Smartphone Buying Tips|Things to remember before buying smartphone

Smartphone Buying Tips|Things to remember before buying smartphone from market:- Smartphones craze has been increased with the increase in the use of social media. For some, smartphones are essential, while others have bought smartphones to use social media such as Facebook, TikTok, Viber, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Smartphone Buying Tips
Smartphone Buying Tips

You can find cheap to expensive smartphones in the market. You can buy smartphones according to your financial status. But buying a smartphone is not a easy work because a good portion of your earnings will be spent on this.

So you have to think a lot before buying a smartphone using your earnings. You always need to research about the smartphone and their features before buying.

As we know that there are many smartphones available as our choice so we should always go with expert or smartphone phone user friend to buy smartphone.

Effective 9 Tips for Smartphones Buyers

Apply all the below effective 9 tips provided by us while buying smartphone for you.


#1 Budgeting for Smartphone

First of all, decide what kind of smartphone you need. Adjust your needs and budget. And, start searching for your dream smartphone online. Read reviews about smartphones from trusted media or individuals. If you are fluent in English then there are many such contents available on the internet. You can also search on Google to understand.

#2 Buy from nearest shop or trusted Online Platform

After doing so, you will definitely choose 2 to 4 smartphones. Then you can go to the nearest mobile shop and find out more about it. If you gain confidence by looking at Google, you can also order by going to various online platforms. If you order online, the smartphone will arrive at your home.

#3 Ignore Promotions

Brands spend a lot of money on promotions to strengthen their presence in the market. If you look at the promotion and run after it, you may not get quality smartphone. So do as much research as you can about the features of the smartphone you want to buy. Remember, time spend on buying phone will go on vain if your smartphone damage within 2/4 months of purchase if you go behind the promotions.

#4 Study the Smartphones Features

Never rush to buy a mobile. Adequate study of features should be done. Some people need a mobile phone with a lot of storage to store songs and videos, some people need a mobile phone with a long lasting battery, and some people may need a smartphone with a good camera processor.

#5 Look for Brightness and Screen Quality

When buying a smartphone, you need to understand the brightness of the screen and the quality of the color. When using a mobile phone in the sun, your eyes should be able to see the screen brightly. If the brightness on the mobile is low, the screen will look dim and it will be very difficult for you to use the phone.

#6 Display Size

If you have to run the mobile for a long time then choose Large display Smartphone. You should also give first priority on display size as everything is viewable on it. For this, it is suitable to use a mobile from 5.5 to 6.4 inches.

#7 Storage Capacity

Smartphones should always be purchased with minimum 32 GB or 64 GB internal storage if possible. If you purchase smartphone with low storage capacity then you will not be able to install large apps. The storage of the mobile also depends on the you. If you have to store a lot of photos, videos, songs, movies, games and other apps, you have to pay attention to the mobile with large storage capacity. 

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#8 Battery Backup

Always search for the smartphone with durable battery backup.You want your mobile phone battery to last all day. But this is not possible. In particular, too much running on YouTube and a bad network can quickly damage your battery. So buy a mobile with a more powerful battery and a quick charge.

#9 Camera Quality

This is the era of selfie. Always search smartphone that has high quality selfie camera. The most important thing to pay attention to when buying a smartphone is the quality of the camera. So that the photo you took is of high quality. And, whether by making a tick or by posting on social media including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, you can attract more and more people to yourself.

For that, special attention should be paid to the camera's megapixel, aperture, dual lens and other important features. 


Bonus Tips

#10 Comfortable

You should choose a smartphone that is easy for you to carry anywhere anytime. Weight should be low which makes you easy to carry.



We hope you like all the above 9 effective tips while buying and before buying your daily gadget smartphone for your from the market. If anythings to be added don't forget to comment below. We come with some interesting topic in the future. 

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