B Sc CSIT exam schedule 2076 4 yrs BSc CSIT 4th year 7th Sem

B Sc CSIT exam schedule 2076 4 yrs BSc CSIT 4th year 7th Sem

B Sc CSIT exam schedule 2076 4 years B.Sc.CSIT 4th year 7th-semester exam schedule has been published to those who are waiting for the exam to be held in 2076.

Tribhuvan University
Institute of Science and Technology Studies
Exam Branch, Balkhu,
Four Year Bachelor Level in Computer Science and  Communication Technology (B.Sc.CSIT) Course 4th year, 7th semester Admission year 2072 B.S. Students Examination program. The exam will be held on 2076 B.S. This is only for the students who are in 4 years study of Bachelor Level Computer Science and Communication Technology ( B.Sc. CSIT) and admitted in 2072 B.S. or those students before 2072 regular and partial students.

Exam Schedule has been published as below for all the students related to this exam. So, Don't miss your exam and continue your study after passing this exam.  Exam Schedule is published below or you can also find it from Gorkhapatra. 

Schedule Published Date: 2076, Jestha 28th (2076/02/28), Tuesday

Exam Starting Date: 2076/03/26 or Ashadh 26, 2076

Exam Time: Day 12:00 PM to 3: 00 PM 

Exam Center will publish Later in future

4 Yrs. B.Sc. 2nd Year Exam Schedule
 Date                          Course No.                     Subject
2076-03-26                 CSC.401                   Advanced Database Management System        
2076-03-29                 CSC.402                   Internet Technology
2076-04-01                 CSC.403                  Advanced Java Programming
2076-04-05                 CSC.405                  Information Retrieval
2076-04-07                 CSC.406                  Database Administration
2076-04-09                 CSC.407                  Network and System Administration
2076-04-12                 CSC.408                 Software Project Management

For further Detail, you have been provided with the exam Exam Routine of 4 Years B.Sc.CSIT 4th year 7th semester 2076 below exam to held from 2076 B.S., Ashadh 26th.
๐Ÿ‘‡↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓⇲⇲⇲⇲⇲⇲⇲⇲⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇙⇙⇙⇙⇙ ๐Ÿ‘‡ 
B Sc CSIT exam schedule 2076 4 yrs BSc CSIT 4th year 7th Sem

Rule and Regulation for Exam : 

  1. All the exam will be held as per the exam schedule published above. There will be no another exam schedule who are absent. 
  2. If there is no any notice from Dean office then even there is a holiday in the above-published exam schedule notice exam will be held.   
  3. If you're other faculty exam is overlapped then immediately contact the office of the controller of examination. 
  4. For practical Examination Contact your related College/Campus. 
  5. Students should bring All the materials such as graph paper, logbook, chart, etc. in the exam centre after the approval from exam director. 
  6. TU Exam centre changing has been removed according to rule. 
  7. All the prohibited materials in the centre are not allowed to bring in exam hall.

exam regulation notice

 Conclusion :

If you have any confusion with the above notice you can comment in the comment section below. All the Information's are taken from TU as a source. You can contact Directly to TU or your Campus administration for further examination details

Thank you
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