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How to Contact Sidhakura Janata Sanga News24 Nepal TV

Sidha Kura Janata Sanga Contact Number: News24 Sidhakura Janata Sanga. is the popular and renowned show in the Nepali Television broadcasted in the News 24 Nepal TV at past presented by Rabi Lamichhane. But now new presenter Samjhana Bhujel is continuing this show. This is also seen as new concept to help needy one


World Record of Rabi Lamichhane in Television History the longest television hosting talk show world record was recorded first by Ukrainian journalist hosting for more than 41 hours.This record remains in the name of Rabi by hosting for 46 hours nonstop.
Sidha Kura Janata Sanga Contact Number

About Samjhana Bhujel:

At recent Journalist, Rabi Lamichhane has been replaced by Samjhana Bhujel is the presenter of Sidha Kura Janata Sanga program that is Live telecasted from News24 Television in Nepal due to certain issues. Raising different current viral program general issues related to the country and different problem related to the public who are inside the country but also around the world. If want to know about Rabi lamichhane you click on All about Rabi Lamichhane.

Samjhana Bhujel news24 TV Nepal Biography

Till now we are unable to know complete biography about Samjhana Bhujel. Only thing we know about her is she is the winner of Miss Rajdhani in 2015 and she is the journalist of News 24 Nepal Television presenting sidha kura janata sanga episodes is a unique way. Supporting Samjhana we would like to say best of luck in her future career. Till now we are unable to find Samjhana Bhujel Biography. We hope that her biography will be seen in near future due to her work and popularity.
Currently Samjhana Bhujel is not the host of Sidha Kura Janata Sanaga 

Contact Sidha Kura Janata Sanga Program    

Here are different paid and free methods to contact through different medium to contact live with Birendra Jairu who replaced Samjhana Bhujel. But she she is still in News24 Nepal Television as an anchor. All the methods and medium are explained in detail below: 

#1. Toll-Free Number: Free to call any time

  • 16600112424 is the number available only for the NTC users.
  • NTC users can use 9884011037
  • NCELL Users: 9801572424

#2. Viber Contact Number:

  • 9884011037 is the number available for 24 hours in News 24 Nepal TV. 


  • is a video call method. You need to have skype application on your any device.

#4. Send Email: 


#5. Facebook Contact to Samjhana Bhujel

#6. Youtube Channel


#7. Tiktok Account

#8. Instagram

    Instagram Contact ID of News24NepalTV  



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