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Prakash Nepali Movie Watch Full Online:- The versatile actress Deeya Maskey new movie Prakash coming to near cinema hall in Nepal. Watch this movie and know about the director, Prakash movie watch online is also available. To know where to watch Prakash movie online download keep on reading.

Prakash Nepali Movie 2022
Latest Nepali movie Prakash

Dinesh Raut Directorial 2 hours 5min Nepali movie Prakash starred by Pradeep Khadka, Deeya Maskey and by more than one dozen artist is the most awaited movie filmed in the Far Western part of Nepal, Jumla district reflecting the local story of a educated young energetic man. Prakash has been produced by Mahendra Adhikari and movie script written by Bikash Subedi.

    Prakash Movie Cast

    The Nepali movie "Prakash" is cast by Pradeep Khadka, Deeya Maskey, Prakash Ghimire, Rajan Khatiwoda, Amjad Prawej, Ranu Yogi, Dev Kumar Shrestha, Hum B.C, Prasant Shrestha, Govinda Sunar, Pabitra Khadka, Lokendra Lekhak, Niraj Panthi and Dhanraj Sunar.


    Prakash Movie Budget

    The production budget of Prakash movie including promotional budget is NPR 2.5 Crores.  Prakash movie need to collect 5 Crores gross amount in total to become hit in the box office with highest box office collection. As said by the producer Mahendra Adhikari Prakash movie has already collected more than 80 percent of the budget from the digital and international rights.

    Actor Pradeep Khadka & Deeya Maskey starrer  film "Prakash" foreign rights has been sold in huge amount in four different countries   (Australia, Canada, USA & Europe). 

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    Prakash movie songs

    Lyrical song "Manchhe Manchhe" from movie 'Prakash' has been out now. The released song has deeply represented the socio-economic discrimination prevalent in our society. Actor Pradeep Khadka & Deeya Maskey in the lead roles. The film will be releasing on 10th Bhadra, 2079. All the best to entire team. 

    1. Manchhe Manchhe Song

    • Singer: Satya Raj Acharya
    • Music : Alish karki
    • Lyrics : Ashok sherchan

    2. Jor Maina "Zindagi Arule Bitaididaina Jor Maina" Song

    • Singer: Dhurba Bisco
    • Lyric/Music: Deepak Sharma

     You can watch all the above songs and movie trailer in the Dar Movies YouTube Channel. 


    Prakash Movie Release Date

    New look of Actress Deeya Maskey in the upcoming film "Prakash". She has played the role of a poor married women (Sita) from Jumla. The movie is releasing on 10th Bhadra, 2079 (26th August, 2022). Best wishes entire team.


    Prakash Movie Story Review

    The of story an educated youngster Prakash who seeks career as a school teacher  to fulfill his fathers desire and meet his ambition. His struggle, success and failure is to be watched on big screen and on digital platform. Feel the real time deception of that period in Prakash movie. 


    Watch Prakash Movie Online Download Cinemaghar

    Watch the latest Nepali movie Prakash online and download easily without any software or app or add-on you need to first enjoy the movie in the Cinema Hall, Multiplex and Big Cinema.

    You could also watch Nepali movie Prakash online online sitting at your home on dish-home by paying certain amount of money to watch movie with family.  



    We have seen that the review of the movie is great. Songs of Prakash movie are doing well. Teaser of this movie is crossed by more than millions view. Are you excited watch Prakash Movie? Do you like Pradeep Khadka as Hero?



    Q.1 Who is actor of Prakash Nepali Movie?
    Ans: Pradeep Khadka is the lead actor in Prakash.
    Q.2 Who is actress of Prakash Nepali Movie?
    Ans: Deeya Maskey is the actress in Prakash.
    Q.3 What is the release date of Prakash movie?
    Ans: Prakash movie release date is 10th Bhadra 2079.
    Q.4 Is there any songs in Prakash movie?
    Ans: There are two title songs "Manchhe" and "Jor Maina" in Prakash movie. 
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