Rabi lamichhane contact number|New number to contact Rabi Lamichhane

Rabi lamichhane contact number:- The renowned name in the Nepalese Journalism field is Rabi Lamichhane. Today we are spreading Rabi Lamichhane new contact number to those who want to know all about Rabi Lamichhane and contact him. Sidha Kura Janata Sanga show in Nepal.

We want to tell all the reader of this news to spread this number all around the world by sharing in different social media platform like facebook, twitter, reddit, instagram whatsapp, viber, etc. because this number could help one needy people all around the world waiting for help. 

Rabi lamichhane contact number
Rabi Lamichhane Contact Number
We all have come to hear that Rabi Lamichhane have already left News24 TV Nepal channel in early 2021 because of some issues while broadcasting news in News24 TV Nepal. 


Contact Rabi Lamichhane Team 24 Hours

Rabi Lamichhane has come up with new contact number that is available for 24 hours to all the needy people. If you are also searching for the new number then this number could be fruitful for you as well. 


Galaxy 4k Rabi Lamichhane Phone Number

Rabi lamichhane has provided different phone number to his well wishers. Both Ntc and NCELL number has been provided. You cannot directly contact him but you can contact rabi lamichhane helping team using below available numbers and social network.

NTC Number

Contact Rabi Lamichhane with new NTC contact number 9851322111


πŸ‘‰ Samjhana Bhujel in Sidha Kura Janata Sanga

Rabi Lamichhane Ncell Contact Number

If you are a Ncell user then this number will be fruitful to you 9801038181


Youtube Channel

From different source we have find this YouTube channel will be official channel. This is the Galaxy 4K TV YouTube Channel to be launch in near future but still it is left to confirm. You can also search galaxy 4k tv Rabi Lamichhane on YouTube app or website which will be easier to find his number.


For viber you can search 9851322111 and 9801038181 number.



This is the whatsapp number 9851322111 ntc number and 9801038181 Ncell number. 



Verified page of Rabi lamichhane to directly contact through facebook account. Click here for Facebook account.
πŸ™‹Note: We know that many people will call to this website owner after putting this number in this website. But, we want to strongly tell you that do not contact to this website owner number.


πŸ™‹πŸ™‹Further Notice:Please call to the number provided you to contact Rabi Lamichhane. We are here to help you to provide Rabi lamichhane sir number that could help you in difficult stage of your life.


Conclusion on Rabi Number

We wanna conclude that we have tried to find out all the contact number so that it will be helpful for you. If you know any other number to contact Rabi Lamichhane then you can mention it on comment below we would love to include them as well. 

We need your full support to run this website and provide helpful information in future. 

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