Dividend capacity of commercial banks 2021 in nepal 2077/78

Dividend capacity of commercial banks 2021:- Today we are going to analyze the dividend capacity of commercial Bank in 2021. This analyze the dividend capacity of bonus share and cash dividend of commercial bank for the fiscal year 2077-78. Also we can say Nepalese commercial bank Dividend capacity in 2077/78

Dividend Capacity of Commercial Banks in Nepal 2077/78 2021

Machhapuchhre Bank has declared dividend for the first time in commercial banks and the season for declaring dividend of the last fiscal year has started. As of Wednesday, October 29, four commercial banks, including Machhapuchhre, have declared dividends for the last fiscal year.

dividend capacity of commercial bank 2021
Nepalese Commercial Bank Dividend Capacity in 2021/2077/2078

Machhapuchhre, Citizens International, Sanima and Kumari Bank have declared dividends for the last fiscal year. These fish tails have 13.30 per cent bonus shares and 14 per cent with 0.70 per cent cash dividend for tax purposes, Citizens 12.91 per cent bonus and 16 per cent with 3.08 per cent cash for tax purposes, Sanima 17 per cent for bonus and tax purposes. Kumari Bank has declared a dividend of 8.87 per cent including cash for 17.89 per cent, 69 per cent for bonus and 2.67 per cent for tax purposes.

Similarly, 11 commercial banks including NIC Asia, Bank of Kathmandu, Nabil, Himalayan, Nepal Bangladesh, Nepal Bank, Siddhartha Bank, Laxmi Bank, Everest Bank and Nepal Investment Bank have sent details to NRB for prior approval to declare dividend. Probably some of these banks will inform the public about the dividend of the last financial year today and tomorrow.

According to the information received from the analysis of different period reports published, NIC Asia has not increased 16 percent, Bank of Kathmandu has not cut 14 percent, Himalayan Bank has not cut 20 percent, Nabil Bank has not cut 30 percent and Nepal Bangladesh Bank has not cut 13 percent.

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Banks send NRB details for pre-approval with a rate of dividend payable from last financial year's earnings. After the NRB gives its in-principle consent, the board of directors of these banks convenes a meeting and decides on the dividend of the last fiscal year. After the decision is taken, the information is given to the public through Nepal Stock Nepse.

Which bank will pay how much dividend?

Different media has analyzed the annual reports of banks and other information and released the projection report on the dividend potential and payable dividends of commercial banks, development banks and finance companies. The dividend rates announced by four commercial banks and one development bank are very similar to the rates projected by different medias. Probable dividend are shown

Non-Declaring Commercial Bank

From the above date we can observe although Net Distributive is 47.9% and Earning Per Share is 37.27% of Rastriya Banijya Bank really great. It is not distributing any bonus to its shareholders. It is fully a government owned Bank. 


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Top 3 Low Bonus Distributing Commercial Banks

In this list in the ascending order Civil Bank is at the top with low bonus rate of only 6.1%, Century Commercial Bank is at the second with only 6.3% of bonus to its shareholders and Kumari Bank Limited is at the third position with only 8.5% of bonus to it's shareholders. 


Top 3 High bonus Distributing Commercial Banks 

Nabil Bank limited, Everest Bank Limited, Himalayan Bank Limited are with 39%, 29% and 26% bonus respectively which show great performance in fiscal year 2077/78



There are also many other things related the declaration of Dividend and book closure Dates of Commercial Bank. If you like this prediction of dividend capacity of commercial bank in 2077/78 then comment down your views. 

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