Chhadke 2.0 Box Office Collection, Full Movie, Ticket Booking, Budget

Chhadke 2.0 Day-wise Collection: Today we are with the Nepali Film Industry Mega Star Anmol KC latest action genre movie Chhadke 2.0 (PG) box office collection detail, movie making budget, ticket booking prices and will this this movie hit or flop in the box office.  


Chhadke 2 Box Office Collection
Chhadke 2.0 Box Office Collection

Chhadke 2.0 movie of 2 Hours 40 Minutes movie has been released on March 2, 2023 (19th Falgun, 2079) all over Nepal in more than 100 Screens. The leading character Mendoc of this movie Anmol KC is leading in the movie. Audience are very happy to enjoy the new look of Anmol KC.  


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Nigam Shrestha is the writer and director of the movie. The lead cast are Anmol KC, Robin Tamang, Kamalmani Nepal, Dev Kumar Shrestha, Srijana Subba, Devu Shrestha, Resha Ale Magar, Ian Scott Clement, Santosh Mijar, Afran Ali, Nigam Shrestha, Chiranjibi Adhikari and Kumar Ghalan and other artist to make it successful. 


Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balen Shah and VTEN have also given their vocal as a rapper in Chadke 2 movie songs. 


Chhadke 2.0 Production Budget

This is the big budget movie in the Nepali film industry. The producers Nigam Shrestha, Prashant Giri and Laxman Kafle regarding the budget said it has been produced with near about NPR Rs. 3 Crores


Actor Anmol KC alone contracted with the salary of Rs. 50 Lakhs. This movie needs to earn more than NPR Rs. 5.5 Crores to hit in the box office other wise it will be listed in flop movie list. 

Advance Ticket Booking

The advance ticket booking for this movie started before the release date. But could not collect as expected. If you would like to watch this movie then pay minimum price of Rs. 350 per ticket and maximum is Rs. 500. You can book 2.0 Chhadke movie ticket online and offline. 


Chhadke 2 Day 1 Box Office Collection

In the opening 1st day in could not meet the half collection of Chakka Panja 4 collection of Chakka Panja 4. The public gave mix response after watching this movie. The average rating of 2.5 out of 5 has been given by public to Chhadke 2. In the opening Rs. 10 Lakhs gross amount collection has been done by this movie. 


Chhadke 2 Day 2 Box Office Collection 

The stardom of Anmol KC could not work on the collection because on the day 2 there is minimum jump. The morning shows occupancy started with only 20 percent while there is 80 percent occupancy of Chakka Panja 4 movie.


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The day occupancy is 35 percent and coming to the night shows it is seen to conclude on 50 percent occupancy. All the above rating shows in the 2nd day Chhadke 2 collection to not go more than NPR Rs. 15 Lakhs gross amount approx.  


Chhadke 2 Day 3 Box Office Collection   

Chhadke 2.0 in 3rd day from today in the box office. In the morning 5 percent occupancy and numbers of shows are given to other movies. In the 3rd day the collection is NPR Rs. 3 Lakhs gross amount. This is the lowest collection by any of the Anmol KC in third day till now.  

Chhadke 2 Day 4 Box Office Collection   

This movie collection shows that Anmol KC first movie with extremely low collection in first week of release. Till now this film is unable to cross Rs. 50 Lakhs. Today in the 4th day in is only able to collect NPR Rs. 2 Lakhs gross amount. 
This is almost confirm that this movie is not going to stay full first week. The shows of this movie is to take over by Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor starer Bollywood Movie Tu Jhuthi Main Makkar

Chhadke 2.0 Day 5 Box Office Collection

This movie is passing 5th day in the Nepali box office from today. This movie collection in the day 5 is NPR Rs. 1 Lakhs gross amount. The occupancy is below 10 percent overall. 

Chhadke 2.0 Day 6 & Day 7 Box Office Collection

In the 6th day Anmol KC stardom could not work due to lack of good story line. In the 6th day NPR Rs. 80 Thousands has been collected and NPR Rs. 70 Thousands has been collected in day 7. In the first week this movie is out from all the screens and collected NPR Rs. 32 Lakhs 50 Thousand approximate amount.

Chhadke 2 Total Box Office Collection

The big budget movie total collection in the early days is NPR Rs. 35 Lakhs gross amount. The lifetime collection of this movie is still to follow. Chhadke 2.0 is almost out from all the cinema halls including the biggest chain QFX. So, it is almost confirm that this movie lifetime total collection is to be concluded in NPR Rs. 35 Lakhs approximate and has be a biggest disaster and super flop movie of Anmol KC in his filmy career and 2023 AD opening movie of Anmol KC.


As per your information the first series of this movie Chhadke (Chhadke 1) released on February 22, 2013 has done the collection of NPR Rs. 80 Lakhs in the first week.  


Chhadke 2 Story and Public Review

Chhadke 2 full movie is the story of Barulaaz Gang, Manang Gang and Green Gang. Anmol KC is the leader of one of the three gang who are eager to capture the collect the natural resources of Manang and earn by selling those natural products. Enjoy Chhadke full movie now.


The audience has given mix review to the movie story line. The different character and acting of Anmol KC really impressed the audience. But going to the script of the movie it could have been more better. Also, there is the mix of comedy and action which could not give real sense to the movie. The story could not go smoothly. The average rating of 2.5 out of 5 has been given to Chhadke 2 movie


Disclaimer: The collection detail, budget are the outcome of research and from the news report published in media. Also, all the below data provided could be approximate as we are not the owner of this movie. 



If you haven't watched this movie till now then enjoy by grabbing the ticket online or offline. Do you like the acting of Anmol KC? We would like to say that enjoy and love Nepali movies to make it a big industry like Bollywood and Hollywood.  


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