Nalapani Box Office Daywise Collection, Budget, Casts, Lifetime, Hit or Flop, Story Review

Nalapani Movie Collection:-The historic Nepali Movie 'Nalapani' has been screened from 21st October, 2022  all over the Nepal. The movie 'Nalapani' was announced two years ago. Nalapani movie day-wise box office collection, budget, lifetime earning and story review in detail.

Nalapani Movie Collection
Nalapani Movie Collection

Nalapani movie is written and directed by Rimesh Adhikari.

Nalapani has got very limited shows in the multiplex but good numbers of shows in single stream. Although, Nalapani is the historic movie it has to depend on word of mouth to get more shows in the coming days. We are confident that this movie is going to become historic movie.

Nalapani Casts

The film stars Bhattak Khanal, Arjunjung Shahi, Santosh Pant, Manoj Shakya, Vishal Pahari, Vijay Bisphot, Poojana Pradhan, Geeta Adhikari and foreign actors Androin Duncan, Rachel Molles, Paul Wickinson and Sam.

On this day, the film 'K Ghar Ke Dera' directed by Dipendra K Khanal has also been screened. At the trailer public event organized by the film 'Nalapani' the director of the film along with the representatives of the organizations related to the film demanded that the film be released solo.


Nalapani Movie Budget

Nalapani is the outcome of huge research more than 10 years. Subsequently the  Nalapani movie is the all time highest budget Nepali movie with NPR 8 Crore (Rs. 80 Million) of Nepal released in 2022. It needs to earn more than NPR 14 Crores to hit in the Nepali Box Office.

1st Day Nalapani Box Office Collection

Nalapani started with very low occupancy of 10 percent in the morning shows. It has to depend on word of mouth and walking audience for better outcome in the coming. In the coming Nalapani movie business to increase.

In the day 1 Nalapani movie released with minimum collection of NPR 6 Lakhs gross amount. We know this movie will get support from walking audience.

2nd Day Nalapani Box Office Collection

The Nepali historic movie Nalapani based on the real story of Veer Balabhadra Kunwar has crossed today 2 day in the box office of Nepal. Even after having a good response and strong word of mouth from the audience it could not show magic in the collection section. 

In the day 2 most of the shows are given to Ke Ghar Ke Dera movie and Black Adam of Dwayne Johnson movie. The minimum collection of NPR 7 Lakhs even in day 2 which is not entertaining to the producer. 

3rd Day Collection of Nalapani

Production team are waiting for the public holiday for the movie. They are hopeful to take jump in the collection. In day 3 minimum collection of NPR 4 Lakhs collection done by this movie. 


4th Day Collection of Nalapani 

The big budget movie Nalapani has passed 4 days in the box office. It is unable to get jump in the collection. In the day 4 the collection of Rs. 3 Lakhs gross amount because most of the multiplex has given their shows to K Ghar K Dera movie. Audience are not so much excited to watch this movie.

5th Day Collection of Nalapani

In the day 5 therevis minimum jump in the collection. Today in the 5th day Nalapani collection is Rs. 8 Lakhs gross amount.

In average 20 percent occupancy has been seen in the day 5 of Nalapani movie. Since there are more holiday which would increase the collection.

6th Day Collection of Nalapani

Nalapani movie released with low publicity and least numbers of shows could not perform well in the box office. In the day 6 it has collected NPR Rs. 7 Lakhs gross amount with 35 percent in the multiplex and 25 percent occupancy in single stream. 

1st Week Collection of Nalapani Movie

Nalapani movie struggle so much to complete 1st week collection in the box office because of limited numbers of shows and low publicity it has earned only NPR Rs. 7 Lakhs. In the week 1 Nalapani movie has collected NPR Rs. 45 Lakhs gross. This movie is disaster in the box office.  

Nalapani Story Review

The plot of film tells the real story of the historical battle fought by Veer Balabhadra Kunwar, who was the captain of the Nepalese army in the British-Nepal war at Nalapani Gadhi in Dehradun in 1814.

The director revealed that he made the film after 9 years of study and research, as the film carries the story of Nepali heroism.

Total Collection of Nalapani Movie

The total earning of Nalapani movie after release on 4th Kartik 2079 (October 21, 2022) is available. The total collection of Nalapani movie is NPR 50 Lakhs gross amount. 

If you want to know the lifetime collection of Nalapani movie then we need to wait for some time because it has just started its shows. The update of the day-wise collection that accumulate to become lifetime collection is available in this page. 

Nalapani Nepali Full Movie download

We always search for downloading and watching full Nepali movie free online. Watching Nalapani movie movie online is available in different online platform. It has been released on nearby cinema hall and online stream is also available. First enjoy the trailer of Nalapani movie.

There are many websites providing latest movies but Nalapani full movie download is not available in Nepal till now. As soon as it is uploaded in online platform like YouTube, Dailymotion, Yomovies you could watch it at free of cost.  


Today Nalapani, K Ghar K Dera, Black Adam movies are released in Nepal and worldwide. If you like to watch this historic movie and social drama movie or action Hollywood movie then don't be late. Comment below after watching all the above movie. We are waiting for your review. We hope that the information about Nalapani a historic movie added some value to you. If you feel this is a good content then share with friends in social media platform. 

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