How to choose new smartphone| Best Smartphone Tips

How to choose new smartphone:- Nowadays, almost every week lots of smartphones are launched in the market which would confuse many of us while buying best smartphone. Now, exactly we do not recommend you buy this and that smartphone. So, today we gonna talk about things that we should care while buying new smartphone and how to choose suitable smartphone for us. Today in this article we gonna talk about this things below in detail.

How to choose new smartphone
Best Smartphone buying Tips

While you think about buying best smartphone online or offline for you then first of all you need to select your priority and purpose of use. We also know that everything have pro's and corn's which is also applied in smartphone. 

We should keep in mind that some smartphone have good performance, some have good quality camera, some smartphone have good battery life and backup and some smartphone may have all the before mentioned things good but price may not be good or suitable according to budget. 

So, you need to set a priority that for what you are going to use your smartphone. On the basis of this thing you need to choose your best smartphone. 

If you are passionate of playing games like pubg, free fire, commando, delta force, football, cricket then your first priority should be processor and then phone display. 

Similarly, if you are passionate of clicking photos, videos and vlogging with your smartphone then your first priority should be camera then other. But if you are choosing good processor phone, good battery backup and other then this may not be value for money and according your passion. So buy smartphone according to your priority. 

If you are satisfied with the average performance of your smartphone and if you use camera occasionally, light gaming and little multi tasking, use popular social medias and watch little video and you are such type of user then medium phone will be suitable for you. High on phone is not for you it will be only wastage of time and money.


Checklist Before Buying New Smartphone

After setting the priority before buying smartphone first of all make your check list about things to set on smartphone.


1. Build Quality😎

Whether the smartphone you are buying is covered with metal or plastic or glass. If you think to run 


Glass Body

If you choose glass body of your smartphone there are less number of scratches and give a beautiful look but if you cannot handle phone on your hand then it is not suitable for you. 

Plastic Body 

Talking about plastic body, it does not crack while falling from hand but there are lots of scratches in short duration of buying.

Metal Body

If you buy metal body smartphone then advantages are it does not scratch faster, and things do not stick easily. If you multi-task then it heats faster it the disadvantage. 

It is your choice that what type of body is suitable for you. 

Now, let's talk about the processor of smartphone


2. Processor😋

If the processor is of high quality then phone will never hang and lagging problem will be solved. Almost everything will be faster and multi tasking will be easier and smooth. Overall user experience will be smooth. So, while buying smartphone we need to choose high quality of processor. 

In the smartphone processor two companies are popular they are Qualcomm and MediaTek. Other companies like Samsung, Huawei and apple also have their own processor of their smartphone.

The most powerful processor at the current time are Apple's A14  which is used in I phone 12. Qualcomm snapdragon 888 and Samsung Exynos 2100 are used in Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Similarly Kirin 9000, A13, Snapdragon 870 are current most powerful processor. But all these processor are only available on classic smartphone 

If you are looking for budget phone then look for the snapdragon 710 and 675, 730 or 730G processor. In case of MediaTek MediTek Helio G85, Helio G95,Helio G90T are alternative for you. 

In the processor the next thing we need to remember is it's fabrication process size that how much much nanometer  10nm, 5nm, 7nm. Smaller nanometre size processor are most powerful, faster and more energy efficient. 

For example, 5nm architecture based chipset is better than 7nm architecture based chipset and 7nm architecture based chipset is better than 10nm architecture based chipset. 

Therefore while looking at the phone processor we should always look that smartphone is based on how much nm architecture chipset. Less nm chipset is better for your smartphone. 


3. RAM🙏

Talking about the RAM in today's smartphone there should be at-least 4GB RAM. For web browsing, social media and for video streaming from popular website this much RAM will be sufficient. 

But if you play heavy games, play graphic intensive games like Free Fire, PUBG, COD, operate multiple apps at a same time then according to your requirement install 6GB, 8GB, 12GB Ram which will be sufficient for you.  Example of RAM, SDRAM LPDDR3 LPDDR4X LPDDRS, etc.


4. Device Storage🙌

We mainly focus on internal storage memory, external Memory, and SD card Expansion. Today's standard internal storage is 64 GB. In the Flagship smartphone we get upto 1TB (128 GB to 1024 GB) internal storage capacity.  

Your storage requirement is according to your activity with your smartphone like clicking videos, photos, numbers of apps, files and size of apps you download. We already know that in most of the smartphone there is extra slot available for SD cards for you if you think that internal storage is insufficient for you then you can insert extra Memory Card. 

But in the current phones like  Galaxy S21 Ultra and Iphones do not have extra slots for memory card. So while buying smartphone watch out for extra sd card slots also and choose storage space according to it. 


5. Display🙌

Think about resolution, Panel, size, nits and refresh rate in display section. It depend on the usability of phone while choosing display size and resolution of phones. For basic use HD resolution and FHD resolution is also sufficient for you. But if do video streaming, play games, edit photos and videos, watch more movies then choose smartphone according to your budget choose FHD or QHD or UHD resolution mobile. phone. 

Remind yourself about the screen panel of display. In mobile LCD, AMOLED, super AMOLED, TFT, IPS, TFT-LCD, IPS-LCD and other different screen panel. Watch out for the color contrast and accurate color displayed, birghtness of display, consumption of battery by display which is determined by panel on smartphone should be observed. 

We recommend you to buy IPS-LCD panel displayed build smartphone

TFT Panel display might crack in less duration of period, color reproduction may not be good and consumes more power. Keep in mind that phone with better screen panel higher the price. 

We need to keep in mind about the refresh rate of smartphone. Higher the refresh rate in smartphone the smooth will be display. Especially while scrolling, video playing we can easily experience. Recent standard refresh rate of smartphone is 60Hz. So, buy the higher refresh rate smartphone like 90Hz or 120Hz. 

Keep in mind about the brightness of the smartphone while buying smartphone is how neat is the brightness in the smartphone. While using smartphone in sunlight how bright is display in smartphone. We should always remember about this thing.


6. Size😝

Comfortable size of smartphone are suitable for you. If the phone is heavy then it is difficult to carry. 


7.Camera 😄

Many people have misconception that more the megapixel of smartphone the good quality picture or video will be clicked. But it is wrong because better the censor of camera in smartphone better quality picture or video is available. Big censor 5Mgp camera and small censor 8Mgp camera in this case big censor camera give better result. 

In the Flagship smartphone there will be big censor and less megapixel camera with good quality picture. If you matter with camera then always go towards the censor of camera in smartphone. 

Also, watch out for the features available in smartphone like night mode, electronic in-stabilization support  available or not. If there is no in-stabilization support your photo will be shaky. 


8. Battery Life😊

In the smartphone battery life really matter. like you leave for charging in the morning and finish charge in the evening then this does not entertain. 

Your phone should work for at-least 1 day in average. For this you need to select starting from minimum 4000mah battery in ascending order. 

If you are buying higher MAH battery then look for the smartphone will support fast charging or not. Only buy smartphone that support fast charging.


9. Reviews😤

Watch some of the reviews before buying new smartphone for your which will be better for you.



Buy best smartphone for your best digital life with new smartphone. If you have further information about this topic then you can add from your side as well. 
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