Ncell Centre Number for SMS|Paste NCELL SMS number

Ncell Centre Number for SMS:- We use NCELL number for for phone calls, SMS, MMS, Internet  sometime it happens so that we need want to send message to our friends but sometime due to deletion of Ncell message center number from our mobile we could not send message to friends.  

In this case we need to set the Ncell SMS number into our mobile phone to make it effective once again.  

Ncell Centre Number for SMS
NCELL Center Number

You can exchange short text messages of 160 characters from Ncell to Ncell and Ncell to NTC or NCell To Smarttel within and out side the country using the Ncell SMS service. So, enjoy using Ncell to send SMS to your friends and family to share feelings.

Click to Transfer Balance in NCELL to NCELL

You all know that our mobile phone is automatically set to send and receive SMS. Sometime, it happens that from our messages setting our setting gets deleted accidentally deleted or changed  and we cannot able to exchange message. At time of sending message it always harsh us by telling sending failed. 

For resting your Ncell centre number you need to click message sending field solution then go to method to and follow all the steps without missing them. 

Ncell Centre Number for SMS

During following above steps of methods you need to Enter +9779800009000 as message centre number and you need to click on the top right corner save option.

Ncell Full Charges inside and outside same network

Now, let us know about the rates of sending message inside NCELL and outside ncell for message service

Outgoing SMS Rate (Rs.) (Excl. tax) Govt. Tax Total Price

Ncell to Ncell is Re.1 excluding tax, plus govt. Tax0.28 the total amount will be Rs.1.28

Ncell to other network like NTC, Smarttel,  is Rs. 1.27, plus govt tax Re. 0.35 and finally it will be Rs. 1.62 

(Government taxes include: 13% TSC and 13%VAT)

How to To send SMS within Nepal Using Ncell Sim-card:

  1. Go to Message App
  2. Click on + button at the right bottom corner 
  3. Type your message, follow the dialing format as
  4. +977(Country Zip Code) – Operator Code – Mobile Number
    Eg: To +97798XXXXXXXX
  5. Final is click on Send button

Click To Know NCELL Security Code


How to send an SMS outside Nepal Using Ncell Sim card:

  1. Go to Message App
  2. Click on + button at the right bottom corner 
  3. Type your message, follow the dialing format as

+Sign or double zero 00 - Country Code – Operator Code – your Mobile Number

Eg: (Calling Australia) Include double zero 00 - 61 country code – 9811235867 or +619811234567

Note: One message includes 160 characters.



We hope that you find out the Ncell centre number from the above article. If you need any other information about Ncell from BKG latest news then comment below.

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