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Routine of Nepal Banda Biography:- The Routine of Nepal also known as RONB is the popular Social Media Company to provide the latest information about the present time. Today we are here to provide you with the information on the Struggle story, income, net worth, owner, app and website of Routine of Nepal Banda in detail. If you are a regular reader of our website this could be the best material for you.

Routine of Nepal Banda Biography
Source: Routine of Nepal Banda

After reading this article you get almost everything about RONB in detail. We always provide authentic and fact information on any topic. Trust to our content and continue reading. 


About RONB

It was a time when there used to be weekly Nepal Banda (Strike) in Nepal. There was no stable condition at that time.

Some of the strikes used to be only rumours(halla) which had created confusion among the general public. In this situation, the public tries to call the police hotline number to know the recent incidents in local areas. Due to the limited hotline numbers of the police, it was very challenging to know the current situation outside of the house.  

It was literally the routine of Nepali people staying in banda. To come back from this situation one of the young man, also known as RONB owner "Victor Poudel" started Routine of Nepal Banda(RONB) Facebook Page.

Routine of Nepal Banda is not only social media platform but it is officially registered News Media Company owned by Routine of Nepal Pvt. Ltd.(Under Company Act, 2063), Department of Information Reg. Number 1766/076-77 located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The official website of of RONB is  


Story Behind the popularity of Routine of Nepal Banda(RONB)

The page Routine of Nepal Banda(RONB) started in 2011 AD used to give latest updates about the bandas in the past. At that time RONB had some thousands of likes but the support level was high on RONB.

RONB took pickup in 2015 at the time of Earthquake in Nepal. At that time while people were residing under Tent there was no excess of TV So they used Mobile phones to gain recent news. RONB started circulating Breaking news at that time which was in the hand of every people.

After the peace process in Nepal the popularity of RONB was already at the peak level. It was gaining more than 1200 followers on daily basis. Increasing in the followers increased the source of news. The news posting style also increased its popularity. Other news media used to post long news of more than one page which is difficult to read by the users. RONB post such news in not more than 50 words with images. 

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In the present situation every news companies are trying to provide fast news to the audience. RONB try to provide authentic and fast news. Today RONB news are trusted by the audience in high level rather than other media. Audience believe that RONB post only valid information and news. This trust is built in not one day but took more than 10 years. 


Social Media Platform of RONB

  • The RONB page in the recent time is able to get followed by more than 3.2 Million Followers (32 Lakh followers).
  • Not only this much in Instagram 1.1 Million Followers.
  • In Twitter with username @ronbupdates 400K(4 Lakh) followers which shows the popularity of this campaign. 
  • The YouTube Channel of Routine of Nepal Banda with 129k Subscribers is currently active.

What is possible in RONB page?

The popularity of RONB is so much high that if it post about Lost National Identity Card or Educational Certificate or Passport. It has past record to find those document within 10 minutes.

Interesting facts about Routine of Nepal Banda

The interesting thing about RONB is every news are in the short form with photo of that situation. The another interesting thing about RONB is that most of the news were used to comes from the Fans Following. All the remote areas news were circulated in the RONB first in the short form. The followers of RONB used to get the news which were unable to post by TV and online website media. 

How does RONB works?

RONB is the company established with head office in Kathmandu, Nepal. hardly 6 peoples handle the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of RONB.

There are no employee in this company because almost all the work are done by their followers. Routine of Nepal Banda get latest news information through Email, Direct Messages and phone calls.  

All the news are validated the team of RONB then only the decision for posting is done. According to the importance of news there are posted in all the platforms. This is the reason behind the low cost of operation of RONB.

Routine of Nepal Banda(RONB) Income Source/Net Worth

Lets talk about the income sources and Income earned by RONB.

  • The major source of income of RONB is Brand Promotion. The fan following is so much high that every brand want to promote their products through RONB.
  • Only the compelling brands in a selective way which are working for the betterment of local level are promoted.
  • The promotion of the product or services are done not in outgoing ways. They tieup the brands with the information which are beneficial to the audience.  
  • The paid brand promotion of RONB are seen as normal regular post.
  • RONB charge minimum NPR 50,000(estimated) for the paid promotion.

From this also we could know the daily income of RONB income posting such paid promotion. The annual turnover of RONB is NPR 1,00,00,000(estimated) could be more than this. The net worth of RONB is NPR 10 crores in gross amount but it could be more than this.  

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Routine of Nepal Banda App

RONB used to Run an app RONB Updates which is not active right now. RONB Updates got 10,000 downloads. As said by the owner Victor Poudel due to poor development this project has been discontinued.

Routine of Nepal Banda Website

RONB is also running website which provides free notes, questions, syllabus, education news, etc. to the students. In the current time this is not much popular among the audience.

Funding and Upcoming Projects of RONB

Not only this much in the section of Phillanthropy.  RONB also fund the the popular gaming team DRS Gaming Team. Not only this much it has many business ventures and philanthropic planning.

  • The 3 years plan has been published by RONB.
  • To grow 3,00,000 (3 Lakh) plants all over country. 
  • To provide free treatment to 3000 children under 18 years old in Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital. 
  • To Provide Scholarship to 30 more talented student whose income source very.

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We could learn from the RONB that small page working for providing small information could become this much big company establishing its brand. This brand could impact mass people for the social causes. We hope that the future venture will also positively impact people's life.


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