Chakka Panja 4 Box Office Collection, Full Movie, Ticket Booking, Budget

Chakka Panja 4 Collection Detail:- Finally friends, the wait for the most awaited Nepali movie Chakka Panja 4 (PG)  has been released all over Nepal today (March 3, 2023). Now, let us talk about this movie Day-wise Collection, Ticket Booking and Full movie watching websites and channels.


Chakka Panja 4 Box Office Collection
Collection Detail of Chakka Panja 4

The digital right of the movie Chakka Panja 4 released on 19th Falgun, 2079 on more than 100 Screens all over Nepal has sold Digital Right to OSR Digital for a good amount. The agreement has been signed between Deepak Raj Giri and OSR digital Director Om Prakash Agrawal. This movie has been produced under the banner of Aama Saraswoti Movies in the direction of Hemraj BC

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Chakka Panja 4 Casts: Deepak Raj Giri, Benisha Hamal, Kedar Prasad Ghimire (Magne Budha), Nir Shah,  Deepa Shree Niroula, Malina Joshi, Raj Ghimire, Nirmal Sharma, Ramesh Budhathoki, Subash Gajurel, other artists and Swastima Khadka in the promotional song Darshan Salam. Well, this film is presented by Deepak and Deepa.  

Chakka Panja 4 Budget

This movie has set the brand value with its name. Chakka Panja 1, Chakka Panja 2 and Chakka Panja 3 are already hit the box office. The production budget of this movie is more than NPR Rs. 3 Crores ( Rs. 300 Million NPR) approximate. Deepa and Deepak need to work hard on the promotion. Chakka Panja 4 should collect more than NPR Rs. 6 Crores gross amount in the box office to level with its budget amount.

Chakka Panja 4 Ticket Booking

The Minimum Ticket price for Chakka Panja 4 movie is Rs. 250 and the average ticket price is Rs. 350 and the highest ticket Price is Rs. 1200 at Durbar Cinemax. The advance ticket booking for this movie is very good. This shows it has created good hype among the audience. You can book tickets online and offline by visiting cinema hall counters.

Chakka Panja 4 Day 1 Box Office Collection

The latest movie Chakka Panja 4 in the 1st day morning occupancy is more than 40 percent. It is definite that almost the shows of day and night show for this movie are almost houseful. So on the first day, the collection of Chakka Panja 4 Movie crossed NPR Rs. 1 Crore gross amount. Tomorrow it is going to do a bumper collection. Also, Fulbari Movie Shows also given to this movie. 


Chakka Panja 4 Day 2 Box Office Collection 

On the 2nd day, we see 80 percent occupancy in the morning shows doing a bumper collection. Almost all the cinema halls are houseful coming up today shows. The audience is returning home because all the tickets are sold out. On the 2nd day, collection jumped with 100 percent of NPR Rs. 2 Crores approx. gross amount. Some of the show's reports are still not available this could increase more.
In the coming days also there is a holiday so this movie is not going to stop while the hall is planning to grow the number of shows.

Chakka Panja 4 Day 3 Box Office Collection

Today 2nd weekend has been started but still in the 1st week of this movie. The morning occupancy started at 35 percent and multiplex are with more than 70 percent occupancy. Today on day 3 collection with a minimum drop of more than NPR Rs. 1 Crore gross amount is safe for this movie. The collection from many screens is still not available so this could increase.

Chakka Panja 4 Day 4 Box Office Collection

There is no doubt that this movie will become a hit at the box office because even on the 4th day the collection consistency is going on with more than NPR Rs. 2 Crore gross amount. The brand value of Deepak Raj Giri is working in this movie also well. Many cinema halls are houseful today. We heard that the public returned home due to not getting a ticket for this film.  

Chakka Panja 4 Day 5 Box Office Collection

The craze to watch Chakka Panja 4 is increasing day by day. This movie is seen to break the record of Chakka Panja 4. In the day 5 also the collection due to the strong mouth of an audience has stuck to NPR Rs. 1 crore gross amount. Today also most of the screens are houseful and night shows are also houseful. 

Chakka Panja 4 Day 6 Box Office Collection

This movie is not going to take a break is the box office. Today is the 6th day of also a bumper collection with more than 70 percent occupancy and almost all the cinema screens are houseful. On day 6 more than NPR Rs. 1 Crore gross amount has been collected as today is a holiday.

Chakka Panja 4 Day 7 Box Office Collection

The movie Chakka Panja 4 is super hit. Even in the last day of first week and 7th day in the box office it has done the collection of more than NPR Rs. 90 Lakhs gross amount. There is not thought that it will break the record of Chakka Panja 3 movie. 

Chakka Panja 4 2nd Week Collection

On the opening day of 2nd week or we could say on day 8 more than NPR Rs. 1 Crore collection is done.

On the 9th day NPR Rs. 1 crore collection has been done.

On the 10th day keeping hold on the collection of more than NPR Rs. 90 Lakhs gross amount.
On  the 11th day this movie collected more than NPR Rs. 80 Lakhs which could increase on the coming days.

On the 12th day more with strong hold in the collection more than NPR 1 Crore is collected.

On the 13th day bumper collection of 80 Lakhs collection has been done by this movie.

There is minimum growth in the collection even in 14th day to collect NPR Rs. 1Crore 30 Lakhs.

Today on Saturday also this movie is not going to stop as audience coming watch once again and confirm to collect more than NPR 1 Crore.

Chakka Panja 4 Overseas Collection 

Chakka Panja 4 is already released in Australia different states. Most of the shows are in Sydney. Till now more than $ AUD 1,75,000 (NPR 1 Crore 55 Lakhs) has been collection has been done.

This movie releasing in middle east countries like Oman, UAE, Qatar and Oman in more than 50 screen with the collection of NPR Rs. 1 Crore 30 Lakhs approximate amount.

In USA three shows available in Virginia State. It is almost confirm to make the collection of NPR Rs. USD $ 14,000 (NPR Rs.  Rs. 18 Lakhs 50 Thousand) approx.

The overseas collection to cross more than NPR Rs. 3 Crores approx.

Chakka Panja 4 Full Movie

Now, let's talk about where you can watch Chakka Panja 4 full movie. You can watch by paying a certain amount to Dish home to watch this movie at home. Enjoy the trailer of Chakka Panja 4 before watching full movie. 

More than this you can also book online ticket to watch this movie in the nearest cinema hall to watch Chakka Panja 4 full movie. Here are some of the best 5 ways to watch the Chakka Panja 4 Full movie.

  1.    Watch on Dish Home TV
  2.     Book Online Ticket and watch at your favourite time
  3.     Visit the nearest cinema hall to enjoy with family
  4.    Best websites to Watch Chakka Panja 4
  5.     OSR Digital Youtube Channel

Chakka Panja 4 Total Box Office Collection

The total collection of Chakka Panja 4 till now is NPR Rs. 16 Crores 70 Lakhs gross amount. The worldwide total collection is more than NPR Rs. NPR 19 Crore 50 Lakhs approx. This amount is definite to increase in the coming days. This amount is growing day by day. We are here to give an update about the total collection in the coming days. The lifetime collection is not available right now. 

In the first weekend from Friday & Saturday it has collected more than NPR Rs. 3 Crores (Rs. 30 Million) gross amount as per the movie distributer's Manoj Rathi. Here we see the lifetime Total Collection of Chakka Panja, Chakka Panja 2 and Chakka Panja 3 Collection.

  1. Chakka Panja (2016) Collected Rs. 16.6 Crores
  2. Chakka Panja 2 (2017) Collected Rs. 14.5 Crores
  3. Chakka Panja 3 (2018) Collected Rs. 20.3 Crores 
  4. Chakka Panja 4 (2023) Collected Rs. 3.7 Crores within 3 days 


All the above collection source of Chakka Panja Series is Wikipedia. Chakka Panja 3 is the 3 highest grossing Nepali Film in Nepal. We are waiting to know will this above record be broken by Chakka Panja 4 or not.



If you haven't watched Chakka Panja 4 and Chadkke 2.0 movie till now then don't wait for this golden opportunity because it is not going to come. You all know that you have to wait more than 2 years to watch it on your Youtube Channel. So if you are a big fan of Deepak Raj Giri and Anmol KC you should definitely enjoy these movies.

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