Today movie started with 7 percent occupancy. No increase in day time with only 10 percent pccupancy and evening show with 12 percent.

    Today in the 4th day Samjhana Birsana collected NPR 15 Lakh gross. Challenges are coming for the movie to recover production budget.

    5th Day collection of Samjhana Birsana movie is NPR 10 Lakh gross amount.

    6th day collection of Samjhana Movie is NPR 8 Lakh gross amount. The total collection is below.

    1st Week Collection of Samjhana Birsana Movie

    Finally the 1st week official Box office Collection of Samjhana Birsana Movie has been published NPR 2.18 Crores gross amount by the production team. 1st Week Collection of this movie is more than expected.

    Pooja Sharma and Aakash Shrestha are in the leading role of Samjhana Birsana movie. Although Pooja sharma went to Australia in the middle after the release without promoting the movie.

    2nd Week Collection of Samjhana Birsana

    This movie has completed 2 weeks after from the released date. The 2nd week collection is dropped by unexpected amount. Only NPR 27 Lakhs collection in the box office. 

    This means that there is no chance for the movie to cover its production budget amount. Samjhana Birsana movie is also in list of flop movie in 2022.

    Total Box office Collection of Samjhana Birsana Movie

    There is high possibility to make big collection in the box office by Samjhana Birsana movie. Samjhana Birsana Total Box Office Collection is NPR 2 Crore 45 Lakhs. After 3rd week the lifetime box office collection of Samjhana Birsana has been finalized. Sanjhana Birsana movie is flop in the box office as it could not collect its production budget of NPR 2 Crores 90 Lakhs.   


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