How to add h1 header tag for SEO friendly article in blogger

How to add h1 header tag for SEO friendly article in blogger 

How to add h1 header tag for SEO friendly article in blogger is the topic in this article. In this article you will know how add h1 tag in your website created with the help of google product blogger. 
How to add h1 header tag for SEO friendly article in blogger

What is blogger ?

Blogger is the most easiest platform for people to people who regular do online writing. There are also other platforms like wordpress, joomla, drupal, etc. We know that most popular website article or post writing platform is blogspot. When we create website from a blogger we have a link like website/ 

Where to write SEO friendly article in blogger?

Firstly, we should know the full form of SEO. SEO full form is Search Engine Optimization. Search engine are google, yahoo, Bing, etc. When you make a website/ there is a posts section at the left side of your blogger area then just click on create post then you can see a new screen where you can write article. In this same area you should write SEO friendly article.

What is Heading ?

We know that heading is most important part of any article. Whole article revolve around the heading. Heading reflect almost full article. Before writing any article we all first imagine heading or topics of article. Even when we write book, poem, etc. we have definite topics or heading.

OK, guys let's go to the main stream of the topics.

How to add h1 header tag ?

I have found many hundred thousands of people are searching for this topic. It is very simple you need to is just this steps :
Step 1 : Open your blogger you created with your Gmail account
Step 2 : Go to to go to posts section which you can see below blog view  as "Posts"
Step 3 : Now click on create post 
Step 4 : Write your article and select your heading then choose heading 
Step 5 : Go to HTML section and do as shown in the picture shown below. 
add h1 header tag

OK, further more explanation Just change above h2 tags to h1 tags.
Then your heading will be changed to normal when you go to compose section. Then it is all done.
Another thing is guys after your heading is changed to normal you need to change your subheading to heading and go on decreasing your heading to sub heading, minor heading and to normal.

Thank you 
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