Chakka Panja 4 Movie Release Date, Casts, Songs, Magnifying Final Trialer

Nepali Movie Chakka Panja 4:- After the successful collection of Chakka Panja Sequels Chakka Panja, Chakka Panja 2 and Chakka Panja 3. Deepak Raj Giri Chakka Panja 4 is releasing on Falgun 19, 2023 while on the same date, Anmol KC Chadke 2.0 is also releasing. But, Chakka Panja 4 team are in full confidence that their movie will be successful like before sequels.


Chakka Panja 4
Chakka Panja 4 Deepak, Kedar & Benisha

It has also proved that the film produced by this team will definitely be of the best quality.  This is why audiences like we are waiting for this movie.

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You all know that Chakka Panja Series' key feature is song and music also. Recently published Darshan Salam titled the song of Chakka Panja 4 Movie is really appreciated on YouTube & Tiktok.

If we look at the past of the Chakka Panja team, the promotional materials whether it is songs, teaser or trailer released before the movie release date are highly appreciated by audiences like us.  If we look at the recently released new song of Chakka Panja 4 titled Darshan Salam, it has got more than 34 Lakh views and is No. 1 in YouTube Trending videos.


Chakka Panja 4 (CP4) Trailer Released

CP4 Movie is getting really a good response from audience because many audience are confidence that deepa and deepak movie never disappoint anyone with new project. Some Dialogue popular in this trailer are: 

  • Yuva Jati Khadi Ma Budha Neta Jati Jhanda wala Gadima
  • Babale sanai dekhi thulo manhhe banna sikaisyo thulo banne chakkarma ramro manxe banna vulechu
  • Ganatantra ma Yetra Ko Raja


Darshan Salam Chakka Panja 4 Song

Music: Deepak Sharma
Singer: David Shankar & Sahima Shrestha
Lyricist: Rajendra Thapa
Choreographer: Kabiraj Gahatraj
Chakka Panja 4 Casts: Deepak Raj, Kedar Ghimire, Buddhi Tamang, Dipaa Shree Niroula, Nirmal Sharma, Swastima Khadka, Raj Acharya. Hemraj BC is the director of Chakka Panja 4 in the banner of Aama Saraswoti Movie and IME. 


Conclusion for CP4 movie

This movie is creating a big hype and craze before release. How much are you excited to watch Chakka Panja 4? Also, are you waiting for the another sequel Chakka Panja 5? Enjoy latest movie Fulbari of Dayahang Rai before this movie as it is already released. 


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