Ghanachakkar 2022 Box Office Collection Nepali Movie |Budget | Total Earning

Ghanachakkar Box Office Collection:- The most awaited movie Ghanachakkar with All Nepal release date June 24 2022 Box office collection is published by from the date of release. The movie daily box office collection of Ghanachakkar and Total production budget of the movie is available in the page. 

Ghanachakkar Box Office Collection
Ghanachakkar Box Office Collection

Box Office Collection of Ghanchakkar Movie

The hype and craze of Ghanchakkar movie is very high. The trailer of Ghanachakkar movie got huge views and audience are waiting for the movie release date. Already two songs daiko salo and hero hero is released. We hope that the movie collection of Ghanachakkar would make it hit in the box office.

    Ghanachakkar Movie Budget 

    As per the production team the official production budget of the movie is not published. But from other source we found that the production budget of Ghanachakkar movie is around NPR 1 Crores. At least NPR 2.5 Crores is required to be collected by Ghanachakkar movie to become hit in the Nepali Box office.

    Very less numbers of shows are given to the movie. Ghanachakkar movie is released in 84 shows in the first day of release date.

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    1st Day Box Office collection of Ghanachakkar Movie

    In the first day Ghanachakkar movie collected NPR 10 Lakh. If the word of mouth of production and positive comment from the audience in the coming days then this movie will take pickup is coming days.

    If the collection take pickup for a week then it is sure that Ghanachakkar movie become hit and go towards the blockbuster in the Nepali Film industry box office.

    2nd day Ghanachakkar Box Office Collection

    The 2nd day box office collection of Nepali Ghanachakkar movie is NPR 14 Lakh. 12,18, 23, 28 percent of occupancy in the morning, day, evening and night shows respectively.

    Good jump by Ghanachakkar movie in the box office in the 2nd day. The positive impact in the box office is seen in the movie.

    3rd day Ghanachakkar Box Office Collection

    Huge drop in the 3rd day collection of Ghanachakkar movie today 26 June 2022. The collection has been dropped with more than 50 percent. 

    The 3rd day box office collection of Nepali Ghanachakkar movie is NPR 2.5 lakh. This shows that in the coming days it will be very difficult for the movie to earn production budget.

    The occupancy in the morning show of Ghanachakkar movie is 7 percent, in the day only 10 percent, only 12 percent in the evening show and 15 percent occupancy in the night shows.

    4th day ghanachakkar movie collection is NPR 1.5 Lakh

    5th Day Ghanachakkar movie collection is NPR 1 Lakh.

    6th day Ghanachakkar box office Collection is NPR 50 thousand.

    7th day Ghanachakkar box office Collection is NPR 50 thousand total 1st week Ghanachakkar Movie box office collection is NPR 30 Lakhs.

    Total Collection/Earning of Ghanachakkar movie

    There will be too earlier to decide about the total box office collection of the movie. The total box office collection of Ghanachakkar is NPR 30 Lakh till 7th day by Ghanachakkar 2022 movie.

    If you want the latest updates about the total box office collection or earning done by the movie then visit everyday. The lifetime box office collection of Ghanachakkar movie is still to be collected.

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    Ghanachakkar Nepali Movie Hit or Flop

    The Nepali movie Ghanachakkar 2022 is able to collect around 50 Lakh in 4th day. There is huge drop in the collection in the 4th day. The shows occupancy for the movie has been dropped unexpectedly. The movie Ghanachakkar 2022 is Flop in the Nepali Box office also we could say Ghanachakkar movie is super disaster because it is unable to collect it's production budget 1 crore.


    If you haven't watch Ghanachakkar movie till now then go to near Cinema Hall and enjoy the movie. Also, watch the blockbuster movie of Dayahang Rai Kabaddi 4 with family member. Kabaddi 4 movie is also a family drama movie like Ghanachakkar.


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