EDV Lottery Online Registration Process 2022 |EDV 2024 Lottery

EDV 2024 Lottery:- Finally, the wait for the green card lottery known as Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) registration for the permanent resident of the USA has been over now. In fact, this is the dream of every people from around the Globe to settle in the dream country America being a citizen. 

EDV 2024 Lottery Registration
EDV 2024 Lottery Registration Process

Every year in the EDV lottery program 55,000 total entrants from all around the world are selected randomly through selection. 

More than 5,500 goes to America from Nepal every year through the EDV lottery. This is the US immigrant visa program for people living all around the world. After the first and second letters are received, you can go to the USA as a permanent resident.

    Is DV Lottery open for 2024?

    Yes, DV Lottery is open for the 2024 entrant has been started in 2022. The Dv lottery 2024 registration period has been fixed by the US. You can apply for EDV 2024 from 5th October 2022 at 9:45 PM NPT (12:00 PM EDT), Wednesday to 8th November 2022 at 9:45 NPT (12:00 PM EST). The selection is done through random selection so you can apply on any above date. Only fill DV Lottery form for one time otherwise you will be disqualified from this program.

    Is passport required for DV lottery 2024?

    In the past year 2021 when Donald Trump was the president of America passport was compulsory. But for EDV 2024 lottery registration no need to passport number to be included in the dvprogram.state.gov official website. Without passport also you can apply DV Lottery 2024.

    DV Lottery 2024 Document Requirements

    You need to provide authentic information for DV 2024 lottery registration process. Subsequently all the document should be legal and acceptable. Following are the document for form fill up of green card dv lottery program 2024.

    1. Citizenship or National Identity (Nagrikta)
    2. Certificates of +2 or High School Degree
    3. More than 2 years Experience certificate for High School with no degree
    4. 3 years diploma certificate is also accepted after high school
    5. Photograph with JPEG 600px600p not less than 58 KB without edits and clear.

    If you are SEE/SLC or high school or no degree but have more than 2 years experience in US government specified jobs then you are eligible to fill DV Lottery 2024 in 2022. 

    No degree and no 2 years experience certificate are not eligible to appy DV lottery 2024.

    EDV 2024 Lottery Online Registration Process

    Here are certain steps to follow in DV registration process. Green card lottery application for permanent residency of the USA can be filled as below: You can fill up this DV application using Smartphone and Desktop or laptop.

    1. Visit DV lottery www.dvprogram.state.gov official website
    2. Click on Begin Entry (green Color)
    3. Type the characters exactly shown  
    4. Click on Submit button
    5. Type your family Last Name or Surname or Family Name
    6. First name or Given Name, if not then tick no first name
    7. Middle Name of your name, if not tick on no middle name
    8. Select your gender as Male or female, if you are transgender then no option is available
    9. Birth date exactly as National ID month, day and year
    10. Only type your birth city, if don't know tick unknown
    11. Your Born Country Name
    12. Photograph in JPEG format
    13. Mailing address as per document
    14. Select country where you live today
    15. Type email address two times exactly same
    16. Select highest Education Level
    17. Select your Marital Status
    18. Your biological and legal children
    19. Click on continue 
    20. Fill other info 
    21. Click on submit
    22. Print or save the confirmation number


    Green Card EDV eligible Countries

    Diversity Visa lottery or Green Card Lottery for the year 2022 is called DV 2024 Lottery. There are many countries around the world eligible for this lottery. Watch the below video to know more. 


    We hope that you got every information about DV program opened in 2022 for 2024 entrant. If any confusion regarding this lottery program then comment is the most.


    Q1. When can I enter the 2024 Diversity Visa program?

    Ans: I Can enter the 2024 Diversity Visa program from 5th October 2022.

    Q2. How do I register for DV lottery 2024?

    Ans: Some steps are to be followed carefully to fill dv lottery program visiting www.dvprogram.state.gov website.

    Q3. Is DV 2024 open? 

    Ans: DV 2024 is open worldwide between 5th October and 8th November 2022.

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