Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Box Office Collection| Budget

Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Box Office Collection:- Welcome to all, today we are going talk about Friday released movie Hijo Aaja Ka Kura of Santosh Panta, Rama Thapaliya, Keki Adhikari, Keki Adhikari an other popular artist. Hijo Aaja Ko Kura movie day wise Box office collection, budget and total lifetme collection detail.
Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Box Office Collection
Earning of Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Movie

This is the featured film of Hijo Aaja Ka Kura serieal this was broadcasted in the Nepal Television(NTV). It has already crossed more than 10 years that this serial is discontinued but it still fresh in the mind of viewers as popular and fact serial. Hija Aaja Ko Kura is released on October 14 2022, Friday all over the Nepal in more than 80 Screens.

Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Budget

This is the average budget movie of NPR 1 Crores 50 Lakhs.  More than 2 Crores 50 Lakhs gross amount should be earned to become hit in the Nepali box office. 

Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Day 1 Box Officw Collection

In the first day the advance booking of Hijo Aaja ko kura movie not good as expected. This movie has to depend on the word of mouth of audience. This movie first day average occupancy is 35 percent. In the Day 1 the box office collection of Hijo Aaja Ka Kura movie is NPR 20 Lakhs gross amount.

The walkin audience will decide that this movie will hit or flop in the box office.

2nd Day Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Box Office Collection

In the day 2 Santosh Panta movie collection got minimum jump with low advance booking. In the second day NPR 30 Lakhs gross amount collection has been done by Sakar Panta Directed Hijo Aaja Ka Kura movie. 

3rd Day Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Box Office Collection

 Hijo Aaja Ka Kura box office collection today has been dropped by more than 50 percent. The morning shows started with 12 percent occupancy to end with 25 percent occupancy. 

In the box office collection in day 3 of Hijo Aaja Ka Kura movie is NPR 12 Lakhs gross amount. The 3rd day collection and screen counts shows that it will be very difficult for this movie to recover its production budget.

4th Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Box Office Collection

In the day 4 also we could see huge drop in the collection. Today the morning show occupancy started with 10 percent and end the night show with 25 percent occupancy. In the 4th day this movie collection is NPR 10 lakhs gross amount.

5th Day Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Collection

In the fifth day also the collection could get a magical jump. The collection in the day 5 is minimum of NPR 10 Lakhs with an average occupancy of 30 percent in the Nepali box office. 

The production team are saying that collection to increase tomorrow because its time to celebrate time with family and enjoy movies.

6th day box Office Collection of Hijo Aaja Ka Kura

Sakar Pant movie day 6 collection is dropped even today. The gross collection of NPR 7 Lakhs as per the production team. Since today is the working day it is dropped in the earning. Tomorrow this movie is in its first week.

1st Week Day Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Box Office Collection

Hijo Aaja Ka Kura movie is now in its first week. This is the 7th day in the box officefor Hijo Aaja Ka Kura movie. It has been very difficult for the movie to secure production. From tomorrow Ke Ghar Ke Dera of Dayahang Rai is releasing worldwide and Nepali historic movie Nalapani is also releasing on 21st October, 2022. 

In the 7th day it has collected NPR 5 Lakhs gross amount. In Week 1 Hijo Aaja Ka Kura earning has crossed NPR 91 Lakhs amount. 

Total Collection of Hijo Aaja Ka Kura Movie

The old Nepali serial from small screen to big screen took more than 10 years to entertain audiences of Nepal. The total box office collection of Hijo Aaja Ka Kura is NPR 1 Crore gross amount. The lifetime collection till now is not available. We will update the lifetime collection after it isout from all the screens.


Hijo Aaja Ka Kura did average collecrion in the first day. We hope this movie collection will increase in the coming days. If you are comedy movie lover then this is the best movie to enjoy with family. This is a family drama movie for the continuation of serial. Do you like Hijo Aaja Ka Kura movie? Comment your view in the comment box.

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