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How to Unfreeze Tiktok Id:- Are you a tiktok user? and your videos does not get likes and views? as you expected then you are in a right article at this time. Also, your followers are not increasing single? since long duration of time. So you should know that your account is freeze.

How to Unfreeze Tiktok Account Id
Unfreeze Tiktok ID

Way to Unfreeze Tiktok Account

So, let's know about the freeze of Tiktok Account and Different ways to unfreeze you Tiktok Account.

Firstly we should know what is freeze and unfreeze. Freeze means nothing increasing normally and unfreeze means growing in normal condition. 


What is Tiktok Id Freeze?

If your account is gaining very less like and views in comparison to your numbers of followers Reasons for Freezing of Tiktok Account. 

For Example, you have more than 10K followers and you are receiving only 100 to 150 views and 10, 20 likes then you should keep in your mind that your account is freeze

Another thing is that if you have recently converted your account from personal to business. 

In the business section,

go to analytics

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again click on content, 

now click on any video there you see "foryou"

If you find foryou section less than 3% in all the videos then keep in your mind that your account is freeze

Zest is for account freeze is gaining less views and likes in comparison to followers. Gaps between followers and views, likes. And less than 3% videos in #foryoupage.


How Tiktok ID get freeze?

If you hit likes on any videos you look instantly without watching them fully. 

Not watching videos and immediately commenting and liking videos that you scroll with your finger. 


Watching own videos immediately after uploading.

Not waiting even for 24 hours after uploading your videos. 


If you get inactive on Tiktok Account for long time. 

You should give more than 2 to 3 hours to make your account active. 


If you delete or private your videos immediately after uploading

Uploading videos in public and keeping them in private or deleting them immediately.


If you upload other creators video by downloading them. 

Such videos are already known to Tiktok that it is already on the algorithm of Tiktok. Tiktok will check whether the video you are uploading is previously uploaded or not. 

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If you do not follow community guidelines of Tiktok 

Making nudity content, harmful and dangerous, vulgar content is against community guidelines. Such bad content are not accepted which ultimately freeze your account.   

Tips for unfreezing Tiktok Account

Go to live on Tiktok

Tiktok will determine that you are not robert after going for regular live after reaching 1000 followers into your account.You are not bot.


Watch full video and hit like

Guys don't just hit like instantly after watching first look over the video. Watch full videos if you like then only it like. 

Support other users

Don't just leave skip videos after watching them. It is your obligation to support other users by commenting and liking other's videos. 

If you support other then other will also support you. 

This is like a rule set by Tiktok to all the users. 



You need to make a duet videos with popular and big users. Take any artist, comedian, celebrity to make your duet. 


Don't watch your video

It does not mean that never watch your videos by yourself. But, don't watch it for 24 to 48 hours. If you do this your video will be promoted to your followers and it could be also sent to feature section. 

Always Active

You should stay active uploading genuine content and going live to make your account active. 

Promote through your another ID

Make more than one ID on tiktok and promote your main Id which help you to grow faster and safely.

To be noted: Tiktok always want all to users to remain for long time inside this app. 



By following all the above steps your account will be safe and you could operate your Tiktok Id for long duration of time. If you have other problem relating to Tiktok then comment down. You can also download Tiktok Videos without watermark as your wish.

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