5 Geniune Ways to Earn Money from Tiktok| More than $3000 Using Tiktok Everyday

Earn Tiktok Money in 5 Ways:- At the current time, we all use Tiktok which is known as a video creating and posting platform like YouTube. You all know that we can earn online money from Tiktok using a smartphone without investing. Today we share with you "Five genuine ways to earn money using the Tiktok application" on your smartphone.

5 Geniune Ways to Earn Money from Tiktok

If you are a regular user of the Tiktok app to post videos and thinking of earning money then any of the five ways would help to easily earn money. No matter wherever you are living around the Globe this could a golden opportunity to explore your talent and earn lots of cash to live a happy life.

If you also want to know how to earn money using the Tiktok app then read this article up to last without skipping a single paragraph. We know that still people are not believing we can earn money from Tiktok in Nepal and all around the globe as this is a global platform.

Before starting earning from the Tiktok app you must visit the play store and search for "Tiktok" and check whether your Tiktok app is fully updated or not. If it is fully updated then click on open.

Earn Tiktok Video Gift Money

You should always enable video gift for your account by going to the setting after your reach 10K followers in your TikTok account. After this people can send you gifts while watching your video.

Criteria for income through gift while watching video

  1. Reach 10K followers
  2. Enable the Gifts option for every video

Earn Tiktok Money Selling Products

You do not earn inside the TikTok app through gifts but it could be a medium to generate income. Normally, different smartphone company, cloth stores and fancy stores create their own store and start selling and distributing through TikTok online. They also come to live and promote their products to sell through Tiktok.

This is time for you to start your own store on the Tiktok app and start selling products like clothes, smartphones, electronics items, fancy products, etc. are popular products for Tiktok.

Earn Tiktok Money Using Hashtag (#)

When you continuously keep on uploading videos on the Tiktok app you get the suggestion of hashtags from Tiktok in the activity section. You can make videos using such hashtags and enable video gifts income then you could also earn money.

Tiktok has secured funds for video creators who use the hashtags (#) that are suggested in the activity section. So, use suggested hashtags to boost your income on TikTok. 

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If you video perform well in among the audience then you will get the fund that has been secured for the TikTok popular creators like you. Find the suggested hash tags in following way:

  • Open TikTok app
  • Click on Inbox
  • Click on Activity
  • Again click on All Activity
  • Touch on From TikTok
  • You see there is a suggested hashtag from Tiktok

If you get more than 10K video views into your video then you will be eligible for the Tiktok Fund. Different hashtags are suggested on various occasions.

Income from Unique Tiktok Live

But this method is different from an ordinary live stream. For this you need to have more than one TikTok account and more than one mobile.

Now, you go live on your main account and send gifts from another account. This help to grow your account where other gifters are also attracted and send gift to you. 

Influence your viewers to send gift to you while watching your live and create friendly and entertaining environment to viewers so that they stay for more time into your live.

The gift you send to your account and other gifters send to your account which become more than gift you send.  This also help you to get more followers on Tiktok Account. 

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Earn Tiktok through Sponsorship

If you are popular on TikTok video creator then there are greater chances that you get sponsorship. You will be contacted by the companies who want to promote their products in the market.

When a new company come in the market then it needs to do lots of promotions. In this case the popular apps like Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram are used for promotion.

If you are a known face on TikTok and your videos are shown on TikTok trending, then there is more chances to get product promotion.

How to Check Earning Balance in Tiktok

If you are able to generate income after following any of the above method then how to check daily earning of TikTok.

  • Click on Profile
  • Click on three lines
  • Setting and Privacy
  • Balance
  • You could see your gift revenue
  • You can withdraw daily $1000


If you have shop, store, then you can sell your product through Tiktok. We Guarantee you that you will generate income if you remain active in Tiktok creating quality videos. If you already any of the above method then comment below. Which method you think is the best to earn money? 


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