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Harka Sampang Biography Age Edu
Dharan Mayor Harka Sampang Story Age, Edu

Harka Sampang Rai is the independent Mayor candidate symbol 'Stick' in Local Election 2079 who is Elected as Mayor of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City securing 20,821 votes. Kishor Rai from Congress Party got 16,059 votes with runner-up position.

Harka Sampang Spent gross amount 1.5 Lakhs for the promotion of local level election on which most of them were from the the side of best well wishers.
To be remind that the first Local Level Election Harka Sampang finishing in 5th position got only 422 votes.

    Harka Sampang Rai Biography Intro

     Today we are introducing you about Harka Sampang Rai with real name Harkaraj Sampang Rai is a multi talented, versatile personality who started to work as a social worker and anti-corruption activist through songs, works in early stage of life. He is the the person with full of patriotism. He has been always fighting for the people of Dharan situated in the province 1, Sunsari District.

    Harka is the well known activist work against the corruption, fight for the preservation of natural resources and work for the people of Dharan for the better life style to fulfill the daily basic needs like water, electricity, food and shelters. 

    Population Detail of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City

    • Total Population: 1,73,096
    • Numbers of Wards: 20
    • Voting Places: 28
    • Number of Male Voters: 47,408
    • Number of Female Voters: 52,916
    • Total Voters: 1,00,324  

    Commitment of Harka Sampang After winning Mayor

    • To bring water from Saptakoshi to feed the people of Dharan facing shortage of water
    • To control corruption in Dharan sub-metropolis
    • To Management of Dharan Bazaar, waste management, 
    • Improvement of BP Pratisthan 
    • Improvement of community schools
    • more

    Harka Sampang Personal Details

    • Harka Sampang Real Name: Harkaraj Rai
    • Date of Birth: February 27, 1983, Sunday. Harkaraj Rai Birthday is on Feb. 27. 
    • Harka Sampang Age: 39(2022 AD)
    • Harka Sampang Birth Place: Khotang, Kopilabasgadi Rural Municipality -2
    • Current Address (Hometown):  Sunsari, Dharan
    • Hair and Eye Color: Black 
    • Height: 5.5 Fit
    • Religion:Kirat and Hindu
    • Ethnicity: Rai
    • Nationality: Nepali
    • Marital Status: Married

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    Harka Sampang Family Details  

    Harka Sampang's father is the former British Army.
    • Father: N/A
    • Mother: N/A
    • Brother: Unknown
    • Sister: Rukmini Rai
    • Wife of Harka Sampang: N/A
    • Children: Son

    Education of Harka Sampang

    • SLC: Sukrabare School in 2056 BS at the age of 18 years
    • +2 Passed
    • Bachelor Degree in politics & Sociology from Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan

    Career of Harka Sampang:

    Harka Sampang working for the people of dharan as social worker more than 10 years
    He went to Malaysia and other two countries for the abroad work to make his life better. 
    After Returning to Nepal he started to drive Auto Rikshaw and even started the business of Auto-Rikshaw
    He is also involved in the agriculture work from his early stage of life.

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    Harka Sampang Rai First Song

    The first song of Harka Sampang  is Najarko teer from Missing Heart album. Harka Sampang Mareko Maanchhe Sadeko Basti is the revolutonary video song Uploaded in the Facebook Page of Harka Sampange the Revolution

    • Lyrics, Compose, Harka Sampang
    • Song: Najarko Teer
    • Album Name: Missing Heart
    • Music: Harka Sampang
    • Direction and Concept: Harka Sampang
    • Edit: This is the live recording without edits

    Hark Sampang Popular Songs: 

    Hello Dharan, Najarko Teer, Yo Bihanile are the popular and more than 6 songs released in the Harka Sampang A Revolution official Youtube Channel.

    Harka Sampang Hobbies

    Harka Sampang  Likes Travelling news places,  he loves to sing, listening music, writing poem,etc.


    Harka Sampang Favourite food, Poet, sport, singer, comedian and place to visit

    • Harka Sampang Favourite Food: Dal Bhat and Curry
    • Favourite Place to Visit: N/A
    • Favourite Leader: Nelson Mandela
    • Favourite Poet: N/A
    • Favourite Singers: N/A
    • Favourite Sports: Football, Cricket, Batmintion
     How to Vote in Local Election 2079

    Harka Sampang Income/Networth Details

    Harka Sampang is the self made man. The major source of income of Harka Sampang is from Auto Rikshaw business and Agriculture. At the past time he also earned some amount of money working in the abroad country Malaysia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Harka Sampang Owns almost 4, 5 Auto Rikshaw which are the main source of income. 
    Talking about the networth of Harka Sampang, he generally earns 50 thousands income from the his own business. The networth of Harka Sampang Rai is on an average more than 1 Crore. But the networth we are providing you would not be accurate. 

    Car Collection of Harka Sampang

    Lets talk about the car collection of Harka Sampang. He does not own any cars but the unofficially we think tha Harka is the owner of Tempo that he used for his vote appeal in Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City.

    Interesting Facts of Harka Sampang

    • He is not a member of any party so far
    • He as the tuition teacher teaching English and Computer Subject.
    • Rai is a social activist who has led the movement to save Sardu watershed in Dharan and even arrested two time by police while protesting against illegal evacuation in Sardu river.
    • Leader of the movement for drinking water problem
    • Leader of the movement against corruption 
    • Leader in the movement to save the settlement on Dhankute Road. 
    • Leader in the movement to save BP Pratisthan.
    • Harka Sampang is in the Local Election for second time as independent candidate. In the first Local Level election after Nepal was Republic state got 422 votes finishing in 5th position.

    Official Social Media of Harka Sampang Contact

    There are various means to contact Harka Sampang as he is involved in different Social Media Platforms.

    • Youtube Channel Harka Sampang A Revolution in music genre having 726 Subscribers.
    • Facebook Page Harka Sampang A Revolution having almost 100k Followers (At the time we wrote this article)
    • Harka Sampang Contact no: +977 9819012372 and 9746965198


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    FAQ of Harka Sampang

    Q1. Who is Harka Sampang?

    Ans: Harka Sampang is the Anti Corruption Activist and Mayor of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City. 


    Q2. Harka Sampang which party?

    Ans: Harka Sampang is not in any party but he is person having commitment to make work against corruption.


    Q3. Where is Harka Sampang Wikipedia? 

    Ans: Harka Sampang Wikipedia is not claimed by anyone till now.  


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