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Prakash Nepali Movie Box Office Collection:- The most awaited Prakash is the Nepali movie of Pradeep Khadka after Prem Geet 3 has been released on 26th August 2022 directed by Dinesh Raut shows the story of rural youngster. Today box office Collection, Budget, Story review and lifetime total box office collection is available here. 

Prakash Movie Box Office Collection
Prakash Box Office Collection

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The hype and craze of the audience towards Prakash movie is very high. It has been long time audience waiting to watch this movie and finally it has been released.

    Prakash Movie Budget

    The Prakash movie production budget is NPR 2.5 Crores including promotion. This movie has collected it's 80 percent budget amount by selling its digital right in the foreign countries. This movie to become hit in the box office at least NPR 5 Crores of gross collection is required which could be met easily. 

    Prakash Story Review

    There is completely different character of Pradeep Khadka Nepali movie Prakash. The story of Prakash movie is completely based on highly remote area of Nepal where deep sorrow of life is shown. This movie is trying to show the frustration and struggle of young generation to make the life successful.

    The young Prakash who seek to develop career in Teacher's profession. His full failure, success and struggle story is portrayed in the movie which are not made till now. Prakash movie shooting is done in Jumla district which is rural area of Nepal.  


    1st Day Prakash Box Office Collection

    As per the current report the advance ticket booking for the show of Prakash movie are not coming as per our expectation not because of low audience. But due to lack of effective management on providing shows to Prakash movie. We hope to solve this issue. The word of mouth from the movie time could decide the future collection of Prakash movie. 

    In the Prakash movie 1st day box office collection to be around 45 lakh gross amount. This could increase in the future by looking at the appearance of audience in the release day. The multiplex and singleplex should increase the shows if there is positive response from the audience.

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    2nd Day Prakash Box Office Collection

    Audience are really impressed with the acting of Pradeep Khadka in Prakash movie. In the 2nd day there is 65 percent jump in the collection and occupancy. Many shows are houseful. In the 2nd day NPR 80 Lakh gross collection has been done by Prakash movie. 


    3rd Day Prakash Box Office Collection

    In the 3rd day there is seen minimum drop in the occupancy which is normal of Prakash movie. 15, 25, 35 and 40 percent occupancy starting from the morning to night show by Prakash movie which show that it has collected 40 Lakh in the box office. This collection amount is not bad at all.  


    4th Day Prakash Box Office Collection

    In the multiplex the shows for Prakash film has been increased. It is taking a strong hold in the box office. The morning occupancy is of 15 percent. In the 4th day Prakash movie to collected NPR 40 Lakhs gross amount. This shows that his movie is in the safer side. The support of the fans shows that prakash movie will definitely hit in the box office


    5th day Prakash Box Office Collection

    Today Prakash morning show has been started with 30 percent occupancy. At the end of the day 100 percent occupancy. All the shows in the multiplex cinema hall are houseful. 

    Prakash movie collection is of NPR 70 Lakh gross amount on 5th day in the box office. This movie is continuously putting the stand in the box office.  

    It has collected NPR 30 Lakh in the 6th day after the release date. The collection amount slowly towards downward. This movie will be definitely affected by latest releasing movies Samhalincha Kahile Mann and JhingeDau.

    1st Week Collection of Prakash Movie

    Prakash movie in the 7th day gross amount NPR 25 Lakh in the box office with 40 percent occupancy in night show. The 1st total week collection is NPR 3 Crores 30 Lakh gross amount. 

    Prakash movie is already hit in the Nepali Box office as it has already earned more than 80 percent of budget before release date.

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    2nd Week Prakash Box Office Collection

    There is minimum drop in collection with NPR 10 Lakhs gross amount.

    In the 9th day it has collected NPR 20 Lakhs gross amount.

    Prakash Lifetime Total Box Office Collection 

    Prakash movie is the most popular movie among the Nepali audience released on Friday. Nepali movie The Secret of Radha and Hindi movie Liger are released on Friday release.The total box office collection of Prakash movie is NPR 4 Crores 33 Lakh (4.33 Crores) gross amount. The lifetime box office collection will be updated. 


    In the cinema hall Krishna Leela of Pushpa Khadka, Premganj of debut actor Tej Giri and Michael Adhikari of Saugat Malla are released just before one week. There are already three movies and two movies are added today. This shows that five Nepali movie are in the box office. If you haven't watched all the movies then don't miss them. Enjoy watching Nepali movie and keep supporting Nepali Artist. If you haven't watched Prakash movie then visit the nearest theater and enjoy the movie. 



    Q.1 Which is the highest grossing Nepali movie?

    Ans: Kabaddi 4 is the highest grossing Nepali movie to collect 22.87 crores plus.


    Q.2 Which is the highest Budget Nepali movie?

    Ans: Kabaddi 4 is the highest Budget movie with NPR 3 Crores Budget. 


    Q.3 Which is the No. 1 movie in Nepal?

    Ans: Kabaddi 4 is the No. 1 movie in Nepal in terms of collection. 


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