Ghanachakkar Nepali Movie Full Watch Download | Release Date | Budget | Cast

Ghanachakkar Nepali Movie full Watch Download:- Star actor Saugat Malla's the most awaited new Nepali Story movie"Ghanachakkar" which is releasing on 10th Ashar, 2079 ( June 24, 2022). The stars Cast, Budget, how to watch movie, movie review, songs, etc. are available here in this page so keep reading. 
Ghanachakkar Nepali Movie Full Watch Download
Ghanachakkar Nepali Movie

Ghanchkkar Nepali Movie 2022 Full

Ghanachakkar is a Nepali action/thriller movie Starring Saugat Malla, Salon Basnet, Shishir Basnet, J.B.D.C. This movie is full of drama and comedy scene could also be found in the movie to entertain the audience. 

The movie Ghanachakkar is presented by Bhatta and Son's Production Pvt. Ltd. in association with Hari Bhatta Suryanath.

    Ghanachakkar movie release date

    Saugat Malla and Salon Basnet with new look movie Ghanachakkar release date has been published with trailer. The release date of Ghanachakkar movie is 24th June 2022( 10th Asar 2079) from the production team. 
    There are two movies before Ghanachakkar movie in the box office running successfully. Kabaddi 4 movie and Chiso Maanche movie are doing a successful collection in the box office. We are positive that this to will be super hit in the Box office Nepal. 

    Ghanachakkar Movie Cast

    The movie Ghanachakkar movie cast are Saugat Malla, Shishir Bhandari, Salon Basnet, J.B.D.C, Shishir Bhandari, Aashant Sharma, Krishna Bhakta Maharjan, Pravan Bhusal, Janak Gharti Magar, Damodar Poudel, Mamataa Pradhan, Rambabu Regmi, Karna Priya Prakriti Dhital, Ghanshyam Joshi, Saroj Khanal
    Introducing: Kashmira Lama, Ishwori Khadka 

    Heroine of Ghanachakkar movie

    Mamataa Pradhan is the heroine in the movie Ghanachakkar movie from Biragnagar starting her career from 2007 AD. She came to Kathmandu to participate in the Miss Nepal. As she was eliminated from in the hidden treasure. She was offered with a song by Late Alok Nebwang after this her career in the Nepali Film Industry started.
    Prakriti Dhital, Kashmira Lama and Ishwori are in the heroine characters in the movie Ghanachakkar. 

    Ghanachakkar Movie Songs 

     In the movie Ghanachakkar two songs namely "Daiko Salo" and "Hero Hero" has been released. Hero song is sang by Rajesh Payal Rai and Daiko Salo is sang by Mandavi Tripathi and Rajesh Payal Rai.

    Watch Ghanchakkar Movie Full Download Online

    Download and watch Ghanchakkar Movie online from home without paying is possible. Enjoy the movie Ghanachakkar movie online. Download the Nepali movie Ghanachakkar using the online link.

    You could also download the movie Ghanchakkar movie from the YouTube channel after it is published. We encourage you to enjoy the movie in the cinema Hall after the release date of Ghanachakkar movie. 

    Ghanachakkar Movie Director

    Ghanachakkar movie is directed the by the well known and talented director Jeetendra Rajopadhyaya of the Nepali Film Industry. If you like Jeetendra as director then don't wait to watch the movie Ghanachakkar. 

    Ghanachakkar Movie Producer

    You know that movie production work is not an easy work in the Nepali Film Industry. It is uncertain about the hit or flop of the movie. There is high risk to produce the movie. We salute the work of the producer to entertain the audience by taking Risk. 
    The movie Ghanachakkra is produced by Karuna Aryal and Sangam Bhatta. Thanks for both producers for making the movie produce successfully. 


    Always love Nepali movies and artist to get the entertainment. Kabaddi 4 has break all the records in the box office of Nepal. If you are eager to watch the movie Ghanachakkar movie then comment below why you want to watch this movie. To know about the latest update of the movie stay tuned and enjoy watching this latest Nepali movie. 


    Q.1 Who is actor in Ghanachakkar movie?
    Ans: Saugat Malla, Salon Basnet are the actors in Ghanchakkar movie.
    Q.2 Who is actress in Ghanachakkar movie?
    Ans: Kashmira Lama, Mamataa Pradhan, Prakriti Dhital and Ishwori are the heroine in Ghanachakkar.
    Q.3 What is the release date of Ghanachakkar movie?
    Ans: Ghanachakkar movie release date is 10th Asar 2079.
    Q.4 Is there any songs in Ghanachakkar movie?
    Ans: There are two title songs "Hero Hero" and "Daiko Salo" in Ghanachakkar movie. 

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