Use of 12 F keys of keyboard| Use of F1 to F12 Keys

Use of 12 F keys of keyboard:- We know that we regularly use keyboard in our daily paper work at home or office. We use to type different things in various language using keyboard.

Use of 12 F keys of keyboard
Use of 12 F keys of keyboard

Introduction about Keyboard

Keyboard in an input device which gives command to the computer to perform certain task instantly. Keyboard is an external device which is separated from computer but is inbuilt in laptop. Normally a complete keyboard has altogether 105 keys but there are also keyboard with 101 keys, 104 keys. A full size keyboard has 101 to 105 keys. Laptops, however, have inbuilt 102 keys in dell i5.

Today we are going to give you information of those keys which are very important for you.The keys from F1 to F12 in the ascending order at the top of the keyboard work differently. All the keys have their own works that help us in our daily work.

F1 to F12 Keys use

A small keyboard has also got all the required alphabet that are important for users. Especially, today we talk about the work of 12 keys  that are much more important. Let's get started starting from F1 to F12 keys resided after ESC key.

F1 Key Use:

When you turn on the computer or laptop. You can directly reach to the windows help and support center using this key. You can go to the setup of the system by pressing the same button. Here the boot process or even the second setting can be changed.

F2 Key Use:

With this key you can rename any folders and files. The important thing is that if you want to give the same name to all the files, you can change the name of the file by selecting all and pressing on it. By pressing this key, you can also see the print preview in Microsoft word document file.

F3 Key Use:

 In Windows, you can open the search box using this key. You can search any file or folder. In MS DOS, once pressed this key same thing is typed second time.

F4 Key Use:

In Microsoft Word, it shows the work that was done before when pressed. Just like the word that was typed earlier, the same thing comes again. The word is bold. Again, it is bold.

F5 Key Use:

Who is used to refresh the computer. It auto arranges the file. Pressing it in PowerPoint starts the slide show.

F6 Key Use:

When you press the key, the contents of the folders open in Windows appear. Control, Shift, and F6 can be used to view multiple documents opened in Microsoft word one by one.

F7 Key Use:

After pressing this key in Microsoft word, you can type any word or its spelling, or find out what is right or wrong or even we can go to the auto correct section of Microsoft word.

F8 Key Use:

This key is used to select the text in Microsoft Word.

F9 Key Use:

You can sent or receive mail using Microsoft Outlook. On some laptops, the brightness of the screen can be controlled.

F10 Key Use:

If you are working on any software, pressing this key opens the menu. In addition to this, after pressing F10 with Shift, right click of mouse can also be done.

F11 Key Use:

This key can be used for full screen view of internet browser like firefox.

F12 Key Use:

In Microsoft Word, it can be used to refresh or even open the Save Edge option. If you press F12 with shift key then your Microsoft file will be saved automatically. 



If you know more about the keys of keyboard then don't forget to comment below. You can also suggest us about more use of those 12 keys to make our work fast and efficient. 
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