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Avoid 7 things To Protect Facebook Account:- We Know Facebook is becoming a favorite for the people leaving around the globe. Due to this for some, Facebook has become an day passing platform, expressing feelings, contacting with friends, while for others, it has become a means to grow their business. For many, it has become a means for spreading their knowledge they gain through different medium on social media.

Avoid 7 things To Protect Facebook Account
7 Tips to protect Facebook Account
Beyond this also many people fails to follow the rules, privacy and policies that are made by the Facebook which ultimately leads such persons to block their account for sometime or even life long. So we should not do the following unwanted things on Facebook if we really want to engage on social media like Facebook for long to stay connected with friends

7 things To Avoid To Protect Facebook Account

We have listed you the seven things you should not do if we want your Facebook account get unblock for long time.  


Don't unnecessary messages

Don't send too many messages of the same kind to people you know or don't know at once or within very less interval. Your account may be temporarily blocked if the person receiving the messages is unwelcome. There is a danger of taking more than natural messages as spam messages.

2. Don't post hateful and exaggerated things

Facebook may temporarily block the account if you are posting the content that is offensive to any community or community. So, always be respectful to each other. If you respect other then you also get respect them.

3. Pay attention when posting photos and videos

Facebook has banned the posting of obscene, drugs, personal offensive photos and videos in its policy. If Facebook or someone complain about the photo posted then your account may be suspended for a while.

4. Do not post unauthorized content

If you do not have the copyright to any photos, videos or texts, you should not download and post such photos, videos and texts from your page. In this case, if Facebook finds out or someone else complains, it may block your account for a while. In this case, it is better to share the photo, video or text you like that is created originally.

5. Don't Poke many Time

One of the features provided by Facebook is Poke. Poke is the hand finger that is headed to the right side if we click there then it means we are saying hello to our friend or luring attention of  your friends towards you. Even if you start harassing (poking) the same person over and over again, Facebook will block your account for a while.

6. Don't Join too many groups

You can only join 200 groups at the maximum level on Facebook. If you join more than that group, Facebook will block your account for some time.

7. Don't request unnecessary friends and games

Friend requests and game requests should not be constantly sent to strangers on Facebook. If we don't know them personally then it is better not to send friend request because they are not going to contact you in the future. Even if you do a lot of this, Facebook may block your account for a few hours or days.



We hope that you are able to aware you about the seven things to avoid to protect your Facebook account from being block or banned. We always want to say you that we should always utilize social media platforms for sharing our knowledge and beautiful moment to make people inspire which could make this world a peaceful community. If you like this content then please share it with your friends, colleagues, family, neighbors and even your well wisher so that they could also gain knowledge about using social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

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