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SEE Result 2079 with Marksheet:- Searching for the SEE result then you are at the right place to know SEE result with marksheet is available here. There are many platforms publishing SEE results by taking the authority from the SEE Board.

SEE Result with Marksheet
Check SEE Result

We are here to provide the latest updates about the SEE exam 2079 notice regarding SEE result 2079. All the information about "How can I see the result of SEE 2079?" You know is the official website to provide you with the SEE result 2079 in Nepal online. The updated news of Secondary Education Examination (SEE) exam result 2079 (2022) is available on BKG latest news website. Keep on reading if you like we never disappoint you. 


Check SEE Examination Result 2079 with Marksheet

The SEE board decided to publish SEE result 2022 this year in June 2022. As per the latest updates from the exam control office have decided to notify as soon as the result of SEE 2022 is published to get the certificate of School living certificate. There will not be any marks on the marksheet certificate but students will find grades like A, A+, B, B+ C, C+, etc. 

Convert SEE Result Grades
Grades and Percent in SEE Result

    2079 SEE Examination Date detail

    • Open Application Form: 2078/06/15
    • Last date: 2078/07/30
    • SEE Registration Fees: Rs 300 
    • Written exam date: April 22 2022, Friday to May 3 2022 (Baisakh 9-20, 2079)
    • SEE Result date: July 27, 2022 (Shrawan 11, 2079)
    • Total Passed student: 4,95,751 students are passed in SEE Result 2079

    Is SEE and SLC are Same?

    At Current, students passing the grade 10 examination from their school are given the certificate mentioning the Government of Nepal, National Examination Board Secondary Education Examination-Grade 10 Grade-Sheet exam is conducted by the Education board Sanothimi Bhaktapur. Previously Nepal Government Ministry of Education, Office of the Controllers of Examinations mentioned School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examination Mark-Sheet. Every subjects marks between 1 to 100.  

    Now, students passing the grade 10 exam do not get School Leaving Certificates. They have to pass the Secondary Level Examination (1-10) conducted by Education Board, Sanothimi Bhaktapur and the higher secondary exam (11-12) conducted by National Examination Board to get the School Leaving Certificate(SLC) for higher University level education.

    We want to clear that those students passing the class 10 examination are not equal to the previous SLC students. Students passing the grade 10 examination are academically lower than the previous SLC passed Students. Currently, students passing the grade 10 exam are eligible for the SLC level examination. After passing the grade 12 examination students get School Leaving Certificate (SLC).

    SEE Result 2079 Publish Date

    The National Examination Board Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur publish the "SEE Result 2079". Although, every year the SEE exam result is published in June, this year there could be a late in publishing the result and could be published SEE result in July. Keep checking this page for the further notice about the SEE result. 

    How can I check my SEE 2079 Result?

    There are various 5 ways to check SEE 2079 result. With marksheet you could check SEE result using following ways:
    • NTC dial and SMS service to check SEE result.
    • National Examination Board webiste
    • Use Edusanjal website
    • Use Ncell Sim to check SEE result.
    • Use official NTC website

    1. GET SEE/SLC Result in Mobile/Smartphone

    A. SEE Result Using NTC Simcard

    It is an authorized and government website to check SEE result so more trust could be given to Nepal Telecom. You could Also watch below video for Checking SEE result 2079.

          1. See Result By Dailing :

    •   Dail 1600 and follow the instruction to see your SEE/ SLC result   

           2. SEE Result via SMS  :

    • Type SEE/SLC <Space> SYMBOLNO and send message to 1600

          3. SEE Result through website :

    • Friends to view SEE result online with Marksheet result 2078 find your result to publish SEE Result check 2079.
    ๐Ÿ‘‰Result will be displayed immediately or it takes some times with markesheet. ๐Ÿ‘ˆ 
    Note: If SEE result does not arrive then put zero(0) before symbol number

    B. SEE Result Using NCELL Simcard

    It is a Private Company to find SEE/SLC result.
    1.  SEE Result via Ncell SMS :

    •  Sending No is 1600 and in message section type SYMBOL NO

    C. SEE Result Sparrow Nepal

    This is another leading platform for SMS service. Ok to know SEE Result only SMS service is available.
    1.   SEE Result via Sparrow SMS : 

    • Just type SEE <Space>SYMBOL NO and send it to 35001

    D. SEE Result Easy Service pvt ltd

    This is another platform to know SEE Result. Only one service is available for platform because from name also we could know it provide only SMS service. Now, let us know how to check SEE/SLC result using this service.
    1. SEE Result Through Easy Service SMS : 

    • Just type SEE <Space> SYMBOL NO and send it to 34949
    2. Aakash tech pvt ltd to check SEE Result
    Just type SEE 《Space》Symbol No. and send to 31003

    2.To Check your SEE/SLC Result 2079 by SMS

    • Find Message app or software in your mobile or smartphone
    • Next Click Create a new message section at the right buttom section +
    • Another step in to type 35001
    • In text message section type SEE <space> your SYMBOL NO. according to your SEE admit card
    • Now instantly receive a message where you can find your detail result without marksheet hurray.
    • Note: You will be receiving the SEE Result 2078/79 with GPA grade after the result is officially announced by NEB. Below is a sample of your SEE Result.
                Congratulations your symbol number is ********K. You have passed/failed.
                 GPA: xxx”


    3. SEE RESULT USING Different Websites

    A. SEE Result from Office of Controller of Examination (OCE) 

    If you have any confusion regarding SLC/SEE result then you can directly call 977-1-6630739 or you can visit to to find your result instantly with marksheet. 

    SEE Result
    Source: SEE Result

    • After visiting and typing your symbol and date of birth you can finally get full marksheet result.
    • Date of birth is in format your birth year, month and lastly exact date used while filling form of SEE/SLC. 

    B. SEE Result 2079 through Education Sanjal

         This is another website to know your SEE/SLC result instantly with grade full marks.
    • First Click :
    • Date of birth is in format your birth year, month and lastly exact date used while filling form of SEE/SLC.
    • After visiting and typing your symbol and date of birth you can finally get full marksheet result 

    Check SEE Supplementary Result 2079

        Firstly, Go to Message
        Type SEE <space> symbol no.
        Send SMS to 35001
        SEE Supplementary Result is available

    If you did not get the expected grade in one or two subject the you could apply for the supplementary exam 2079 or grade increment exam 2079. We also want to share you that SEE Supplementary Exam Result online and through SMS. 
    If the student securing C, D+, D, E in one or two subjects, then they could apply for the supplementary exam

    Student securing D+ grade in more than two subjects are not able to get participate in the supplementary exam this year but they could increase their grade next year of those subject only. You could give exam in Like SEE Result 2079, the SEE Supplementary Result 2079 will also be published online. As per the current news, “Only those who get a minimum grade D+ or 1.6 grade in class 11 will be able to fill the application form for class 12."


    Conclusion on SEE Result Notice 2079

    SEE result 2079 is also known as iron gate for the student because this is one level of study. We hope that you like the SEE Result updates provided by our website. For more information about the SEE stay tuned and visit again. 


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