Quiet Mode on Facebook |New Feature on Facebook Quiet Soon|

Quiet Mode on Facebook

Quiet Mode on Facebook:- Social Media Platform Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. Facebook is becoming the easiest way to connect with family and friends.
Quiet Mode on Facebook
Quiet Mode Facebook Feature
But the Facebook timeline used to connect with people on social media and interview the world has turned into an addiction to people. Various studies have shown that the problem of people getting stuck on Facebook over time is creating mental and social problems for Facebook users. 

Quite Mode Features Benefits

This tool, called Quiet Mode, gives users a way to reduce Facebook usage. Through Quiet Mode, users can reduce the time they spend on this platform who use it for a long time without giving importance of time.

Quiet Mode on iPhone and Android

Facebook has immediately made this feature public for iPhone users. A Quiet feature is expected to be available to Android users in the coming May. Let us know what is shown in the quiet mode feature of Facebook in detail.

Key Features
  • This feature will also show you the total time you've spent on Facebook. 
  • In Quiet mode, users will not be able to use Facebook much.
  • Trying to use Facebook on the quiet mode will say you have decided not to run Facebook now
  • You can set the time table of Quiet Mode manually or automatically for some hours.
Also, According to Kang Jing Jin, an official at Facebook's Health Department, Quiet mode mutes push notifications. If you start using Facebook in Quiet mode, it will say 'You have decided not to run Facebook now'. The table of Quiet mode can also be set manually. It can also be automatically selected a few hours a day.

More on Quiet Mode 

Guys, you are informed that this completely new feature is completely different from the mute push notifications settings already available on Facebook.

Although this feature blocks push notifications, settings cannot be adjusted to pause only when you want.

Concluding Words 

We hope that you like the new feature or tool of Facebook to reduce the usage of Facebook and make your health better. This will also make us far for some time from technology and make us involve in our daily work and increase our creativity in the real world. Let Us Know if you like this or not.

Thank you
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