NTC security code - How to get ntc security code if lost or forget

NTC security code - How to get NTC security code if lost or forget

NTC security code - How to get NTC security code if lost or forget.
NTC security code - How to get ntc security code if lost or forget
How to get an NTC security code if lost or forget

About NTC Security code 

The security code of NTC is provided by NTC at the time of buying a sim card from shop or NTC office attached with Simcard. It is provided to protect Simcard from being misused. furthermore, We can easily reveal our security code just by scratching by coins or other means back of Simcard attached card which is larger than Simcard which is available in the blue card. 

At the last time, there were many difficulties to get our security code if we lost our security code. But, with the change in time and technology this service has been easier.

We used to go to Nepal Telecommunication office and provide our citizenship certificate to the NTC staff in the counter section of the customer care centre.

But, now no problem friends we can easily gain our security code. Lets, talk about some historic difficulties of NTC Simcard related to security code. 


We know that before 5 or 6 years ago there was a shortage of NTC sim card. At that time people used to buy one Simcard in more than Rs. 3000 (Nepali Rupee three thousand) from different agents. Due to this reason we were unable to get our own name Simcard.  We used to get only Simcard no other codes attached in Simcard where we find puk 1, puk 2 and our security code of Simcard. 

Present Situation :

Now, this all issues has been changed and we can easily get Simcard at cheap price from any NTC customer care centre by filling up a form and different required documents for getting new NTC Simcard.

Ok, we got our security code and lost that card after some time or missed place then what to do?

How to find or get a NTC security code if lost or forget?

➦Step 1
     Open your smartphone attached with Simcard 
➦Step 2
     Now, go to Message 
➦Step 3
     In the message, box click create a message or click right button corner plus(+) button
➦Step 4
     Now into section type 1415
➦Step 5 
     In message type scode 
➦step 6 or last step
    Click send then your job is done 

Now, you get immediate reply message from NTC as :
Dear, Hari Shrestha or your name
the password reset has completed according to your request. Your new password is 00000000. if you need further information, please contact
              Dear, Hari Shrestha or your name = real NTC Simcard Owner Name

              Password is 00000000 = 8 digit security code

After getting your security code click to transfer balance NTC to NTC Simcard easily

Also, if you are holding two simcards one is NTC and other Ncell then click to transfer the balance from NCELL to NCELL.

But, after doing this above 6 steps also if you did not get your security code then you need to contact Nepal telecommunication office or you can easily dial 1498 and ask for help about further steps.

In Conclusion 

We want to say you that this process will definitely work because this is officially launched by NTC but some time due to some circumstance there may be a problem. So, don't afraid to contact the NTC office if you have any problem.

Thank you
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