YouTube Shorts new platform|YouTube New Way of Earning

YouTube Shorts Hello! Today, we are with a new topic about the short video platform YouTube shorts. You all know that YouTube is the biggest video uploading and earning platform. You also know that YouTube is the biggest platform for the video marketing and other various purposes.  


YouTube Shorts new platform
Tiktok Vs Youtube Shorts

YouTube and YouTube Shorts Popularity

Inside YouTube, we can upload different video about yourself and do marketing of yourself easily, freely, and we can also increase our viewers and subscribers easily. We all know there is no any platform that could compete with YouTube. But in the recent time we are going to discuss why YouTube realize to lunch YouTube shorts as its new feature. We can also say that YouTube is going to lunch app called YouTube shorts.

Friends we believe that you all have definitely known about TikTok which is also a short video uploading platform with original sounds, and over sounds.

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What is the TikTok Popularity?

We want to share the fact about the TikTok that till now the total download of TikTok has already become more than 20 millions or 2 crores. It has altogether more than 10 million active user worldwide.

What is Youtube ShORTS?

It is the short video platform launched by Youtube the product of google to create, post and enjoy others videos uploaded by others. There are copyright free musics available inside this platform. 

Tiktok and YouTube shorts monetization

If we talk about the monetization on TikTok there is no any ways to monetize TikTok. If you want to create account on TikTok then it is totally free. In TikTok until you have at least 1 Million subscribers you have no ways to earn sponsorship and fame means there is no earning or monetization which becomes only the waste of time. So the use of this TikTok has been affecting the use of YouTube as well.

Competitive position

So, to compete with small video platform YouTube ultimately lunched YouTube Shorts. It is the same as TikTok and there we can create 15 sec video and 60sec video with free music and own sound as per YouTube we understood.

This step to lunch YouTube Shorts of YouTube will definitely lure more users to YouTube. You all know that to enable YouTube monetization we need at least 4000 watch time and minimum of 1000 subscribers.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Tips to Play YouTube video without buffering

We discuss you about YouTube shorts monetization immediately after uploading first video or any other criteria. But till now as per the information we gained about monetization on YouTube shorts there is till this now there are no ways to monetize, but we will bring you the update soon about monetization.  You can still enjoy uploading videos.

Way of making shorts videos on both platform

We know that on TikTok we can upload dialogue, songs, music, videos without copyright it is the same for the YouTube shorts. We can find lots of free songs, music inside YouTube shorts.


Account creation on both platform

If you are thinking of creating TikTok account then you need mobile number or email address, but please keep in your mind about YouTube shorts which is going to be huge in very near future. We can use same email ID on YouTube shorts and YouTube channel. So enjoy YouTube shorts by creating videos.

Conclusion on Shorts

We hope that you like this good news about YouTube video platform lunching short video platform as its feature, and we are hoping there will be new app lunched by YouTube as YouTube shorts. To know more update about this topic please do visit us in future as well. 

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