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SidhaKura Galaxy 4K Contact Number:- You all know that "Sidhakura" is the popular show in Galaxy 4K television as SidhaKura with Rabi Lamichhane at the past. Now, new presenter Yuvraj Kandel has been producing and presenting Sidha Kura. If you want to contact Sidha Kura in Galaxy 4K then all the contact detail are below. 

sidha kura galaxy 4k Contact Number
Sidha Kura with Yuvraj Kandel


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Galaxy 4K tv program 'Sidhakura' is popular program like News24 Nepal 'Sidha Kura Janata Sanga'. Both program are dedicated to help the needy people who are facing problems through live interact. Both program live broad current issues prevailing in the country. Also, if audience or you want to connect then video and audio call options are available in live program. 

About Galaxy 4K Tv Nepal

The first Nepali 4K Television known as Galaxy 4K television is owned by Gorkha Media Network Private Limited on 2020 AD. and 24 hours news delivery was started on October 1, 2021 and started the radio Galaxy 101.8 MHz FM. If you need more information about this channel and contact to Sidha Kura team then phone numbers are listed below in our article. 

Here are different mediums to contact Galaxy 4K television such as facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok and Email. 

  • Galaxy 4K Contact Number 01-15970177  
  • Email : 


You can directly visit the Galaxy 4K channel Head Office: Kathmandu Metropolitan City-03, Baluwatar, Kathmandu.


About Sidha Kura Presenter Yuvraj Kandel 

Yuvraj Kandel is the Galaxy 4K Television presenter and producer of SidhaKura Program. Before Yuvraj Kandel Ravi Lamichhane was the producer and presenter of Sidhakura with Rabi Lamichhane. Rabi Lamichhane has joined politics with his own party Rastriya Showtantra Party and won 20 seats for his party. You can watch Sidha Kura program every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 PM every week. 

  • Sr. editor at Galaxy 4K January since 2021 - Present 'Sidhakura'
  • Former Sr.Reporter at News24  Nepal December 11, 2016 - January 24, 2021'Sidhakura Janata Sanga'
  • Former News Presenter and Reporter at Dhaulagri Tv


Sidha Kura Galaxy 4K Ncell Number

If you are the Ncell user then voice call Sidha Kura Galaxy 4K Yuvraj Kandel team  using 9801038181 number. If you talk using Ncell number to Ncell Number then your cost of call will not go high. You can use Ncell number number for video call to Galaxy 4K Tv. You contact in ncell number 24/7 hours/days for help desk. Watch this video also for knowing more information. 

Sidha Kura Galaxy 4K NTC Number

Use NTC number 9851322111 to contact Galaxy 4K TV Nepal if you are facing any types of problem like abroad job issues, jobs issues, social issues, send latest news, etc. You can also use ntc number to video call also. The ntc number is available 24 hours and 7 days.


Conclusion on Sidhakura Program

If you like the information about Galaxy 4K television sidhakura program contact number detail then share with friends using different platforms like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest for needy people. Your one share could be very meaningful to the needy one. 


FAQ of Galaxy 4K

Q1. How do I contact Galaxy 4K?

Ans: You can contact Galaxy 4K Using different Mobile number, YouTube Channel and Telephone Number. 

Q2. Who is the owner of Galaxy 4K?

Ans: Gorkha Media Network Pvt. Ltd. is the owner of Galaxy 4K Tv Nepal.  

Q3. Is Galaxy 4K TV available in Nepal?

Ans: Yes, Nepal first 4K TV known as Galaxy 4K TV Nepal Channel is available in Nepal and located in Baluwatar, Kathmandu. 

Q4. Who is the founder of Galaxy 4K TV Nepal?

Ans: Rabi Lamichhane the former presenter of Sidha Kura Janata Sanga is the founder of Galaxy 4K TV Nepal


Q5. Who is the news anchor of Galaxy 4K?

Ans: The news Anchor of Galaxy 4K TV Nepal are following:

  • Nimesh Banjade (@NimeshBanjade)
  • Krantishikha Dhital (@krantishikha)
  • Saajana Tamang (@sajana352)
  • Smriti Malla (@smriteemalla)
  • Binay Kumar (@binay2kumar)
  • Bishnu Dhungana (@localbishnu 
  • Sonika Aryal (@sonikaarl)
  • Varsa Sharma (@varsharma1111)
  • Bishnu Basaula (@bishnubasaula2)
  • Maneesha Bhandari (@maneeshalt)

Note: The @... you see after name in the bracket is the twitter handle of all the news anchor. 


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