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A Mero Hajur 4 Full Movie Download:- Hello! Guys Today we gonna talk about the latest movie A Mero Hajur 4. We will talk about the releasing date, actors, actress, directors and many more about the movie. There is also short review about the movie. You will know about the movie after reading the short review of the movie. The box office Collection of A Mero Hajur 4 will be published in our website soon.


A mero Hajur 4 movie online
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A Mero Hajur 4 is the Nepali Movie which is fully based on the love story. The genre of the movie looks like it is romantic movie. The movie will be available to download  to internet in the youtube channel Budha Subba Digital having subscribers more than 5.6 Millions. Budha Subba Digital is authorized to upload the movie A Mero Hajur 4 since the trailer of the movie has also been uploaded by budha Subba Digital. 

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The Link to download A mero hajur 4 movie is available at the bottom of the page and enjoy the movie.


Who is the heroine of A mero Hajur 4?

Suhana Thapa with age 24 years born on 8th May, 1997 A.D., the daughter of well known actress Jharana thapa is the rising star in the Nepalese Film Industry.


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But in the movie A Mero Hajur 4 Suhana is playing as lead role actress with the name Aarya, the Teen ange 19 year girl from the newar community with maharjan family. 


Who is the Hero of A Mero Hajur 4?

Anmol K.C. having Age 30th March 1994 is known as renouned as a best actor in the Nepalese Film Industry. Anmol KC is the son of Legendary actor Bhuwan KC.

 In the movie A mero Hajur 4 Anmol is playing in the lead actor role with the name Prem, an innocent guy who fall in love with the girl from newar community. 

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Trailer A Mero Hajur 4 Movie Released

The trailer of the movie A Mero Hajur 4 was released on 24th March 2022 A.D. in the youtube channel Budha Subba Digital. Till 15th April the trailer of the movie has been watch by more than 1.76 Millions Users. 

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A Mero Hajur 4 release date

In the trailer of the movie also you could easily find the release date of the movie. A Mero Hajur 4 movie is releasing on 14th April 2022 in Nepali Date 1st Baisakh 2079, in the new year of Nepal. In the same date KGF Chapter 2 movie is also releasing to compete with each other.


A Mero Hajur 4 Story Review

Prem means Anmol KC is a simple and innocent guy shown in the movie and Aarya Maharjan means Suhana Thapa is 19 years teen age student having her home at Patandurbar. 

In the movie the missing dog of Aarya is found by Prem and he start keeping with him.  At that time Aarya find her dog with Prem which ultimately becomes the bridge to meet both of them time and again which ultimately convert into love and dates.


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Now, the twist in the movie is that when the love between Aarya and Prem is known by Aarya's father then obstacle arise in their love. After this situation in the movie how this obstacle is crossed and again how they both reunite is shown in very much engaging way in the movie. 

The movie is trying to promote the newari culture by wearing the dress and the movie is about the character from the newar community. This shows that movie is also promiting the Nepalese culture as a whole. 

The acting of the rising star Suhana Thapa is growing day by day and The Character of Dog Koko is also shown in the best way because of the best performance of the dog.  


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Good Side of the movie

The visual presentation of the movie very nice.  There are much well decorated scene shown in the movie which tries to promote Nepalese Art, Culture and Tradition by the means of movie. As really sophisticated  technologies are used to capture the video in attractive way. 

The cinematography and the direction is done in brilliant way in the movie by Jharana Thapa. 


A mero Hajur 4 Songs

The movie is also 4 series of the movie and there are altogether four songs in the move. 

The movie is decorated by the beautiful songs such as:

  1. Phool Ko Thunga, 
  2. Bhag Bhag Na De aba Dherai Dhak, 
  3. Suntala and
  4. Timi Ra Ma. 

All the above songs are available in youtube.

Movie Making Team 

  • The movie is in the direction of Jharana Thapa which is presented by Suhana Entertainment and produced by Sunil Kumar Thapa Production. 
  • The movie is starred by Suhana Thapa, Anmol KC and Salon Basnet
  • The Story Writer of the movie are Jharana Thapa and late Chhetan Gurung


►Screenplay/Dialogue: Jharana Thapa, Late Chhetan Gurung, Mandip Gautam, Baburam Dahal, Pratick Paudel, Upakar Pandey, Madhav Sharma
► Post-Production: Suhana Entertainment
► Distributors: Gobinda Shahi (Valley), Kedar Prasad Parajuli (Out Of Valley)
► Associate Producer: Saroj Subba (Netra)
► Digital Partner: Budha Subba Digital
► Song Location: Aastham, Pokhara
► Media Coordinator: Dinesh Sitaula
► Poster Design: Vijay Bashyal
► Photographer: Kuber Dangol
► Costume Designer: Manis Rai
► Song Costume: Sudeshna Maharjan
► Chief Ad: Basanta Adhikari
► Asst. Director: Aaryan Adhikari
► Make-Up And Hair: Kavya Thapa/Manoj Lama
► Accessorized By: Meraki Nepal
► Asst Editor: Nahakul Khadka
► Action: Himal Kc
► Vfx: Dipesh K.P
► Color Grading: Rajendra Moktan
► Background Score: Sailesh Shrestha
► Sound Design: Uttam Neupane
► Cas Post-Production Supervisor: Shahil Khan
► Production Designer: Moti Karki
► Production Managers: Sarvan Parajuli, Rajkumar Nagarkoti, Radha Krishan Siwakoti
► Choreographer: Kabiraj Ghatraj, Ramji Lamichhane
► Editor: Mitra D. Gurung
► Dop: Sanjay Lama

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Movie Downloading Link 

You can Download A mero Hajur 4 from the Movie Download Link provided by us. For further details you could visit the Official youtube Channel Budha Subba Digital to watch movie teaser and trailer. You could also get the higher quality of the movie in the near future. So stay connected with that channel. 

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