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Top 10 Facebook Messanger setting:- In 2020 know the important 10 settings of Facebook Messanger. If you want to make your Facebook messenger using the experience of better then you must know the following setting detailly.
Top 10 Facebook Messenger setting
Top 10 Facebook Messenger setting
If you give most of the time for facebook and messenger then all these 10 settings are very much important. But among these 10 setting 3 settings of facebook messenger are very important.

Tell us the most important setting you feel while reading our post about the messenger.

Facebook Messenger Setting one by one⤵

For all the 10 settings you need to open your messenger in your smartphone or your desktop messenger. Now, let's get started for full settings you are obliged to know if you use messenger for long period of time.

To be noted: We are not going to tell you the normal setting that all the people know but you need to open the conversation section of your messenger. The profile photo and Name will be appeared instantly.

Step #1: Now, when you open i Button at the top right corner of your facebook messenger you find there 10 important setting that is very much fruitful for your life long.

1.  Theme

 Friends you never know then you need this option so know about this in detail. When you click on theme option then you can easily change the background of messenger. There are different colour available according to your need. When  you click any of your faviourite colour then you can easily visualize change in every colour of messenger.

2. Emoji๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ‘Œ

You can change the emoji sign according your requirement. The default emoji is thump up but you can change to anythings like hear, like, expression and other you use. You can see the effects into your chat.

3.  Nickname

You can set the new nickname for messenger by removing your old nickname that is automatically set as default. This nickname will be shown to your messenger instantly.

4. Search in Conversation⥁

Generally friends you will be chatting with your friend privately. There will be lots of conversations which would be even older than a year. It is also not that much easy to search the particular old conversation as you require.  In this case you can easily clicking search in conversation option.

5. Secret Conversation

If you want to send any secret message that is not to be leaked any time. In this case you can use secret conversation.

Not only this much, you can also set the time of duration to remain in your conversation with your friend then you can also set time option just at the left side of message typing section.

6. Create Group with you(your name)

You can select the user and invite to the group chat to join with you. In this way you can enjoy chatting in group with the help of this option.

7. Notification 

You can off the notification of any person by setting timer or until you allow to get notified to the person that is frequently messaging you.

8. Ignore message 

If you have added such person that you don't like to chat and you also didn't want to remove from friend list then in this cas you can click to ignore option and click on ignore button. After you do this the person will be ignored automatically.

Also, you can check the message later on by clicking on new message request of your messenger app or messenger.

9. Block

Block is generally used to plock any user to chat with you in messnger or facebook or both.

10. Something's Wrong

This option is available to you to report on any spam or misleading activities that harm your messanger of facebook account.

By clicking on something is wrong option you can report any facebook profile that frequently irritate you or message you. Send your feedback immediately according to your matched case.

For example, if anyone is pretending to be your friend by creating fake account and wanted to chat with you then you can click on pretending to be someone option and select the person id you know that he/she is not real friend then you can report immediately. After sometime if it is found to be fraud then it will be blocked automatically after sometime from facebook.


We hope that you like these settings of messenger.Ok, friends these are the facebook messenger ten important setting you really need to know if you are a regular user of messenger. Among the above 10 settings there are also most important setting you really need anytime.

Thank you
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